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Digital Marketing Course In Pitampura, North Delhi

Our digital marketing course in Pitampura is ideal for North Delhi residents looking to advance their digital marketing skills. This course covers all essential aspects of digital marketing, from SEO to social media, tailored to the northern region’s business environment.

Explore our other location-specific courses for more opportunities. For instance, our digital marketing course in Malviya Nagar is designed for South Delhi residents, offering unique insights and practical skills.

East Delhi professionals can benefit from our digital marketing course in Preet Vihar, which focuses on the specific needs of the eastern districts.

For a focus on West Delhi, our digital marketing course in Rajouri Garden provides specialized training that aligns with the local market dynamics.

Additionally, explore our Delhi NCR centers in Gurgaon and Noida for more options.

We also have a variety of centers listed on our website for Digital Marketing Course in Delhi that you may select from.

321+ Hours Program 50+ Digital Marketing Modules 15+ Specialized Certificates

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    Awarded as Asia’s Most Trusted Brand in Digital Education

    Why Choose Digiperform?

    Digiperform, the only company to gain recognition in three Asian countries (India, Thailand, and Singapore) for the standard of its curriculum and technology, is the industry leader in digital marketing education with more than 40 locations and 45,000+ professionally trained digital marketers. You’ll select a qualification that recruiting managers in the industry appreciate and consider necessary. In India, we also offer a yearly certificate program in digital marketing after 10+2.

    Due to its status as an HT Media Partner Company, Digiperform holds a strong reputation in the media and marketing industries.


    Benefits of Learning Digital Marketing In North Delhi, Pitampura

    Pitampura, North Delhi, is a burgeoning hub for digital marketers with a diverse business ecosystem. Its strategic NCR location offers ample opportunities across industries. Known for competitive salaries, Pitampura attracts skilled professionals seeking rewarding careers. With robust infrastructure and connectivity, it’s a prime destination for digital marketing expertise.

    Skill Over Degree: In Pitampura, what matters most is your proficiency and practical skills in digital marketing rather than formal degrees. This opens doors for individuals passionate about showcasing their abilities and being recognized for the value they bring to the table.

    Creative Career: Digital marketing in Pitampura is far from mundane, offering a canvas for creativity and innovation. Every day presents new challenges and opportunities to craft inventive solutions for modern marketing dilemmas, ensuring that job tasks remain engaging and diverse.

    Growing Field:The field of digital marketing is ever-evolving, and Pitampura is at the forefront of this dynamic landscape. With a plethora of digital marketing tools and solutions continuously entering the market, the future for digital marketers in Pitampura shines brightly with endless possibilities for growth and exploration.

    Freelancing Opportunities: Pitampura embraces remote work and freelancing in the digital marketing realm, providing professionals with the freedom to work from the comfort of their homes. This flexibility not only saves time and money but also enables individuals to steer clear of the notorious traffic congestion synonymous with North Delhi.

    Entrepreneurship: For those with entrepreneurial aspirations, Pitampura offers a conducive environment for starting your own digital marketing agency. With a high availability of clients and readily accessible office infrastructure through various business centers, realizing your dreams of entrepreneurship becomes more achievable than ever before.

    Step 1: Acquiring the Necessary Skills and Certification in Pitampura, North Delhi

    Begin your journey towards a thriving career in digital marketing by acquiring relevant skills and certifications from reputable institutes in Pitampura, North Delhi. Look for institutions that offer comprehensive digital marketing programs tailored to the local market. These programs should equip you with practical knowledge, hands-on experience, and exposure to tools and techniques relevant to digital marketing in Pitampura.

    Step 2: Tailoring Your Resume and Cover Letter for the Pitampura Job Market

    Craft a compelling resume and cover letter that highlight your skills, experiences, and achievements, aligning them with the specific requirements of digital marketing roles in the Pitampura job market. Showcase your understanding of local business dynamics and your ability to contribute effectively to the growth of companies in Pitampura through digital marketing strategies.

    Step 3: Preparing for Interviews in the Pitampura Digital Marketing Sector

    Prepare for interviews by researching common interview questions and practicing your responses, focusing on how your skills and experiences make you a valuable asset to companies in the Pitampura digital marketing sector. Demonstrate your knowledge of local market trends, consumer behavior, and digital marketing best practices during the interview process.

    Step 4: Applying for Job/Internship Roles in Pitampura

    Explore job and internship opportunities in Pitampura through online job portals and networking events specific to the North Delhi region. Customize your job applications to showcase your suitability for roles in the Pitampura digital marketing market, emphasizing your skills, experiences, and alignment with the requirements of prospective employers.

