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Marketing Strategies To Be Considered For Multi-Service Business

Marketing Strategies To Be Considered For Multi-Service Business
Marketing Strategies To Be Considered For Multi-Service Business

Today, almost everything is possible using mobile phones. People are now habituated to using various applications to satisfy their purposes instantly sitting at their homes. They are unable to spare minimal time due to the intense existent competition. In recent times, super apps have been in high demand among most smartphone users.

Hence, many entrepreneurs are switching to super apps, but they require marketing strategies to be considered for a multi-service business to achieve a significant rise in the market. However, about 72% of consumers worldwide are interested in using such solutions, and entrepreneurs can get significant conversions in their ventures by launching an online multi-service solution satisfying the current demands of users.

And when it comes to super apps, Gojek might be the first name popping up in your mind, as it has gained intense popularity among users and is a senior player in the market. Although a firm has worked upon many parameters to reach a substantial position.

Many local startup owners are influenced to initiate the multi-service business online. It’s not done just by establishing the venture, but you as an entrepreneur also need to work on marketing strategies helpful for your enterprise growth and in attracting a significant audience from all over. So here in this post, there are some of them and certain issues, and a few steps regarding the development of a Gojek like platform are discussed that you must consider before starting a multi-service venture.

Marketing Strategies To Be Considered For Multi-Service Business

There is no doubt that to run a multi-service business successfully, launching its application is not just essential, but there is also equal importance of marketing strategies that keep users bonded for visiting your venture. It is because your enterprise seems appealing to consumers when it works on such strategies. Here are some of them mentioned below:

Promotion Strategy

Promotion is a part of marketing for which startup owners must be cognizant of their services and the type of targeted audience. If they are clear about it, they will probably be able to attract a large number of users and also entice them to order a particular service.

Also, it would help business owners in generating brand awareness of their ventures among the customers by offering them a personalized experience of services, sharing on social platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc., powerfully lays an impact on the audience and opens a great scope for your enterprise as there are 3.78 billion users being engaged on such platforms.

Product Strategy

Using this strategy, entrepreneurs can scale their profits up by making minor/noticeable changes in the solution offered to consumers. Also, after upgrading their services, this strategy includes the launch timing of any platform.

A particular application is brought to the market after designing the services as per the user’s preferences, implementing unique features, and studying the demands of customers. By following all such techniques, you as a startup owner, can center the attraction of a massive user base as your venture satisfies the requirements according to ongoing trends.

Pricing Strategy

This strategy includes fixing the prices of particular services provided to the consumer. The cost of specific facilities served to users should be decided by you very carefully as it would increase the sales and fetch more audience to your solution, but it would fail to stretch the profit margins of your enterprise.

Hence, there is no way out of earning a considerable profit by taking prices lower or higher for specific services. You, as a business owner, should be ready to lose a significant amount by keeping fewer or no expectations at the initial stage of your multi-service venture. For example, Gojek, a renowned name in the super app market, initiated its service in GoRide at minimal costs without hoping for any returns.

You can apply all the above-stated marketing strategies by starting your multi-service venture. So in that case, development of gojek similar app solution becomes a prime choice, as it comes geared with all the Gojek similar attributes that help users to meet their needs. So consider some steps mentioned in the next section.

How To Develop Gojek Like Platform - Refer Following Steps

For startup owners eager to get Gojek similar solution for their enterprises to transform into an online multi-service venture. Here are some steps listed below: by following, they can get their platform like Gojek ready.

Perform Market Research

To get a solution similar to Gojek, you should research the market thoroughly. It includes recognizing your rivals, features they serve to users, issues faced by customers, and the customer’s perspectives. Gathering such information would likely help you to list out all the features of your platform.

List Required Attributes

On performing the above step, it’s time to list the features of your solution. Only note those necessary and unique attributes, satisfying the consumer’s requirements efficiently without any problems. However, it would help you to decide the suitable platform for building your Gojek like solution.

Select Appropriate Tech-Stuff

Now, the tech stack of your application is determined based on the kind of specifications you want to see on your multi-service platform. Also, the technology is chosen as per your budget, which the below-mentioned next step will help you to get decided. There are numerous technologies utilized today for creating digitized solutions; some of them are:

  • Felgo
  • Ionic
  • Flutter
  • React Native

Finalize the Budget

Ideally, the cost of getting a multi-service solution depends on the number of features and technology using which an application is to be developed. You can get the estimated cost figure by going through the pricing page of various technology partners and their costs of building a solution like Gojek as per the development platforms.

Make a Deal with an Appropriate IT Firm

A company fulfilling almost every requirement of the venture by implementing all attributes properly using a decided tech stack at affordable development costs, is the suitable IT firm you should shake your hands with for getting Gojek similar platform.

Launch and Promote

After getting a platform similar to Gojek ready for your venture, you can now launch it on the application store and promote it through email notifications, social media platforms, and via SMSs. Moreover, it would help in sending information to users regarding your latest product/service launches, attractive deals, discounts, and other such stuff.

Thus, by following the above-mentioned steps, you can get your application like Gojek for your enterprise ready for applying marketing strategies to receive significant conversions in your business. But be careful of the issues mentioned next that might pop up while performing marketing of your venture.

Issues Faced For Marketing

The issues that might probably become obstacles in following the marketing strategies are mentioned below, and you can take care of each of them.

Increased Competition

Today, the multi-service industry is experiencing tremendous friction in terms of competition. If your enterprise is facing an issue of increased competition, then a best way to reduce and stay ahead in the race between you and rivals is by analyzing your variety of marketing campaigns performed till now and concentrating on the ones which are most effective. Practicing these techniques would help your venture to rise quickly in the multi-service market.

Customer Retention

Running a multi-service business and satisfying the users with the current trend is not just enough for you to earn a considerable profit. It is only possible when you retain your existing consumers visiting an enterprise via a digitized solution. If it’s not the case with you and are facing trouble in holding existing customers, then it would probably result in rising advertising costs for your venture rather than profits.

So, to avoid such a situation of lesser retention of consumers for your enterprise, you require to offer your audience with exciting deals and various offers, and regularly stay in touch with them by answering their numerous queries raised through email or SMSs. It would impact customers and compel them to keep using your platform for a longer period.

Insufficient Budget

Nowadays, there are many enterprises concurrently suffering from financial issues, no matter the type of business. Falling short of capital could likely become a hurdle for the progress of your venture. You can avoid such budget problems by focusing on metrics such as CAC, CLV, Rate of Conversion, and ROI.

Thus, for following marketing strategies successfully, you might be aware of all the issues mentioned above and how to get rid of them. Although, there are many other challenges that might occur in businesses by rare proportions which you must take care of.

Final Words

Hence, by referring to this post, you might have learned about the different marketing strategies to be considered for multi-service business. Although there are many ways out of several issues you might need to suffer to market your business well due to the immense competition in a super app market are discussed here. By resolving those problems, you can get your multi-service enterprise rolling and get considerable outcomes in the future.

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