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7 Quick Tips for Writing Killer Email Marketing Copy that actually works

7 Quick Tips for Writing Killer Email Marketing Copy that actually works
Email marketing begins with writing a fantastic copy. Not all emails are created equal though, and all of them are received differently as well. In order to start, we recommend first getting as much information as you can on the different email marketing software available today, so you make the right choice for the needs of your company. When this has been done, you can start typing away. Even though the copy is not the only factor that influences a campaign’s success, it is one of the most important ones. Take a quick read below where we talk about 7 quick and easily doable tips for writing a killer copy.

Email Marketing 101: Straight To The Point

The secret to email marketing is knowing what to say and when to say it. Make the purpose of your email abundantly clear in the copy from start to finish. You probably know this and that’s great. But if you didn’t, you really should incorporate this for the next time you sit down to write another marketing email.

Beauty Is In Simplicity

Simple. easy to understand, and no funny language. That is what a marketing email should be. Experts have consistently held the opinion that the best message is that which is the easiest to understand. Your marketing powerful email copy should not be written any differently.

Like An Arrowhead, Aim For The Target Audience

Sure, you can try and include lots of content about your product or service and will still be able to create a great copy. But we are talking about a killer copy, remember? And a killer copy has a singular audience in mind. Understand which segment you are targeting with a specific email and write for only that audience.

Proofread Your Marketing Email, Do It Again, And Then Do It A Final Time

This is pretty much self-explanatory. You cannot have mistakes in your emails. No mistakes at all. Your marketing email copy will not extend beyond a few hundred words, so why take the risk? There are so many online tools to help you with proofreading. Use them!

Writing Killer Subject Lines For Writing A Killer Email Copy

The difference between getting opened and going straight to the spam folder is the subject line. After all, this is the only thing your audience sees before they decide if they even want to open your email. Write a clear and concise subject to avoid getting flagged as spam.

Optimize Call To Action Buttons

You want your audience to engage with your email. Make it easy for them. If you want them to follow a link to a survey, include the link in a button instead of adding it as in-line anchor text. They should already know that the email is about a survey from the subject. The button should be extremely easy to spot.

Instead Of Marketing, Educate Through Your Emails

This one is easy to get wrong. We get it. You want to talk about as many features as possible. But think about how you react to emails that go overboard with marketing. Straight to the spam folder, right? Talk about how your products or services can benefit your potential customers.  Read Also: 

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