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The Future of Content Marketing Infused with Artificial Intelligence

The Future of Content Marketing Infused with Artificial Intelligence
The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is visible in every nook and corner of the digital universe. AI is slowly replacing the intelligence and understanding we require for content creation and interactions over the web as well as apps and so we need high-end mobile app development services for AI-infused applications. AI is being utilized by digital marketers in innovative ways. Even content writing or content development which was solely dependent upon human skills is now being taken over by AI-powered systems and algorithms. This is why whether you are into eCommerce development services or app marketing or in the service sector, you need to explore the possibilities of AI-powered content marketing.    Can a company really automate the content writing and content marketing processes? How far this automation is possible in the time to come? Are Machine written and machine produced content going to get the future of content marketing? Well, while the human role in content development is never going to lose significance completely, AI will continue to play a bigger role in content creation and content marketing tasks.  To understand how AI can really transform content marketing we will begin with the present state of things, how it is done, and the future possibilities of AI-powered content marketing. 

Artificial Intelligence into Content Marketing: How It Works? 

Content marketing activities consist of an array of repetitive and not so intelligent activities that can be better carried out by machine to help the process become more efficient. Some of the key tasks that content marketers need to focus on include keyword discovery, planning topics, researching on the topics, testing the landing pages, scheduling publication and social sharing of content, analytics review, and analyzing various content strategies and their possible outcomes. Yes, for these tasks the precision-driven computing power of AI algorithms and apps can be highly appropriate.  Apart from these mundane tasks, for creating creative content also AI is increasingly being seen as the most promising technology and already some media organizations are using AI for writing content. From 2014, Associated Press (AP) started using AI for producing information based reports and according to the media giant, in these years they have been highly successful in delivering more news reports and articles. So, those days are not far when even the creation of creative content will be taken care of by AI-based algorithms and systems.  There are many startups and ventures that are now utilizing AI for content marketing and content creation. Mostly, the AI-powered content marketing is now focusing on the audience research and garnering most relevant user insights based upon which appropriate and most engaging content pieces can be created.  In this respect, we must remember that AI is the gross term representing a host of technologies ranging from neural networks, machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing (NLP), and natural language generation (NLG). While most machines function based on a set of logic and rules, AI in a Machine can proactively set new rules and conditions as per the audience interactions.  

Build Better Content Marketing Strategies With An AI Marketing Assistant

Can there be an intelligent marketing assistant that can look after a plethora of content marketing tasks? Yes, IBM Watson Lucy is the latest and most appropriate example of such an AI-powered intelligent content marketing assistant. IBM Watson Lucy has emerged as a really powerful and highly equipped tool to help marketers carrying out content research, content categorization, and creating a content strategy. The tool literally can perform tasks that a whole team of marketers needs a whole month to do.  Are you intrigued about how an intelligent AI marketing assistant like IBM Watson Lucy works? Well, here we are going to explain some of the key ways Lucy helps in content creation and content marketing. 
  • Lucy is capable to analyse every piece of data that any company owns. Based upon such a massive volume of data Lucy is capable to answer any question irrespective of the level of complexity. 
  • Some of the questions in regard to your content marketing strategy and planning that Lucy is capable to answer include, the regions that you should target, the content mix one needs to create for optimum results, the competitive elements you need to address, the key personality traits and preferences of your customers, etc. 
  • Lucy helps you to categorize and segment your audience for addressing them with personalized content. 
  • Perfecting content strategy by evaluating the outcome of a variety of content strategies and their outcomes. 
As intelligent content marketing assistants continue to grow in popularity, in the future they will be more affordable and commonplace across businesses of all sizes and niches. Slowly, the excellence and success of content marketing will shift from the human domain to the machine expertise. 

AI-Based Content Marketing: Most Important Use Cases 

Now that the role of AI in boosting the efficiency and productivity of content marketing has been explained, we need to have a look at the specific areas where AI is most effectively used by content marketers across the niches. Let us explain these use cases of AI in content marketing.    
  • Scalable Content Production 

It is already proven that AI can be great for producing content for quickly addressing the information demands of the customers. Already very well equipped email systems are there that can draft very effective email lines and ad copy. Such systems capable to write text automatically can be used to write a lot of content pieces as the needs scale up. Such tools are increasingly replacing human copywriters resulting in more volume, precision, and accuracy.  To advance such AI-based tools into long term content writing needs, machine-assisted human effort can be embraced by the organizations with more gusto. While the research, information pulling, analytics and next-generation can be handled by machine algorithms, human effort and input will take care of the creative elements. 
  • Content Strategy and Planning

If as a content marketer if you still depend on gut instinct for planning content and making content strategy, you are probably missing a lot of opportunities to engage users and convert business. A data-centric approach is a must for content marketers to detect the right trigger and signal from the surrounding noise. AI-based tools do a great job in driving data-driven insights for more informed content strategy.
  • Content Personalization and Recommendation

Lastly, AI is used most effectively for recommending content as per the audience’s intent and preferences. By using user behavior data the AI tools can know the intent and preferences and accordingly can recommend contents that are more likely to engage users. The AI-based personalized content recommendations are now widely used by all major content platforms including YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, and others.


From the above explanation, the relation between content marketing and artificial intelligence looks promising. The future of content creation and publication will rely more on AI-powered algorithms and marketing tools. 

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