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16 Brilliant Indian Podcasts That You Should Listen

16 Brilliant Indian Podcasts That You Should Listen
Nowadays, people have become more flexible when it comes to adopting new changes. Likewise, the changing behaviors have led to implement and use the new range of technologies by them whether it comes to their business or social life. Either they are using a new dating app or trying a shopping website, people are always ready for something entertaining and exclusive. With same psychology, podcasting has also garnered an immense popularity over the years. And, on the eve of International Podcast Day which is celebrated on 30th September, we would like to share how podcast has been winning the hearts of Indian population over the years. Those who are still new this technology, then this post is the definitely be the best read out for you. In the post, we will discuss,
  • What is the Podcast?
  • Why one should listen to Podcast?
  • Benefits of Podcasts or Benefits of listening Podcasts
  • 16 Brilliant Indian Podcasts that will make you a better person
Here we go! With the changing nature of the audience and their requirements, trying various digital tools have turned out to be necessities to stay afloat in this highly competitive market. Podcast has gained good followers and have become one of the popular mediums to get into the hearts of the people. Even influencer, as well as businesses, have increased the usage of podcasts to increase their followers and improve their prospects. No wonder, it has become the powerful marketing tool. So,

What is the Podcast?

A podcast is a set of digital audio files (typically MP3s) that are available on the internet for downloading. The users can pull audio files from a podcasting Web site to listen to on their computers or personal digital audio players. We, Indians, are in habit to listen to the radio in our daily lives. Whether we are traveling in our vehicle, we tune ourselves to traffic beats on Red FM or listening to music as our favorite pastimes. We are more inclined to digital technologies and podcasts have become today’s radio show that can be accessed on our mobile devices. One of the major advantage of podcasts that the user can subscribe to the podcast to receive the digital files once they are uploaded. Excessive use of mobile devices has served the ultimate medium for businesses and influencers; led to explosive growth of podcasting.

Why one should listen to the Podcasts?

The advantage of Podcasts that they are absolutely free (with few exceptions). You will find various podcasters/influencers sharing their experiences on every topic from the news, arts, business, comedy, education, politics, sports, technology, music, health, spirituality, hobbies, and more. There are thousands of podcasts on the internet that you all is the need to search and download them. Generally, podcasters create content that can be easily accessible to their listeners. They use various platforms like iTunes, Google Play, Sticher as well as a variety of other podcasting directories and apps. There are several excellent apps you can use to subscribe to podcasts you like and sync the content across your platforms (phones, iPad, desktop).

Benefits of Podcasts or Benefits of listening Podcasts

Get Inspired:

Podcasts are generally operated by influencers who have expertise in their respective fields and are willing to share their experiences with everyone. Podcasts can be the easiest way to intrigued and inspired your role models (If they do podcasting). Also, if you are looking to expand your horizons or interested in new ideas. If you are passionate about it, there are chances when you will find a podcast that will truly inspire you.

Stay Educated and Informed:  

As podcasters are the experts who share lifetime experiences, you can learn new things in your areas of interest or hobbies. Once you will start listening to it, you will get educated and informed. Even successful entrepreneurs are using this medium to educate wannabe entrepreneurs about how to be successful in their businesses. Or how to use these mediums to promote their brands. The possibilities are almost endless.

Personal and Professional Growth:

If you want to be an influencer and want to work on your own personal development? This is the right medium for you. How about learning more about your career or profession or listening to experts in your field?

To Escape:

Remember we have mentioned podcast are today’s radio. You can discover great podcasts for the pure entertainment value and as a way to focus on something different than what you deal with daily. Many news and politics TV, radio shows, comedians, and celebrities have podcasts.

Optimize Your Time:

The best deal of listening to podcasts is that you can listen to them while walking, driving, commuting, or working out. Anywhere or anytime!

16 Brilliant Indian Podcasts that will make you a better person

Now, as you have understood the basics of Podcast, we would like to share the list of 16 Indian Podcasts that will make you more informed than anybody else. Have a look! Let us know in the comment section, which one is your favourite Podcast?
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