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Digital Marketing Foundation Course

12 Digital Marketing Modules 6 Capstone Projects 8 Live Assignments 12 Digital Marketing Quizzes

Due to global digitalization any organization or industry today needs resources to manage their social media profiles, create logos, posts & WhatsApp messages, Shoot & edit videos, Manage client messages, Optimize online presence, and boost search engine rankings. With AI taking away Data entry & Basic MIS jobs this course comes as a boon for individuals who want to start their careers in the IT & Digital industry but struggling due to a lack of exposure & strong skill.

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    Course Fee

    Rs 24,750

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    2 Months

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    2 Exams

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    Course Curriculum

    Module 1: Digital Marketing Ecosystem

    • The Current Opportunity
    • Digital Marketing Channels
    • Careers in Digital

    Module 2: Computers & Internet Basics

    • Computers & Internet Basics
    • Networking Terms & Concepts
    • Web Browser & The Internet
    • MS Office
    • Internet Research

    Module 3: Google Workspace Mastery

    • Gmail Customization
    • Google Docs
    • Google Slides
    • Google Forms
    • Google Sites

    Module 4: SEO Core

    • SEO Keyword Research
    • On-Page SEO
    • HTML for SEO
    • Off-Page & Local SEO

    Module 5: Digital Graphics Creation

    • Basics of Banner Creation
    • Resume Creation in Canva
    • Social Media Post Creation in Canva
    • Youtube

    Module 6: Social Media Optimization

    • What is Social Media & Why Care
    • Facebook for Business Marketing
    • Instagram for Business Marketing
    • Linkedin Profile Setup

    Module 7: Video Creation & Editing

    • Video Script & Shooting
    • Explainer Video Creation
    • Social Media Reel Creation
    • Basic Video Editing
    • Setting Youtube Channel
    • Uploading Video on Youtube

    Module 8: Online Advertising

    • Introduction to Ad Types
    • Types of Bidding
    • Ad Auction Process
    • Ad Targeting Methods
    • Ad Budgeting

    Module 9: Communicative English

    • Importance of communication
    • Communicating in English (Necessity or Worthless)
    • Getting started with Talk about Self
    • Getting to know and understand the Building blocks of English Language

    Module 10: Introduction to Tenses

    • Understanding tenses are and how they are used.
    • Sentence structuring using the correct tense form
    • Speech (topic assignment based on situation)

    Module 11: Communication activities & Role Plays

    • Extempore speeches
    • Role plays based on situations
    • Group discussion
    • Team work
    • Debates

    Module 12: Corporate Grooming

    • Body Language
    • Dressing Etiquettes- Dressing as per the occasion
    • Telephonic Communication
    • Do’s and Don’ts of Corporate world
    • Professional E-mail Etiquettes

    Module 13: Interview Preparation

    • Resume Building
    • Mock Interview session
    • Common interview questionnaire and their relevant answers

    Theory, Live Practical & Implementation

    Who Can Attend

    Non-IT & Non-English Speaking Beginner candidates from various backgrounds who are looking to join entry-level positions in Digital Marketing World

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    Key Skills You Will Learn

    MS-Office Management
    MS-Office Management
    GMail- Sheets, Docs, Forms
    GMail- Sheets, Docs, Forms
    Web Research & Surveys
    Web Research & Surveys
    Web Graphics Designing
    Web Graphics Designing
    Social Media Moderation
    Social Media Moderation
    Video Creation & Reels Editing
    Video Creation & Reels Editing
    Search Engine Optimization- Core
    Search Engine Optimization- Core
    Web Graphics Designing
    Web Graphics Designing

    Job Roles You Can Apply For

    Projects, Case-Studies & Assignments

    12 Quizzes– Computer Systems, MS Office, Web Research, English Communication, SEO, Digital Marketing Job Roles, DM Opportunities, Channels

    8 Assignments– Text Editing, Presentation, Spreadsheet, Web Surveys, Google Workspace, SEO, Social Media, Resume Building

    • Business Site Creation- Google Sites
    • Business Marketing Kit- Web Graphics
    • Explainer Video Creation-Video Editing
    • Business Banners Portfolio- Social Media Posts
    • Social Media Competitor Analysis- Social Media
    • Local Business Optimization- SEO
    • Best Deck Designs
    • Product Launch Research
    • Best Google Site Designs
    • Social Media Campaign Strategy
    • Local Business SEO Case Study

    Course Fee

    Career Support

    Paid internships to learn from professionals and gain meaningful, hands-on experience.
    Mock interview sessions from experts to help you prepared for the final interview.
    Campus Drive Placements by partnering with the 1200+ hiring partners across the nation.
    In-house feature to apply for jobs and start a career with your first Digital Marketing job.
    Complete guidance to build your professional resume to catch the attention of recruiters.
    Digiperform provides live training sessions and helps students to understand the concepts.

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