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How do you Activate your Followers to Engage

How do you Activate your Followers to Engage


With all businesses (big & small) moving to social media to promote themselves, it becomes imperative for you to grow your presence on these platforms in the best way possible. If you can think you can achieve your desired reach & visibility only with a large number of followers, you are mistaken. It is important to engage with your followers frequently and keep them active. Here is how you can do it.

How can you ensure maximum reach for your posts?

When your audience retweets your posts and comments about your business in their accounts, it helps to improve your visibility. Also, you need to use the right hashtags on your tweets if you want Twitter to index your tweets and make them visible even for your non-followers.  So, when you think of using the “buying active Twitter follower” strategy, you should also plan to implement some Twitter engagement tips to make your business popular.

What tips should you follow to increase engagement on Twitter?

Even if you resort to the policy of buying active twitter followers for your account, you should ensure that you engage well with them. Having an active Twitter engagement is a must to t0 determine the success of your business. Here are the top ways you can initiate engagement with your active followers:
  • It is highly recommended that you give a personal touch to your tweets. You can follow some of your regular followers and keep a tab of some important events in their lives. When you post about the same, your followers feel happy that you care for them. This improves the engagement quotient on your account.
  • When you notice that tweets your followers that are in line with the value of your brand and your niche, you should never forget to retweet them. When a company retweets its followers’ posts or tweets, it gets immense respect on social media sites.
  • Use innovative and appropriate hashtags to encourage your followers to discuss the same and spread the word in their communities. Always ensure that your hashtag is chosen after researching the trending topics in your niche.
  • Organize contests and pools to increase your engagement with your followers. These are good tools to understand what they think about your product/service. 
  • Ensure that you frequently post about solutions for some problems that your followers may have. Your content should add value to their lives. So, it is best if you post useful content and not just focus on promotional sales strategies.
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