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Users to consume internet mostly on Mobile in 2016: A Report

Users to consume internet mostly on Mobile in 2016: A Report
A recent report released by Zenith called Media Consumption Forecast, in 2016 the internet consumption through mobile to increase to 71% of the total media consumption. The amount of time spent on the mobile internet is expected to increase by 27.7% driving a 1.4% increase in overall media consumption. At the same time, the consumption of all other media including desktop internet is predicted to decline by 3.4% in total as per the report. While commenting on the forecast, Jonathan Barnard, Zenith’s Head of Forecasting, said, “Mobile technology is transforming the way people around the world consume media, and is expanding overall media consumption. It provides traditional media owners the opportunity to reach people and places they’ve never had access to previously, and gives consumers entirely new ways to find and enjoy the compelling content.”‘ The report also revealed that people across the globe will spend an average of 86 minutes a day on the mobile internet, in comparison to 36 minutes on the desktop internet. As result internet consumption on mobiles will spike up to 71%. The regions that will account for this rise in mobile internet consumption are the Asia Pacific with 73% mobile internet consumption followed by North America with a mobile share of 72%. While there will be an increase of 27.7% in the mobile internet consumption globally this year, time spent with desktop internet will fall 15.8%. The report also unveiled that all the traditional media is expected to shrink this year like cinema by 0.5%, outdoor by 0.8%, television by 1.5%, radio by 2.4%, newspapers by 5.6% and magazines by 6.7%.
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