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What Future has in its Store for SEO?

What Future has in its Store for SEO?
The world of SEO is growing at a lightning speed. The process of search engine optimization started with mere keyword insertion. Today, SEO is used as an umbrella term to cover every process involved in SERP ranking. A reputed company providing SEO services in Delhi, Noida, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, or any other city with booming IT sector will know how to target hot topics and put trending keywords to obtain the highest possible rank for the page on search engines like Google or Yahoo.

Future of Search Engines

SEO is a lot about backlinking now. Backlinking is all about exposure and lead generation. SEO already handles a major chunk of lead generation. Google is the undoubted ruler of search engines at present. But people are growing weary of Google’s data handling. Meanwhile an eight-year-old browser, Ecosia is gaining popularity due to its promised contribution to the environment. It already has 7 million users. Ecosia claims to keep 80% of its profits aside for planting trees. This looks like a noble cause and a great marketing strategy. So, each advanced SEO company in Delhi is already gearing up for a change that might be around the corner. Look at some of the Google SEO updates and changes which are expected in near future.

1- Google remains the most Relevant

The Google algorithm at present is compact and the guidelines are followed by every SEO personnel. Whatever might be in a hypothetical future, won’t stop Google from leading for at least the next decade. Google’s algorithm constantly modifies to become more accurate and effective.

2- No more Focus on Keyword

Gauging the direction that the Google algorithm is headed at, it looks like keywords will not remain the prime focus of SEO for business benefits. Readability, promptness, and user-friendliness will take over. SEO companies better start taking note of this development. The good SEO companies are already focusing on all these aspects instead of just keywords and title.

3- Role of User Experience

SEO is becoming an increasingly creative matter than a technical one. The process started out as just keywords and technical optimization. But now, the form, tone, user experience, and of course, user response, takes precedence. The Google algorithm is strictly focused on user experience along with unique and relevant content.

4- Use of Analytic Tools

Currently, not even 30% of the local businesses know the use of web analytics. But with the changing times, more focus to targeted user response, web analytics, call tracking, and retargeting codes, it will become highly valuable. The use of basic tools like Google Analytics or the Search Console is, therefore, a significant need for any business. A good SEO company in Delhi or any major Indian city will not make the mistake of not using analytic tools to guide the website towards what is working. These tools will not become indispensable in the future. They are already indispensable.

5- About accelerated Mobile Pages

Those website owners and SEO professionals who are not taking care of the mobile index as much as the desktop index will lose out big time. The mobile index will become the primary index in the near future. Mobile search is already more dominant in the US. SEO companies and individual website owners need to follow the Google algorithm. They need their websites to be optimized exclusively for the mobile index. Every search engine is backing the Accelerated Mobile Pages endeavor because mobile is the future. AMP content is beginning to get precedence over organic listings.

6- The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

The future of search engines is expected to be totally dominated by AI. The search results with AI will be accurate and personalized for all. There is no reason why that won’t be a welcome change. RankBrain gives precedence to its understanding of a search than the mere keywords. This is why keywords aren’t the most important thing anymore, but the user behavior is. It goes by the domain category of the search instead of sticking only to the words. Google’s Hummingbird algorithm is being updated to understand the feelings of a user instead of just the search keywords entered.

7- The Virtual Assistants in every household

Cortana, Siri, Alexa, and whatever follows, will be skilled to answer simple questions and perform functions with direct instructions. Creepy as it sounds, these AI and virtual assistants will become a crucial part of the lives of many. An SEO expert will know about all this and for the best SEO services company Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore would be the places where one can hire the professionals. Do not wait to follow suit. Do not waste your time thinking. These changes are bound to happen to the world of SEO. You must be ready to adapt before it becomes the only option. Start today. The future is at the door.

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Monica Gandhi, Business Head at Technians, is a natural “Trusted Advisor” who helps companies to meet their sales and marketing targets. In this post, she has shared the 10 Things to Consider Before Going for SEO Services.
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