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35 Blog Post and Content Ideas For Photography Websites

35 Blog Post and Content Ideas For Photography Websites

Do you suffer from writer’s block? Do you lack content ideas to engage your website visitors and turn them into clients?

No worry, it happens to the best of us as well. There are several tactic we use to ensure that our content calendar is always filled with quality and engaging content. We have already shared many of them with our our clients, small business owners, and freelancers such as yourself (make sure to register for our digital marketing course for small business owners in case you are interested) No matter the nature of your business, there is one simple hint for generating content ideas on a regular basis – think beyond the nature of your business and service offering. Think from the perspective of your client and which questions may arise in his his mind when he researches for service such as the one you offer?

 Sounds easier said that done? Not at all? We have just populated a list of 35 content ideas for photographers. Dive in:

  1. What are the most frequently asked questions your customers ask?
  2. What are the biggest misconception people have about your category of photography?
  3. What are the biggest myths in working as a photographer?
  4. What do your customers need to know to make good selection of event photographer?
  5. What is the story behind you becoming a photographer?
  6. What is a complete how to that will guide customers through an important lesson?
  7. What is a hard truth your customers need to know about hiring a photographer?
  8. Who are the people that work with your company and how did they come to be with you?
  9. What are the first 3 things someone needs to become an expert in your field?
  10. What is a customer success story that you can share?
  11. How a day in a photographer’s lifetime looks like?
  12. How do you hire your support staff?
  13. What is your ‘only we…’ statement? What makes your creative business so distinct?
  14. What are the most common mistakes you see people making while selecting a professional photographer?
  15. What are key pieces of news/advice/tutorials/opinions from the last week in your the photography industry (mainstream media and new media)?
  16. Write an open letter to ( a famous photographer, stylist lifestyle guru….)
  17. What would make a client’s guest tearful of emotions during their wedding?
  18. What do you recommend customers read or watch?
  19. What is a lesson you learned in the last year?
  20. Provide a checklist relevant to something your customers might do (such as 10 things you must complete a week before your wedding day)
  21. Create a printable/template to help customers achieve something
  22. What were the key takeaways from a creative conference or industry event that you attended?
  23. What are the latest trends that are emerging in the photography industry?
  24. Who is an industry leader that you could profile/interview?
  25. What is the best suggestion you’ve had from a customer?
  26. What is a quote that applies to your business/industry?
  27. What is the most innovative use you’ve seen for one of your products?
  28. Who is a customer you could profile/interview?
  29. Describe different styles and concept of photography an elaborate which one would match for which occasion
  30. What is a hot discussion/debate that happened in the professional photography/event management industry recently that you could recap or involve your readers in?
  31. Review a book your clients should read
  32. Create an award for your industry
  33. What are the biggest secrets about being a professional photographer, rarely someone else knows?
  34. What mistakes have you made as a professional photographer and what did you learn?
  35. Provide a wrap up of must read/follow blogs and/or social media accounts in the photography domain
We hope this was helpful. There is plenty more brewing in our Digital marketing course for you. Start with our digital training program.
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