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Web Content Checklist – 10 Golden Rules to write Engaging Content

Web Content Checklist – 10 Golden Rules to write Engaging Content
Through this article, you will come to know what exactly needs to be done to make your content more user-friendly and also how to boost up your web blogs and articles.  You might be wondering what exactly can be done, you might have already tried writing various blogs for your website or putting posts daily, but the question is WHERE are you going wrong?  This article will help you find answers to your questions. Tune in with me!

What is content writing? 

Content writing is a message which the company wants to share with the target audience to achieve its objectives. It is all about writing blogs, case studies, social media posts, pictures, etc.  Websites use this writing to give descriptive information to their target audience about their products and services or promotions etc.  So, first, let me tell you what all good content writers do before writing the content There is a strategy that is followed before writing anything for the website. A lot of things need to be planned before designing the article. 
  • Research

Are you doing lots and lots of research before posting anything on your website? Are you consistent in posting relevant blogs or articles? Are you missing on focusing on engaging posts?  Well, I believe these things do happen.  Many times, while researching if we like the content of one page, we stop there and try to write something similar to it rather than doing more research on it.  Here I am not going to tell you to just search normally and keep researching but will help you in finding the right way of researching on any topic. So, I came across these links which explain tricks on how to do research.  There are other ways too, for the research to continue. I.e. Google Scholar and SSRN, which will give deeper information and hundreds of articles and writings which will give a lot of ideas about the topic. 
  • Know your target audience 

Since you are the one who will be writing content for the audience, so it’s important to understand what exactly they are looking for in a description, what can be best for them to understand the brand identity or product, or whatever the objective is. This is termed as “Buyer Persona”. Content writers set the tone according to the audience. They make sure that whatever the article or post is all about, their writing behavior is according to that.   They don’t focus on what knowledge they have about the topic, but rather try to convert it according to the reader’s choice.
  • Keep updated on competitors. 

It is very important to see how your competitors are aligning their work, what type of content they are writing. How they are choosing topics. What tools they are using. Keeping an eye on competitors will help find the right path. 
  • Seo Experts

They are SEO experts. They know what will exactly drive traffic to the website, as they know what keywords are to use in the article, how to make the headline more catchy. They are aware of various trending tools which help them find a way to make their article more user-friendly and readable. You can also hire a reputed and trusted SEO Company to get your SEO done.
  • Brainstorming ideas

There is always a need to keep on brainstorming for ideas. While researching you might come up with certain topics or a word that can give a new headline maybe. So try writing all these ideas and keep on updating yourself with these ideas and see how you can put them up on your website. 
  • Content can be read at one go 

By this I mean to say, readers skip a lot of points when they see long paragraphs. They try to avoid digging dip into it. So, writers try to write in short paragraphs, adding subheadings and writing mostly in bulleted points and bolded texts. Adding colors if required.  There are a lot of websites with which you have to be updated, which will make your task of finding keywords, or finding top trending contents or help in analyzing what part of the content can be improved and many more such things.  First, let me tell you a secret, there is no such magic wand that will turn your content into super trending and most wanted content. You will have to play around creativity, words, sentences, and Yes! Uniqueness in your article.  Everybody knows that just an article written of 1000 words will not help if the headline is only not catchy or maybe the first introductory part is helping understand what the topic is.  I will talk about various tools and how these tools can save your content life. 
  • Keyword Research 

Since we all know that we first have to do a lot of research on what keywords can be used to make the article rank higher. So SEMrush is one such website that helps in finding the keywords for the suggested article. There are many other free tools available for keyword research but, this tool is the most used one. Other tools are Moz Keyword tool, google keyword planner
  • Content Evaluator

Another interesting tool to talk about is the Hemingway app. This is the most used app for evaluating the content structure. It says it helps in making the post more bold and clear. It is free to test out. It helps in finding common errors and polishing the content. 
  • Headline Analyser tool

There are a plethora of tools used for analyzing what headline is perfect and catchy. It provides a score for readability, sentiment, and SEO. 100 = Perfect Headline. 80-99 = Great Headline. 70-79 = Good Headline. 60-69 = Average Headline.
  • Grammarly:

For sure install this app and take a google chrome extension as it will help in resolving grammatical errors. 

Summary : 

I hope you have got answers to your questions. These tools and ways to create engaging content are important to use as a content writer. There are many other such tools out there but we all can improve it eventually through more practice and a lot of readings and research required to achieve the content objective. 
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