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8 Reasons How Instagram Fake Followers Will Adversely Affect Your Business

8 Reasons How Instagram Fake Followers Will Adversely Affect Your Business
If you are a business owner then you know how Instagram can help you in your business. Instagram is full of marketing possibilities – from paid ads to IGTV to product posts.  It can be very intriguing to get or buy Instagram followers for your personal Instagram page. However, getting people’s attention isn’t just about sharing an image and getting likes and followers. You want to spend time interacting with followers and liking other users’ posts. And with the scarcity of time, they think of buying those followers. There are lots of services out there that enable you to buy up to 1,000 followers for the cost of your morning breakfast. But, if it was that simple, everyone would be doing it.  So here we, at Rheo, are going to tell you why it is bad to purchase your Instagram followers? Is it legal or safe for your company? Is it worthy of your investment? Let’s go:

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Instagram Followers

Here is what the process involves, and the negative effects it can have on your brand.

1. Instagram Bots are Not Human

It may seem enticing to purchase Instagram followers and make the bots comment, like posts and follow automatically. If you are using an Instagram bot, it may look like you’re receiving a lot of attention on your content but it is not the case. According to Rheo, by employing bots, you will not increase your followers organically with people who are genuinely curious about your service or product. People won’t be enticed to follow you if they only see one-word comments on your Instagram posts. 

2. Fraudulent Followers Don’t Lead To Sales

When you purchase Instagram followers, you might make your profile seem a little more exciting for a while, but that’s about all. Fake followers don’t help your brand or order your products. They’re not going to promote you or ask their friends to follow, and you can’t use their content to strengthen your credibility. Even if you just want to develop your reputation as an influencer, a large audience won’t automatically convince people to work with you. The fact that it’s so simple to buy low-cost Instagram followers today means that most people know how to check for artificial accounts before they do business with an influencer. Here Rheo can help you to get organic followers by guiding you. 

3. Fake Followers Bring Spam

If you’ve signed up to get purchased followers, then you’ve provided the group your email address. This just loosens up a huge possibility for them to spam both your Instagram page and your inbox. This kind of spam is only going to create trouble, and could even appear in some of your real followers dropping off.

4. Instagram Identifies and Shuts Down the Fake Followers

Rheo says Instagram is always on the quest for fake followers to get cleared of. This is because they want each and everyone who is on Instagram to have the best experience they can. Since they have been doing this for a long time, they understand what to look for now when it gets to abolishing fake followers. This means that it doesn’t mean how cheap the followers were – you will still drop out if Instagram spots and removes them.

5. Bad Branding

One of the most significant goals of Instagram advertising is branding. Fake followers would just build your followers’ numbers. They would not communicate with your page and would not become your clients for sure. But if the number of your followers increase organically, you will have a more accessible and trustworthy brand, and the visitants to your site are more likely to turn to be your real customers. Rheo will help you get organic followers who will be willing to engage with you in a better manner. 

6. Risk Losing Your Instagram Account

by doing this, you could lose your profile. Getting fake likes will disrupt all Social Media platforms’ Terms Of Service, and they have been identified to fully delete accounts with fake fans. So not only did you lose your money buying followers, you’ll have to begin your account from scratch which also consumes your precious time. Or worse- you could be outlawed completely! Imagine getting forbidden from Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Not having access to these important marketing channels will negatively influence your business.

7. Breaks your Reliability as an Influencer

A true influencer increases their following organically, through tenacity and hard work. While you may not aspire to put the time in, if you need a shortcut and buy your followers, you could end up squandering everything that you have created so far. Real, engaged followers are always going to carry your more action than fake followers can. If people think that you are purchasing your followers, they aren’t going to be interested in sticking around. Like we told earlier, the same goes for Instagram.

8. It’s A Misuse Of Money

rather than spending money on buying fake followers, you can use the funds towards better marketing leads. As we have said earlier, it doesn’t seem worth using your marketing budget this way when you could use the money to target interested people in what your Instagram provides.

A Guide To Spot Automated And Fake Instagram Accounts

Finding automated Instagram accounts is very simple. All you need to do is the following:
  1. Go to any Instagram analytics tool.
  2. Put an Instagram username.
  3. Look at the action and follower’s stats. If it has a low action rate and a lot of followers, then this Instagram account 100% purchased its followers.

 Alternatives To Buying Instagram Followers

Instagram is always renewing its algorithm, and the latest algorithm discovery is that Instagram favors engagement rate over fan count. If you want to get more followers to visit your profile and improve your rate of engagement, Rheo will tell you some viable options to buying your Instagram followers:

1. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are the framework for building your Instagram account quickly. The best option for buying Instagram followers is using appropriate hashtags on your posts.  Rheo will help you do your analysis on which hashtags generate a lot of hums and which are best suited to your brand. Hashtags are an excellent way to reach your objective audience if done rightly. 

2. Make your profile public

If your Instagram account is currently hidden, turn it over to the people so that users can see your profile and content. This enables users to know what your brand embodies from the get-go and treats you to grow your audience naturally.

3. Post appropriate content

Post all types of content to your feed. Think ahead and don’t be confined to static images, but also GIFs, high-quality videos, Boomerangs, inquiries on your Story posts, user-generated content, etc. Fabricating trust and interest amongst your following starts with utilizing high-quality photos and well-reasoned captions, then building a consistent posting flow while keeping a unique style that distinguishes your brand from others on Instagram.  Rheo tells that research which hashtags are trending that may adjust with your brand — hashtags can be an excellent way to reach new fans if done perfectly.

4. Use other specialties

Other than that, try using the many unique channels on the platform, such as Instagram Live, IGTV, Instagram Stories. There are lots of ways to connect with your followers and stimulate engagement with these peculiarities. This way, you can make engagement and traffic naturally and authentically.

5. Automate Response on Instagram-Rheo can be a helping hand

Negative comments and reduces sales can be really damaging for your Instagram page. You have to stand at your toe to know about the impact of negative comments and how to drive the traffic. This all can be done by RheoBots. To increase interaction, ROI is really important. In this, Rheo helps by its social media automation. It is a bot that is a low and impactful tool that provides more ROI. It can increase sales, drive traffic, and inform you immediately if you get a negative comment on your post. You can easily manage the interaction and establish a strong connection with the help of RheoBot.

Bottom Line:

You Can’t Create Real Connections With A Fake Following

Your foremost goal with your social media proximity should be to connect to your followers daily with high-quality content so that when they want your product or service, you are top of remembrance.  If you give value to your fans, more followers will come. Think about what kind of data, images, advice, etc you provide that will keep your members engaged and satisfied. You can do it on your own or you can get help from experts like Rheo. We will tell you all the small changes that you need to do to gain organic followers on Instagram. So, while you might be bootlegging for more followers and likes on your Instagram page, contact Rheo to grow your followers the right way, as these followers will carry more value than a host of fakes followers can.
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