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8 Ways to Keep Potential Customers on Your Website Page Longer

8 Ways to Keep Potential Customers on Your Website Page Longer
As a marketer, your top priority should be maintaining high conversion rates. Abandoning visitors increases your bounce rate and reduces your conversions and revenue. Maintaining high conversion rates is important because it enables you to add more customers to your list easily. Apart from that, it is cheap and effective. To understand this, let me share with you some of the most convincing reasons why you have to keep potential customers on your website page longer. First, the online world is booming. More websites are being created every day to get customers. Big organizations such as Google and Amazon are attracting more customers easily than the smaller ones. To succeed, you need to have an accessible website that compels customers to hang around. Second, your business will look legitimate if you are continuously optimizing and updating it. When your website runs smoothly, making purchases and generating revenue won’t be an issue for you. Finally, the website’s efficiency will improve when customers stay longer and purchase your products. Here’s is a short guide that will help you keep potential customers on your site longer.

1. Create an organized design

Research studies conducted by uk writers have shown that customers decide whether they like a website or not in less than ten seconds. Therefore, you have little time to make an impression. The best way to impress your customers is by creating an organized and tidy website design. Your home page should explain why your products or services are better than your competitors’. You should convince them that you are different from everyone else by using a tagline. Your about page should not only include background information but also reflect your personality. This page is not just about you but also the needs of your customers and how they can benefit from you directly. Most marketers fail at attracting and keeping customers because their website descriptions show no human side. You have to be creative to stand out from the crowd. Your contact page should include your contact form, address, and contact information. You need to provide enough details to make it easier for potential customers to reach you.

2. Focus on readability

Research studies show that 79 percent of internet users scan web pages while only 16 percent will read everything. This means that readability should be your main focus if you want your website to stand out. Some of the best ways to improve your readability score include:
  • Highlighting keywords
  • Including bullet lists and numbers
  • Having clear and suggestive subheadings
  • Ensuring your paragraphs flow together
  • Using facts instead of long stories

3. Include visual content

Visual content is critical for websites and social media platforms. It makes it easier for your potential clients to read and understand your content.  According to assignment help, the human brain processes images faster than text. Therefore, this strategy will pay off in spades in the long run. You should pick an attractive theme for your site and include high-quality images from reputable websites such as Shutterstock and Pexels.

4. Internal linking is key

Internal linking is one of the best ways to get more customers easily. Relating other articles to your existing one will not make customers spend more time on your website but also increase the chances of them purchasing your products. Form this habit and you’ll see how your bounce rate will go up.

5. Congruent font and colors

For you to improve your website ratings and revenue, you need to focus on congruency. Your font styles and colors have to match. You don’t have to use different fonts on your website to make it more appealing.  Most people have been conditioned to read books, magazines, and articles that have a single font type. While using different types of fonts may seem cool and edgy, it will end up hurting your clients’ eyes and reducing your revenues because they won’t stay very long. The same applies to color. Your website is not a painting book. Keep it clean and minimize the number of colors you use. You should never use more than four colors on your website.

6. Include videos

Videos are a great deal when it comes to keeping potential customers longer on a site. The average time people spend on a site is less than two minutes. However, people will spend a lot of minutes or even hours on a site watching videos. So, why do videos have great returns? Today, the majority of people prefer watching over reading. Therefore, all you have to do is give them what they are craving for. If you have a YouTube channel, ensure that you embed your videos on your website. This will make it easier for people to watch videos on your website instead of using YouTube. Google will reward you for having people stay on your site longer. And YouTube will still count the number of views.

7. Optimize your website

This is one of the most important factors that most marketers usually overlook. Having a website is important because:
  • People won’t have to leave – In this day and age, people are growing impatient. They want things to happen as soon as possible. If your website takes a few seconds to load, a lot of people will leave.
  • Google favors sites that load quickly – Google’s priority is to give users an incredible experience. Therefore, showing websites that take seconds or minutes to load does not fit well with their goals and objectives. Failing to optimize your site will hurt your ranks.
One of the best ways to fix a slow website is by upgrading your hosting. Doing this will cost you a few bucks but the results will be amazing.

8. Add a comments section

Another great tip that will boost your website’s performance is including a comments section on your site. This has become a popular eligibility standard that improves a website’s accuracy and legitimacy.  Include comments from other clients to help prospective clients build trust in your business and purchase your products and services. The comments section also allows you to interact with your customers and figure out what you should improve.

Bonus Tip: High-quality content wins

One of the best ways to keep potential customers longer on your website is by publishing high-quality content consistently. This, right here, is the key to your site’s success. Even if you followed all the other tips that we’ve discussed, but had crappy content, your chances of succeeding are very slim. Instead of focusing on quantity, focus on quality. It’s way better to have two or three high-quality articles than have twenty low-quality articles. Don’t be in a rush to publish content. Take your time. If you don’t know how to create high-quality content, consider hiring a professional writer to help you with this. Create a content calendar to publish content consistently. Remember, publishing content too soon makes you look desperate. And this can be annoying. On the other hand, taking too much time to publish content will reduce the number of visitors on your site.


These tips should have given you some sense of what you need to focus on to keep your potential customers on your website longer. By planning and being consistent, you’ll be able to keep your clients on your site longer and increase your revenue. Trust yourself and the process. And everything will work out for you.      Author Bio: Michael Gorman is a highly skilled freelance writer and proofreader from the UK who currently works at paper writing service reviews, best paper writing service, and custom essay help. Being interested in everyday development, he writes various blog posts and discovers new aspects of human existence every day
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