    • Jobs in Pitampura: Apply for digital marketing positions in Pitampura through platforms like Indeed, Linkedin, and Naukri, which are popular in the North Delhi job market. Tailor your applications to highlight your proficiency in digital marketing strategies relevant to businesses in Pitampura.


    • Internships in Pitampura: Consider pursuing internships with local companies in Pitampura to gain hands-on experience and practical exposure to the digital marketing landscape in the area. Look for internship opportunities on platforms like Internshala, focusing on roles that offer mentorship and professional development within the Pitampura market.


    By following these steps, you can effectively launch your career in digital marketing in Pitampura, North Delhi, leveraging your skills, experiences, and understanding of the local market to secure rewarding opportunities and contribute to the growth of businesses in the area.

    There are multiple job roles available to digital marketing certified candidates in Pitampura . Below we have added tables based on experience and job roles . 

    1. Average Digital Marketer Salary Packages in Pitampura based on Experience:

    Salary Bracket Average Salary Package (INR)
    Entry-Level 3,00,000 – 5,00,000
    Mid-Level 6,00,000 – 10,00,000
    Senior-Level 12,00,000 – 20,00,000
    Specialized Roles 15,00,000+

    2. Average Salary Packages of Digital Marketer in Pitampura based on Digital Marketing Job Roles:

    Digital Marketing Job Role Average Salary Package (INR)
    SEO Specialist 3,00,000 – 8,00,000
    Social Media Manager 4,00,000 – 10,00,000
    Content Marketer 3,00,000 – 7,00,000
    PPC Specialist 4,00,000 – 9,00,000
    Email Marketing Specialist 3,50,000 – 8,00,000
    Digital Marketing Manager 8,00,000 – 12,00,000
    E-commerce Marketing Specialist 4,50,000 – 10,00,000

    Note: These salary ranges are approximate and can vary based on factors like experience, skills, company size, industry, and other relevant variables.

    9 Key Factors: How to Pick the Best Digital Marketing Institute in North Delhi, Pitampura

    By choosing the right institute, you set yourself up for a solid foundation in digital marketing, empowering you to thrive in a field that thrives on innovation and creativity.

    So, take the time to consider your options carefully, evaluate the parameters that matter most to you, and embark on your digital marketing certification journey with confidence.

    Parameter What to Look For: How it will help you:
    Factor 1: Skills Vs. Degree Digital Marketing Skills provide hands-on expertise, and industry alignment, making them paramount for success. A Digital Marketing Degree, while valuable, may not offer the same practical benefits. Seeking skilled Digital Marketing Courses will emphasize practical exposure allows you to apply digital marketing techniques in real-world scenarios, and readiness for the job market.
    Factor 2: Age of Digital Marketing Institute Look for institutes with a proven track record and several years of experience in delivering Digital Marketing Training in North Delhi, Pitampura An established institute is more likely to have experienced faculty and a comprehensive curriculum.
    Factor 3: Center Training Infrastructure Examine the facilities and technology available at the Digital Marketing Training Institute. A well-equipped institute with modern technology can enhance your learning experience. Ensure they have up-to-date computer labs, internet access, and multimedia resources.
    Factor 4: Trainer Quality Investigate the qualifications and industry experience of the trainers. Knowledgeable and experienced trainers can provide valuable insights and practical knowledge in digital marketing.
    Factor 5: Average Rating Check online reviews and ratings from former students. Reviews can offer insights into the institute’s reputation, quality of teaching, and overall student satisfaction.
    Factor 6: Branches in Country Consider if the institute has multiple branches across the country. A widespread presence may indicate the institute’s credibility and the ability to adapt to diverse student needs.
    Factor 7: Curriculum Review the curriculum to ensure it covers a wide range of digital marketing topics. A comprehensive curriculum should include SEO, SEM, social media marketing, email marketing, analytics, and more.
    Factor 8: Fees Compare the course fees with other institutes and evaluate the value offered. While cost is a factor, prioritize the quality of education and support over the price tag. Consider any scholarships or payment plans available.
    Factor 9: Location Choose an institute with a convenient location accessible to you. Proximity to your home or workplace can make attending classes easier and reduce commuting time.

    Comparison: Digiperform Digital Marketing Courses in Pitampura

    Choosing the right digital marketing course can be a pivotal decision for your Career. Digiperform offers a suite of Internet Marketing Courses tailored to various skill levels, ensuring you acquire the skills necessary to thrive in the digital marketing landscape.

    Explore our different Digital Marketing Courses in Pitampura below to kickstart your journey to success.

