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Youth has lost their Friend, Philosopher & Guide Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam

Youth has lost their Friend, Philosopher & Guide Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam

In world there are few personalities who did not earn critics in their entire lives, and in India, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam was one such personality who have been loved by people of all ages across the world.With his constant hard work and sacrifices achieved success, and entire life lived with humility.

He was one such person who has made defense system of the country strong by developing Missiles and nuclear bomb as a scientist.

Although, he retired as scientists and become president but in spite of he has always been active and inspired millions of youth and countrymen. Since then social media platforms came into light, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam remained connected with youth till last breath through social media.

Now he is not with us, but his teachings will always inspire and motivate us to do constant hard work without worrying about circumstances.

However Dr. Kalam sir close aides has decided to go ahead with his twitter accounts with new name” In memory of Dr Kalam. This new accounts will put forward his vision and quotes and shares speeches rendered by Dr. Kalam as well as motivational teachings from his books such as ” wings of fire” and ignited minds ahead of people via twitter and other digital media tools. He had more than 1.5 million followers on twitter, and now his close aide Srijan Pal Singh would be admin of his renamed twitter account.


Not only twitter he has been active on Facebook page as well as blog website, called With his comprehensive knowledge and humble background he has always encouraged youth and do so in future as well.

Furthermore, he defeated life and accomplished success in negative circumstances, as child he sold newspapers for school fees and livelihood. And his childlike personality still instill with motivation. That’s why in spite of being a big celebrity he never missed an opportunity to converse with school children or college students either off-line or on social media platforms. He was so vigorous on social media thus playing a role of philosopher, guide and showing a way to millions of students, and never broke communication with students, even last breath he took amid students.

#DrKalamSir Beautiful Messages to Society

If we want to see country a corruption free, impart education to all people. It is first and last requirement to bring in change.

My message to youth is be courageous and think unique or different from others, only then you can explore new path, or invent or discover or solve your problems and get yourself succeed. This is my only message to youngsters.

In order to get successful, you have to single minded or focused to your objectives.

Don’t feel alone the whole universe is friendly to us and help you fulfill your dreams and goals.





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