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How to Get Good Customer Feedback

How to Get Good Customer Feedback

Customer feedback helps to analyse a service provider or a company of its performance, product quality, and credibility.

It gives you insights into what the customer likes or dislikes and helps to improve customer service.

Customer feedback comes under two umbrellas one is “Positive Feedback” the other is “Negative Feedback” both are equally important as the former attracts more potential customers and the latter brings improvement to the company when responded appropriately. Here we present you the 10 ways to get good customer feedback.


Live Chat with the Customer and Ask for Feedback

To begin with, communication can help the company to understand the requirements of the customer, you get closer with them and better understand the issues that the customer has with the product.
It is also a popular marketing strategy to include ‘live chat’ in the Websites because with this feature, company can answer the questions of customers, customer satisfaction is enhanced, and potential feedback can be obtained. Furthermore, it urges your customer to keep coming back to the same company.

Keep Calling your Customer Regularly

Detailed and personalized feedback can be achieved by calling the customer. This method gives you the most valued feedback.
The person calling should reveal his core interest in the customer’s opinion about services the company delivered rather than just carrying out a formality, it will strengthen your company’s relationship with the customer.
The call time must be appropriate, according to studies, people feel comfortable responding between 4 pm – 6 pm and 8 am – 9 am, lunchtime is the worse.

Feedback via Email and Messaging Helpdesk

In addition to communicating via live chats, provide support through emails and messages and try having a customer feedback website. Any information obtained from emails or messages can be considered feedback.
It is quite the same idea as above but here you approach the customer via email and messaging and ask for their feedback. Many users, approximately 29 per cent of them do not like live chat and feel comfortable with the emails as it offers picture attachments and detailed messages.

Feedback when order is placed

Feedback asked when the customer has confirmed his order is the best to know for his shopping experience. Ask them if they found their desired item?
If they had difficulty in website navigation? Are they satisfied with the options related to product purchase? Ask them if the website can be improved further and how was the overall experience they had?

Give Freebies in return for Feedback

Usually, customers are not motivated for giving feedback. So, you need to motivate them. For that, it is good to make the feedback collection a fun activity by offering them small gifts in return for their opinion.

Give them discount coupons for shopping, promo codes of newly launched products, cards, samples. And this practice will fill out your message box to bottleneck.

You can also host a walk-in event at your store all you need is a counter, a marker, a poster to write on, some freebies and you are all good to go.


Post a Survey on social media

Customer feedback can be collected by posting a survey on social media platforms. You create a survey link about your company and post it on Facebook status, Instagram stories, tweets, and blog posts.

Social media is a very strong place for collecting feedbacks as the media visibility is vast, you only need to trigger the targeted audience, timely posts, and short surveys with closed-end questions do the best.

For example: 

Name the best firefighting company in Egypt.
o Abc company
o Xyz company

Frequently monitor your social media using tools or in-house staff and compare the social presence of your company and your competitors.


Use Polls to get Feedback

Furthermore, creating polls on social media and your website is the easiest and very useful way of collecting customer feedback.

You get a massive response as poles are not a hassle and only one click can do more due to the user-friendly nature of polls. Polling helps make business decisions for a company as they allow you to get knowledge of the market trends

Publish Positive Feedback

Most customers are hesitant in posting publicly so you can motivate them by publishing others feedback and make them feel for their effort will never get wasted.

It also makes them feel of their valuable response. Publish genuine responses with the customer’s full name, location, and organization if any because many people can differentiate a false and genuine review.  

Deal with Criticism Professionally

Both positive and negative Feedbacks are equally important to respond and improve the company’s performance. Every company faces criticism even the best hospital, the best shopping mart, and the best firefighting company in town.

What matters the more is your way of handling the critics, so whenever facing this situation utilize your problem-solving abilities, at first apologize and respond humbly then bring them to the private channel of communication and remove the interaction from the public channel as the negative comments are most likely to get viral.

Ask for Ratings

Ask your customer to rate your services on a scale of 1-5 or 1-10 this will reveal their satisfaction with their expectations, in the long term this rating will give you insights about your customer service and valuable business and market trends. When the rating is low prompt a few questions about how to improve the targeted area.



In conclusion, customer feedback is crucial to your business especially to startups according to stats more than 70% of the people visit those brands frequently who aim to collect feedback.

As both positive and negative inputs from the customer are equally important, your primary aim should be to go the extra mile to satisfy your customer and improve your customer service performance. I hope, the above methods will help you achieve this aim.

Let us know in the comments, which method will you choose to collect feedback from your customers?

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