    CERTIFICATIONS Digiperform Certified Digital Marketing Specialist (dCDMS) Digiperform Certified Digital Marketing Master (dCDMM) Digiperform Certified Online Marketing Professional (dCOMPro)
    DURATION 3 Months+ 4.5 Months+ 6 Months+
    Classroom: 84 Hrs. Classroom: 120 Hrs. Classroom: 132 Hrs.+ 20 Hrs. Online
    Assignment & Projects: 120 Hrs. Assignment & Projects: 180 Hrs. Assignment & Projects: 260 Hrs.
    Examination: 2 Hrs. (2 Exams) Examination: 3 Hrs. (3 Exams) Examination: 3 Hrs. (3 Exams) +
    Training Report
    Practical Exposure 7 Projects 10 Projects 12 Projects
    15 Quizzes 25 Quizzes 40 Quizzes
    15 Assignments 25 Assignments 40 Assignments
    Digital Marketing Course Fees in Pitampura (Offline Classroom-INR) ₹ 44,750 ₹ 58,750 ₹ 72,750
    Digital Marketing Course Fees in Pitampura (Online Classroom-INR) ₹ 35,750 ₹ 45,750 ₹ 55,750
    Marketing Foundation Yes Yes Yes
    Digital Marketing Ecosystem Yes Yes Yes
    Digital Consumer Behaviour Yes Yes Yes
    Digital Visibility Strategy Yes Yes Yes
    Online Lead Strategy Yes Yes Yes
    Graphic Designing for Business Yes Yes Yes
    Video Marketing for Business Yes Yes Yes
    Building Your Business Website Yes Yes Yes
    Social Media Optimization Yes Yes Yes
    Landing Page Optimization Yes Yes Yes
    Facebook & Instagram Advertising Yes Yes Yes
    Search Engine Optimization Yes Yes Yes
    Web Analytics & Traffic Reporting Yes Yes Yes
    Online Search Advertising No Yes Yes
    Display Advertising No Yes Yes
    Video Advertising No Yes Yes
    Email Marketing No Yes Yes
    Remarketing & Rebranding No Yes Yes
    Inbound Marketing No Yes Yes
    Web Content Writing No Yes Yes
    Blogging, Adsense & Affiliate Marketing No Yes Yes
    Selling On Amazon & Market Places No Yes Yes
    Earning As A Global Freelancer/ Starting Agency No Yes Yes
    AI Powered Digital Marketing No Yes Yes
    E-commerce & D-2-C Marketing Mastery No No Yes
    Making Money With Youtube No No Yes
    Digital Marketing Black Badge-Live Masterclasses (with Past Industrial Webinar Library Access)
    Brand Transformation No No Yes
    D-2-C Startegy Creation No No Yes
    SEO & Link Audit No No Yes
    Client Handling & Reporting No No Yes
    Growth Hacking No No Yes
    Performance Marketing No No Yes
    Merchant Centre Mastery No No Yes
    Snapchat & Quora Ads No No Yes
    Online PR & Traffic Buying No No Yes
    Advanced Funnel Marketing & CRO No No Yes
    Interview Preparation & Placement Support
    Interview Guidance Yes Yes Yes
    Mock Interviews Yes Yes Yes
    Interview Q&A Acess Yes Yes Yes
    Portfolio Creation Workshop Yes Yes Yes
    24* 7- LMS Access Yes Yes Yes
    24*7- LMS Jobs Access Yes Yes Yes
    Interview Scheduling Support Yes Yes Yes
    Dedicated Mentor No No Yes
    Agency Internship – Only As Per Badge Skills
    Virtual Industrial Internship Optional Optional Mandatory- 1 month
    Paid Tool Access Yes- During Internship Yes- During Internship Yes- During Internship
    Live-Budget Access Yes- During Internship Yes- During Internship Yes- During Internship

    Curriculum: Digital Marketing Course in Pitampura, North Delhi

    Our training program starts with 12 essential digital marketing modules followed by the Specialization programs in Search Engine Optimization, Online Advertising, and Social Media Marketing.

    Additionally, we also have 2 Mastery programs in Digital Sales Optimization, Online Earning through Affiliate Marketing and Freelancing. The training program is suitable for everyone, whether a Job Seeker, Entrepreneur, Working Professional or Business Owner.

