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A Guide To Protecting Your Business’s Digital Footprint

A Guide To Protecting Your Business’s Digital Footprint
Digital transformation improves business efficiency, strengthens customer relationships, and boosts overall revenue. As such, 89% of all businesses have already implemented a digital-first business strategy or plan to do so. Your business’s digital presence goes hand in hand with your digital footprint —  the online trail your business permanently leaves behind in cyberspace. It’s essential to implement effective policies and procedures to ensure your digital footprint remains manageable and secure.

Analyzing your company’s footprint

It’s essential to know what information about your business is publicly available online. By reviewing your business websites, social media accounts, and online posts, you can make sure all information is accurate, up to date, and presents your business in a positive light. It’s also important to check what people are posting online about your business, as well as which employees are authorized to post on behalf of your organization. You can also then determine whether any information poses a potential security risk and work to secure it.

Protect against data fragility

Businesses are at risk of the dangers of data fragility as digital assets now account for an increasingly vast amount of corporate value. Fortunately, by capturing and archiving the content your business publishes, you can help ensure long-term data preservation and in turn prevent potential financial loss. Preserving your businesses digital legacy, in particular, is just one of the many advantages of digital archiving. By creating comprehensive navigational records of your brands digital assets, you can inform and inspire future brand campaigns. Additionally, digital archiving can also provide you with stronger protection against complaints if they arise. An accurate digital archive provides irrefutable proof of past records and events, therefore functioning as a solid defense when needed.

Protect against malware 

Keyloggers are a particularly invasive form of malware your business needs to protect against. They secretly record each and every keystroke you or your employees may make on your computer keyboards, which allows hackers to see login details, passwords, and banking data. Keyloggers typically infect computers via email attachments, phishing, and bundling with other software and malware. Using a reputable malware scanner can provide protection against most malware, including keyloggers. Anti-keylogging software is also an effective cybersecurity defense system, which encrypts each keystroke before it even appears on the screen.
Effectively managing your business’s digital footprint is essential for strengthening cybersecurity, minimizing vulnerabilities, and presenting your business in a positive light. Analyzing your footprint and protecting against data fragility and malware are key ways you can protect your digital footprint.
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