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Facebook will soon be offering ads that open a WhatsApp chat.

Facebook will soon be offering ads that open a WhatsApp chat.

Facebook has launched a new WhatsApp Business API (Application Program Interface) that will allow ads to open a pre-filled WhatsApp chat in the messaging app.
The interface is designed to help businesses communicate with consumers via Facebook.

“When a person taps on a Facebook Ad that clicks to WhatsApp, they will be transferred to a pre-filled WhatsApp chat where they can message your business quickly,” writes Facebook.

Businesses will also be able to include a “click-to-message” WhatsApp feature on their website and Facebook Page.

What is WhatsApp Business API?

The WhatsApp Business API is an application program interface that enables businesses to send end-to-end encoded messages to individuals who have started the chat with the company via the app and to message people who have requested information.

With WhatsApp API, businesses will be able to customize notifications that can be sent with “relevant and non-promotional” content for example shipping confirmations, appointment reminders, or event tickets.

“When somebody messages your business, you can likewise utilize the WhatsApp Business API to react to inquiries or communications for anything inside 24 hours,” said by Facebook on its Business blog.


Note: The service is charged………

WhatsApp will charge organizations to send messages, for example, a ticket or conveyance affirmation, shopping confirmation, delivery confirmation, etc.
The business will be able to respond to the queries for free within 24 hours.

However, WhatsApp will charge for messages sent by the business outside of the 24-hour window.

In case the business or company waits more than 24 hours to send a response to the query or communication, they will be charged for the same response. However, the non-promotional content messages sent to customers will also be charged at a fixed rate.

According to Facebook’s spokesperson, there is a fixed rate charge to avail of this service per country and for messages delivered via WhatsApp (the prices vary significantly per country).

Also, the users will be able to block any business and have full control over the messages they receive.

Currently, this new discovery is in the testing phase with a selective number of companies that specialize in managing customer communications to bring the API to more businesses over a period of time.

It has been announced by Facebook that for a month now, more than 90 large businesses would have the access to the WhatsApp Business API, including Uber, Singapore Airlines, and the Indonesian e-commerce company, Sales Stock.



WhatsApp plays a great role in customer interactions. Earlier this year, WhatsApp launched its first business app, a tool designed primarily for SMEs (small and medium-sized businesses) that wanted to take advantage of the messaging app to communicate with customers.

This new interface will have a big impact on the businesses and customers with lots of potential to be explored.


During the test, it has been claimed by one of the 90 companies that WhatsApp has become its largest source of inbound traffic, and the delivery rate, engagement, and ease of integrations can’t be compared to other channels.

It’s proven that 90 percent of the messages delivered via the app are read by customers.

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