    Module 1: Marketing Foundation
    • History of Marketing
    • Traditional vs. Digital Marketing
    Module 2: Digital Marketing Ecosystem
    • The Current Opportunity
    • Digital Marketing Channels, Career & Consumer Journey
    Module 3: Digital Visibility Strategy
    • Website Planning
    • Local Visibility
    • Social Media Visibility
    Module 4: Online Lead Strategy
    • Need of Online Advertising & Types
    • Media Buying Principles
    • Nurturing & Lead Funnels
    Live-Tools Walkthrough: Google Forms, Survey Monkey, Google Drive, Google Advanced Search
    Learn how to make a business & its products more visible to online prospects
    Module 6: Graphic Designing For Business
    • Graphic Design Fundamentals
    • Designing- Marketing Kits
    • Designing Online Documents
    Module 7: Video Marketing For Business
    • Video Creation Strategy
    • Importance of Video Marketing
    • Types of Online Videos
    • Building Explainer Video Scripts
    • Live Exercise: Creating Explainer Videos
    • YouTube Marketing
    • Customizing Youtube Channel
    • Youtube Profile & Post Best Practices
    • Live Exercise: Youtube Customization & Upload
    Module 8: Building Your Business Website
    • Buying Domain & Hosting
    • Understanding C-panel
    • Installing WordPress
    • Customizing Theme
    • Building Home Page & Blog
    • Adding One Squeeze Page
    • Customizing Menu
    • Customization Practice & Doubt Session
    Module 9: Social Media Optimization For Business
    • Social Media Introduction
    • Exploring Different Social Media Networks
    • Optimizing Your Facebook Pages For Business
    • Optimizing Businesses Presence on Twitter
    • Linkedin Profile Optimization
    • Instagram Marketing
    Module 10: Search Engine Optimization
    • What is SEO
    • Keyword Selection & Mapping
    • Content Optimization
    • On-Page SEO & HTML Tag Optimization
    • Off-Page SEO & Link Building
    • Local SEO
    Module 11: Web Analytics & Traffic Reporting
    • Setting Up Google Analytics
    • Overview of Key GA Reports from Existing Data
    • Other Analytic Tools
    • Live Exercise: Analytics Report Audit
    Live-Tools Walkthrough:
    Canva, Youtube, Raw Shorts, Biteable, WordPress, SEO Power Suite, SEMRush, Facebook, Google Trends, LinkedIn Ads, Instagram
    Module 12: Landing Page Optimization
    • Anatomy of Landing Page
    • Strategizing Landing Page-Live
    Module 13: Online Advertising & Google Ads
    • Introduction to Paid Marketing
    • Programmatic & Direct Ads
    • Introduction to Search Ads
    • Google Ads Search (PPC) Advertising
    • Search Campaign Best Practices
    Module 14: Display Advertising
    • Introduction to Display Advertising
    • Live Display Campaign Creation Overview
    Module 15: Video Advertising
    • Introduction to Video Advertising
    • Video Ad Campaign-Live Walkthrough
    Module 16: Facebook Advertising
    • Introduction to FB Ads- Lead Generation, Engagement, Website Visits Etc.
    • FB Ad Campaign Creation-Live Walkthrough
    • FB Ads Best Practices
    Live-Tools Walkthrough:
    Google Ads, Facebook Ads
    Module 17: Email Marketing
    • Importance of email marketing
    • How to write effective mails
    • Email Strategy Creation
    • Email Marketing Tool
    • Email reporting & analysis
    Module 18: Remarketing & Rebranding
    • Cookie vs Data-Based Remarketing
    • Setting Up Remarketing Pixel
    • Display Remarketing Campaign-Live Walkthrough
    • Search Remarketing Campaign-Live Walkthrough
    Module 19: Inbound Marketing
    • What is Inbound Marketing
    • How to Generate Content Ideas
    • Building Content Calendars
    • Content Repurposing
    Module 20: Web Content Writing
    • Content Writing Essentials & Tools
    • Content Writing For Business Websites
    • Content Writing For Ecommerce Websites
    • Copywriting vs. Content Writing
    Live-Tools Walkthrough:
    Mailchimp, Leadsquared, Google Remarketing, Facebook Remarketing
    Module 21: E-commerce & Marketplace Marketing
    • E-commerce on Social Media Platforms
    • Setting Up Your E-commerce Store
    • Selling on Marketplaces
    • E-commerce Store Marketing
    Module 22: Personal Branding & Influencer Marketing
    • What is Personal Branding & Influencer Marketing
    • Key Personal Branding Platforms
    • Personal Branding 60 Days Roadmap
    • Making Money with Digital Products
    Module 23: Affiliate Marketing & Google Adsense
    • Introduction to Online Money Making
    • Introduction to Affiliate Networks & Payment Models
    • Signing up for Affiliate Programs
    • Selecting an Offer
    • Earning With Google Adsense
    Module 24: Earning As A Digital Marketing Freelancer
    • Freelancing Platforms
    • Building Freelancing Profile
    • Live Walkthrough: How to Grab Projects
    • How to Price your Services

    Get yourself prepared to apply for digital marketing jobs

    Module 25: Interview Process & Preparation

      • Placement Process Introduction
      • Understanding your Career Path
      • Ensuring your Skill Proficiency
      • How a Great CV Looks Like
      • Live Exercise: Creating Customized Cover Letters
      • Mock Interviews

    Digiperform Pitampura Center Reviews: What our Trainees Say about Us?

