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Facebook Livestream: Ways To Increase Audience Engagement

Facebook Livestream: Ways To Increase Audience Engagement
In the year 2016, Facebook introduced the option of live videos. With time this has become an important tool for marketing, and many use it to interact with their customers in real-time. With the advancement of science and technology, we have started to use Facebook regularly. We use smartphones and laptops on a daily basis and spend a considerable amount of time on Facebook. People who want to buy a smartphone or laptop can use the visit Innovations Discount code to avail of discounts.  You can do Facebook live from your phone or laptop. But if your computer does not come with a good webcam, try to purchase an external one. Using the isubscribe Discount code, one can receive fantastic deals.  

How to Livestream on Facebook to increase engagement?

 It is essential to know the ways to Livestream on Facebook that will help you to Engage and Retain Members. There are a few points discussed in this article that will help you the next time you go on a Facebook live.  

1# Livestream from your computer or laptop 

One can live stream directly from their desktop or laptop. Before starting the video, make sure you have a detailed outline of your topic, stream from a nice location, have a stable Internet connection, and promote the live event beforehand. You can Livestream from anywhere given you have an Internet connection. Click on Allow to give permission to Facebook to use the microphone and webcam.   

2# Livestream on your mobile phone

As most of us use smartphones nowadays, it is easier for Livestream from your phone. For beginners, this is the best way to get used to live streaming. If you have a mobile device and access to the microphone, then it will help you get started. You can add filters, switch between primary and secondary camera, and type comments.   

3# Facebook live streaming tool.

Facebook has updated its service that helps content creators to roll out videos, which are more enhanced. Some of the updates are trim the beginning and end of the video to remove dead space, go live for 8 hours, test broadcast before going live by limiting the audience to business page admins and editors.   

4# Facebook watch party

Facebook watch party helps people to watch a live video together. You can record the video, watch, and interact with others. Watch Party is hosted in various groups, business pages, and your personal page.  By using these techniques, you can increase engagement on your Facebook live videos.
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