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Digital Marketing Master Course

23 Digital Marketing Modules 10 Capstone Projects 25 Live Assignments 25 Digital Marketing Quizzes

Digiperform’s Digital Marketing Master Program is India’s Leading Digital Marketing All-In-One Digital Skills Program that covers 25 Core Specialization Skills including, Social, SEO, SEM, Content, Website , Web Graphics , Marketing Automation Along with emphasis on working as a freelancer and adding online income as an blogger or affiliate marketer. This program also covers best AI tools to usage to increase your productivity

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    Module 1: Marketing Foundation

    • History of Marketing
    • Traditional vs. Digital Marketing

    Module 2: Digital Marketing Ecosystem

    •  The Current Opportunity
    • Digital Marketing Channels
    • Careers in Digital Marketing

    Module 3: Digital Consumer Behaviour

    • Digital Consumer Journey
    • Understanding Online Business Goals

    Module 4: Digital Visibility Strategy

    • Website Planning
    • Local Visibility
    • Social Media Visibility

    Module 5: Online Lead Strategy

    • Need of Online Advertising
    • Types of Online Ads
    • Media Buying Principles
    • Nurturing & Lead Funnels

    Module 6: Graphic Designing For Business

    • Graphic Design Fundamentals
    • Designing- Marketing Kits
    • Designing Online Documents
    • Advanced Design Principles
    • Social Media & Whatsapp Banner Design

    Module 7: Video Marketing For Business

    • Video Creation Strategy
    • Importance of Video Marketing
    • Types of Online Videos
    • Building Explainer Video Scripts
    • Live Exercise: Creating Explainer Videos
    • Video Scripting
    • Basic Video Editing
    • Setting Youtube Channel
    • Uploading Video on Youtube

    Module 8: Building Your Business Website

    • Buying Domain & Hosting
    • Understanding C-panel
    • Installing WordPress
    • Customizing Theme
    • Building Home Page & Blog
    • Adding One Squeeze Page
    • Customizing Menu
    • Customization Practice & Doubt Session

    Module 9: Social Media Optimization

    Introduction to Social Media
    ● Social Media Fundamentals
    ● Importance of Social Media For Business
    ● What Does Social Media Include

    Social Media Marketing Concept
    ● Conversational Marketing
    ● Importance of content creation on social media
    ● Do’s and Don’t of Social Media

    Exploring Social Media Channels
    ● Size of Network
    ● Demography of Network
    ● Marketing Purpose
    ● Pros & Cons of Each Channel

    Facebook Business Marketing
    ● FB Profile vs. Page Vs. Group
    ● Creating Pages and Groups
    ● How to Optimize Your Profile Settings
    ● How to Grow Your FB Page
    ● Strategic Best Practices
    ● FB Messenger Optimization
    ● FB Posting Ideas

    Twitter Marketing
    ● How Twitter Works
    ● Twitter Terms
    ● Twitter For Business
    ● Quick Guided Setup
    ● Best Practices to Optimize Twitter


    Linkedin Marketing
    ● Introduction to Linkedin
    ● Linkedin Profile Optimization
    ● Linkedin Network Growth Strategy
    ● Linkedin Post Ideas

    Instagram Marketing
    ● Impact of Instagram On Business
    ● Instagram Profile Optimization
    ● Instagram Algorithm
    ● Instagram Insights
    ● Growing Your Instagram- Posts, Videos, Stories,
    Reels, Live
    ● How To Get More followers
    ● Instagram Case Studies

    Module 10: Landing Page Optimization

    • Things to Know when planning a Lead Generation Campaign
    • Key Elements of a Landing Page
    • User Flow Designing
    • LP Copywriting
    • Building : Action, Trust & Thank-You Page
    • A/B Versions Of LP
    • Key LP Creation Tools

    Module 11: Facebook & Instagram Advertising

    • Introduction to Facebook & IG Ads Importance
    • Types of Ads- image, Video, Carousel, Story etc.
    • Types of Campaigns- Awareness, Consideration, Conversion
    • Sub campaigns- Reach, Traffic, Lead Generation, Sales, App Install etc.
    • FB & Instagram Ad Policies
    • Creating Your Ad Campaign -Live Walkthrough
    • Ad Campaign Best Practices
    • Ad Campaign Case-Study

