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Podcasts today are a big business. It is no more a niche activity that people used to do in their free time. Many big business houses are dubbing podcasts to be the next big thing.

And why not! Podcasts are super easy to use and manage. The chances are that you are even listening to one every day.

Podcasts are excellent and give the listener a plethora of options to choose from, depending on their mood. You can listen to it anywhere and everywhere.

And also you can pick it up from where you are at any time at, all goes according to your wish. Podcasts can take you on a tremendous auditory experience, whether driving, grocery shopping, running, or even showering!

Podcasts cover many genres, whether it be daily news, motivational talks, daily talks, comedy, true crime, horror, pop talk shows, etc. It can cover anything to everything

Millions and millions of people are listening to podcasts every single day. Such is the demand of podcasts that today many content creators are jumping on to create unique content for their viewers.

The chances are that even your favorite content creator has one! Podcasts attract a diverse range of audiences. The best part is that podcasts can also be created by anyone who will do it because all you need is to talk!

According to a survey by Edison One and Triton Digital, approximately 80 million Americans are listening to podcasts weekly. 62% of the U.S population are now audio listeners. 

So today, let’s dive into the top 5 apps for podcasts:


1. Spotify

One of the most popular apps used by Americans is Spotify. Its wide range of genres, easy to access content, and, most importantly, free to use, making it the most widely used app. The listener can switch between listening to music and podcasts anytime without the hassle of going to another app.

It features an array of curated shows, genres, and also exclusive shows. It has the option of ad-free listening, where the user needs to pay only $10 a month.

Spotify also enables the user to listen to the content through any Alexa-supported device. Once you find your favorite podcast, click on the follow button to get notifications about the latest update.

You can also queue the episodes of the podcasts you want to play. Spotify also enables the user to use a sleep timer, fast forward it, and even transcriptions of the audio are provided in the description.

If you are a beginner and want to launch a podcast of your own, Spotify also lets you do that easily. Spotify delivers all the data and insights to grow your audience.

Spotify is also available in both ios and android, making it reach a wider audience. If you are already streaming music on Spotify and do not want to download another app for podcasts, Spotify truly is the way to go. 


2. Apple Podcast

Apple podcasts, also known as Podcasts developed by Apple, are available on all Apple devices and Amazon Echo. Its exclusive presence in ios or macOS does not hinder its growth.

It is one of the best and most comprehensive apps for podcasts. It offers access to more than 20 million episodes along with the ever-helpful Siri suggestions.

Its best feature is that it enables users to read reviews of the podcasts available to see if it fits their taste. It also allows the user to control the playback speed.

Just like Spotify, Apple podcasts hosts a bunch of exclusive shows. It is mostly free, and some shows might have $1 and more for a subscription. 


3. Google Podcast

Google Podcasts is a free and convenient-to-use app for podcasts for beginners and veterans alike. It enables the user to find the best shows for them.

It guides the listener to popular shows from various genres and what’s trending through its home page. One of the unique features of this app is that it has a “explore the topic” section on the episode of the podcast, which enables the user, in turn, to explore other podcasts based on their current listening quickly.

The activity tab also allows users to look at what they have been listening to and save podcasts they like.


4. Pocket Casts

One of the unique podcasts apps is pocket casts. Not mainstream like Spotify or Apple, but it still stands its weight in the podcast world.

Pocket Casts enables cross-device and cross-platform syncing, downloading, and cleaning it up after, configurable tools like time skips, sleep timer, etc.

It is also available for free of cost for the users. It also enables the discovery of related podcasts based on your listening activity. 


5. Stitcher

Stitcher is perhaps the sleekiest and user friendly app for podcasts listeners. An app specifically for podcasts, it has a wide array of features.

It is available for both free and paid options. If you want an ad-free listening option, you can go for premium where you have to pay only $5 a month, and you can get access to specific new episodes, exclusive shows, join giveaways, etc.

Stitcher brings a wide variety of curated exhibitions for the listener and an assortment of podcasts from different genres. Its playback options are also unique as compared to all other podcasts apps. 

Podcasts today are becoming one of the most sought-after modes of content creation. And indeed, this is just the beginning.

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