    Our Courses have Been Receiving an average rating of 9.4/10 from our course participants. Till date, Digiperform has trained more than 45,000+ individuals.

    Why Digiperform is Leader in Digital Marketing Training?

    Digiperform is Asia’s Most Trusted Brand in Digital Education









    FAQs: Digital Marketing Course

    Which institute is best for learning digital marketing in PitamPura?

    Digiperform is the best digital marketing institute in Pitam Pura and provides both online and offline live sessions depending on your schedule, you can learn digital marketing on your time. By enrolling yourself in a free online digital marketing career workshop, you can evaluate our online digital marketing course.

    Is coding needed for digital marketing?

    Coding is not necessary for digital marketing but you should have knowledge of little concepts about coding. If you know about coding, then it can be a bonus for you and your resume, which will help you get a better job role.

    What is the eligibility for digital marketing?

    One should have finished the 10+2 certificate to learn digital marketing. You can get the best digital marketing courses from digiperform. If you are a 10+2 certified individual then you can learn digital marketing from digiperform and we help you to build your career as a digital marketer.

    Can a Fresher do Digital Marketing?

    Yes, it is a skill-based career, and many beginners get hired by corporations. At digiperform, we provide the best digital marketing courses. We help you to launch your career in digital marketing fields, and we make sure you get placed after completion of the course.

    What is the fees for a digital marketing course at Digiperform in Pitampura?

    The price for a digital marketing course in Pitampura depends on the training programs that you choose. Prices for 2-month to 1-year programs range from 35,000 to 1.5 lakh Indian rupees.

    Which is the highest salary in digital marketing?

    The highest salary in digital marketing is earned by a digital marketing manager. A digital marketing manager earns about ₹18.0 Lakhs per year (₹1.5L per month). A digital marketing manager is responsible for selecting marketing campaigns for various businesses in accordance with their product offers in addition to creating multi-channel marketing strategies.

    Can I get a job after the digital marketing course in Pitampura?

    Yes, you can get a job after a digital marketing course in Pitampura. At digiperform, we provide you with 100% job assistance as we collaborate with several organizations for Job placements.

    What sets apart Digiperform Pitampura Center's AI Digital Marketing course from others in the area?

    Digiperform Pitampura Center's AI Digital Marketing course stands out for its comprehensive curriculum, integrating AI techniques with digital marketing fundamentals. With hands-on experience emphasized throughout the course, students tackle real-world projects and case studies.

    How can I start a career in digital marketing in India?

    Firstly you should get registered for a digital marketing course class and learn about the digital marketing basics and get a certificate. But if you want to master digital marketing, Digiperform provides a 1-year course for students with various certifications that directly impact a better resume. That help in getting a better placement.

    Is digital marketing in demand in 2024?

    In the upcoming years, there will be a greater need for skilled digital marketers. One of the top skills to master in 2024 to advance your career in digital marketing. There are over 860,000 job openings for digital marketers all over the world and of which 210550 job openings are in India itself.

    How does DigiPerform Pitampura prepare students for the future of digital marketing with AI and AI automationTools?

    At DigiPerform Pitampura, we prepare students for the future of digital marketing by integrating AI and AI automation tools into our curriculum. Our hands-on training, led by industry experts, equips students with practical skills in utilizing these technologies. Through case studies and projects, students learn to leverage AI and automation to solve real-world marketing challenges.

    Can you provide examples of how AI in digital marketing courses is used in real-world digital marketing scenarios, as taught in your courses?

    In our AI in digital marketing courses, students learn to harness AI for predictive analytics, content optimization, chatbots, personalized recommendations, and automated email campaigns. Through practical exercises and case studies, we empower marketers to make data-driven decisions, enhance customer engagement, and streamline their campaigns for optimal results. These skills ensure that our graduates stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape.

    What are the specific benefits of learning digital marketing with AI at Digiperform Pitampura?

    Learning digital marketing with AI offers unparalleled advantages. Our courses integrate cutting-edge AI technologies to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing strategies empowered by artificial intelligence. Through hands-on training, students gain insights into AI-driven analytics, automation tools, and personalized marketing techniques.

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