    Module 12: Search Engine Optimization

    Introduction to SEO
    ● Search Engine & Its functions
    ● Why SEO
    ● Definition of SEO
    ● SEO Ranking Factors
    ● SEO Algorithms

    SEO Keyword Research
    ● What is keyword
    ● Types of keywords
    ● Keyword Selection Tools
    ● Keyword Mapping on Pages and Posts

    On Page SEO: Content Optimization
    ● Importance of seo conent
    ● Keywords Density & proximity in content
    ● Ideal Content Length for posts and pages
    ● Unique content and avoiding plagrism
    ● SEO content writing cheatsheet

    On Page SEO: Technical & HTML
    ● Title Tag
    ● Description Tags
    ● Robots Tag
    ● Anchor Text
    ● Image & Heading Tags
    ● URL Optimization & Site Structuring

    Google Search Console Tool
    ● Setting Up Search Console
    ● Key GSC Reports
    ● Sitemap Management
    ● Optimization for Mobile View

    Off Page SEO: Link Building Techniques
    ● Types of Links
    ● Back Link Analysis
    ● Submission Based Link Building Techniques
    ● Content Based Link Building Techniques
    ● Outreach Based Link Building Techniques

    Local SEO
    ● Google Business Profile Optimization
    ● Classified Optimization
    ● NAP Optimization

    Module 13: Web Analytics & Traffic Reporting

    • Introduction to Web Analytics
    • Introduction to Google Analytics
    • Google Analytics Account Structure
    • Google Analytics Audince Report
    • Google Analytics Aquisiton Repor
    • Google Analytics Behaviour Report
    • Installing Google Analytics On Website

    Module 14: Online Advertising & Google Ads

    • Introduction to Paid Marketing & GA
    • Types of Campaigns
    • Bidding, Auctions and Budget
    • Account Structure
    • Account & Billing Setup

    Google Ads -Search Campaign Live Creation

    • GA Campaign Keyword Research
    • GA Campaign Setup
    • GA Ad group Setup
    • GA Conversion Tracking Setup

    Google Ad Campaign Case Study- Real Estate

    • AD Copy & Keyword Optimization
    • LP Design Testing
    • Budgets Testing
    • Bid Amount & Bidding Methods Test
    • Ad Schedules
    • A Recommendations

    Module 15: Display Advertising

    • Display vs Search Ads – Difference
    • Google Display Ad Campaigns Targeting Methods
    • Most Popular Display Ad Sizes
    • Display campaign Creation- Live Walkthrough
    • Display Campaign Best Practices

    Module 16: Video Advertising

    • Introduction to Video Ads
    • Video Ad Types
    • Video Ad Campaign Types
    • Bidding, Budget, Network & Inventory Options
    • Video Campaign Targeting Options

    Module 17: Remarketing & Rebranding

    • How Remarketing Improves ROI
    • Types of Remarketing Audience
    • Essentials Components of remarketing
    • Remarketing- Top Case Studies
    • Setting Up Google Remarketing Tag
    • Creating Different Lists With GA
    • Display & Video Remarketing Campaign- Live Walkthrough
    • Google Search Remarketing
    • Facebook & Instagram Remarketing

    Module 18: Email Marketing

    • Importance Of Email Marketing
    • Usage, ROI,Objectives, Email Benefits
    • Top Email Marketing Tools
    • Key features of a Good Email Tool
    • Step By Step Guide For Email Marketing
    • Types of Marketing Emailers
    • Email Writing Best Practices
    • Email Marketing Strategy Creation
    • Email List Building Tools

    Module 19: Inbound Marketing

    • Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing
    • Audience Identification
    • Buyer Touch Point Analysis
    • Top Content Types For Each Buyer Stage
    • Where to Distribute Content
    • How To Generate Content Ideas
    • Creating Content Idea Sheet
    • Content Repurposing

    Module 20: Web Content Writing

    • Essentials of Content Writing
    • Content Writing for Business Sites
    • Top Tools For Content Research
    • Top Tools For Content Writing
    • AI Based Tools For Content Writing
    • Conversational Writing For Social Media
    • Ecommerce Content writing
    • Content Writing vs. Copywriting
    • Copywriting Best Practices
    • Creating Ad Copies
    • Writing For Landing Pages
    • Funnel Copywriting- Whatsapp & Newsletters

    Module 21: Blogging, Adsense & Affiliate Marketing

    • Blog Planning& Strategy
    • Setting Up Your Blog in WordPress
    • Email Marketing Setup For Your Blog
    • SEO For Your Blog
    • Monetizing Your Blog With Affiliates, AdSense & Collabs
    • Top 15 Content Planning & Production Tools For Your Blogs
    • Creating & Disseminating Your 1st Blog Post
    • Blog Success Blueprint

    Module 22: Selling On Amazon & Market Places

    • How to Create Amazon Account
    • Product Listing Best Practices
    • Pricing And Payments
    • Order Management And Shipping
    • Amazon Ads
    • Listing Beyond Amazon-Best Practices

    Module 23: Earning As A Freelancer/ Starting Agency

    • Top Freelancing Platforms
    • Building Business/ Freelancer Profile
    • Live Walkthrough: How to Grab Projects
    • How To Price Your Services
    • Small Agency/ Freelancer Lead
    • Generation Case Studies

    Theory, Live Practical & Implementation

    Who Can Attend

    This Masters course is aimed at individuals who wish to develop a deep understanding and high level of competence in the application of digital marketing tools.

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    Key Skills You Will Learn

    Marketing & Digital Marketing Functions
    Marketing & Digital Marketing Functions
    Digital Marketing Industrial Applications
    Digital Marketing Industrial Applications
    Web Research & Surveys Management
    Web Research & Surveys Management
    Business & Social Media Graphics Designing
    Business & Social Media Graphics Designing
    Business Video Creation & Editing
    Business Video Creation & Editing
    Wordpress Business Website Development
    Wordpress Business Website Development
    Social Media Audit & Campaign Strategy
    Social Media Audit & Campaign Strategy
    Social Media Management- Branding & Growth
    Social Media Management- Branding & Growth
    Social Media Advertising & Lead Generation
    Social Media Advertising & Lead Generation
    Keyword Research Process
    Keyword Research Process
    SEO Content Optimization
    SEO Content Optimization
    SEO HTML & Tag Optimization
    SEO HTML & Tag Optimization
    SEO Link Building & Outreach
    SEO Link Building & Outreach
    Landing Page Optimization
    Landing Page Optimization
    Web Analytics
    Web Analytics
    Search Advertising
    Search Advertising
    Video Advertising
    Video Advertising
    Display Advertising
    Display Advertising
    Performance Marketing
    Performance Marketing
    Marketing Automation
    Marketing Automation
    Email Marketing
    Email Marketing
    AI Tool Based Digital Marketing
    AI Tool Based Digital Marketing
    Web Content Writing
    Web Content Writing
    Adsense Blogging
    Adsense Blogging
    Affiliate Marketing
    Affiliate Marketing
    Amazon Portfolio Management
    Amazon Portfolio Management
    Amazon SEO & Ads
    Amazon SEO & Ads
    Digital Freelancing
    Digital Freelancing

    Job Roles You Can Apply For

    25 Quizzes and 25 Assignments


    • Business Marketing Kit Designing
    • Storyboard-based Video Shoot
    • No-Code Website Creation WordPress
    • Business Social Media Banners Portfolio
    • Social Media Strategy Blueprint Organic & Paid
    • Corporate Business SEO Proposal Creation
    • LP & Ads For Social Media Campaign
    • Google Ads Business Proposal Creation
    • Funnel-Based Email Marketing Template Pack Creation
    • Marketplace Feasibility Plan Creation

    Course Fee

    Career Support

    Paid internships to learn from professionals and gain meaningful, hands-on experience.
    Mock interview sessions from experts to help you prepared for the final interview.
    Campus Drive Placements by partnering with the 1200+ hiring partners across the nation.
    In-house feature to apply for jobs and start a career with your first Digital Marketing job.
    Complete guidance to build your professional resume to catch the attention of recruiters.
    Digiperform provides live training sessions and helps students to understand the concepts.

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