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What Are The Functionalities Rendered By Voice2v That Make It Stand Apart?

What Are The Functionalities Rendered By Voice2v That Make It Stand Apart?
Voice2v lets you convert any voice or audio file to a real video clip by incorporating image background and effects. You can browse and know more about their website as well. All you need to do is upload your audio file and select an image as a background, or upload your picture background, pick an effect to apply and add charms to your content and have the final clip created in mp4 format.  The process is straightforward, swift, reliable, and absolutely free. This service facilitates you to convert online images to a video. With voice2v, you can create a video online using pictures and music.

Features and Functionalities

Voice2v features numerous options for customizations. You can convert an image to video, audio to video, text to video, create slideshows, add effects to your rendered clip, and many other editing options. Here are some features discussed in detail to help you gain an understanding of what the platform has to offer –

Create Videos From Pictures and Music

You can use Voice2v to render videos from photos that you wish to upload to your blogs or social media posts.  Image To video is a phenomenal photo to video maker online as no other platform offers as many customization options as voice2v while not even charging a single penny. The tool is perfect to create videos for your family on special occasions, be it birthdays, anniversaries, or weddings. Thus, use a photo to video maker to add some magic to your content. 

Transform an Image Sequence into a Video

Converting an image sequence into a video is a unique feature that cannot be found conveniently over the internet.  All you need to do is upload images and transform them into a video while adding soundtracks and other transitional effects. If you are finding it difficult to find a point of inception to create your video, Voice2v offers a plethora of templates to help you get started and have a jump start to creating content masterpieces.

Add Music and Text To Video

Voice2v lets you add music or audio to your video clip that you can pick from a wide variety of tracks available on their platform, and edit it just the way you want. If you are creating a video for work-related purposes or a video for your family that plays a slideshow of your recent trip to a dream destination, voice2v has just the soundtrack you need for every occasion. You can also add text to your video clip and choose from various animation effects that can boost the aesthetic appeal of your video.

Video to GIF

This feature is profoundly in vogue these days, especially in a world where people often converse on social media using GIFs.  The scope of using GIFs continues to expand by the day as people use it in conversations, memes, birthday or anniversary wishes, and many more. The video to GIF conversion tool offered by voice2v lets you upload a video to their platform, and then asks you to choose a specific time frame from which you wish to create a GIF. 

Trim Audio and Video

After including all elements that will go into creating your video content, your next step will be to trim the clip as-well-as the background audio and synchronize every constituent to complete the rendition process. Voice2v provides you with copious editing options and customizations, so your creativity never gets limited because of any shortcomings from the video customization platform. Click here to know more.

Voice2v – A Pioneer in Video Customizations

In terms of the availability of editing options and transitional effects that you can implement in your content, Voice2v stands out as a pioneer with a plethora of customizations that include animations, transitions, effects, audio and text inclusion, and many more. While the functionalities mentioned above might not be exclusive, here are some editing choices offered by Voice2v that make it unique and arguably surmount its competition –

Collage Slideshow Video

With Voice2v, creating a slideshow video is a straightforward process with no complications. You can begin by choosing a template from their platform and start adding images from scratch. The platform then asks you to pick a layout to arrange your desired photos. Voice2v provides profuse video styles, and these styles can render your collage a distinct look.

Water Effect to Convert Images to Clips

A distinctive feature offered by Voice2v is the ability to convert an image into a video clip using the Water Animation Effect. This editing feature makes the platform stand apart as it renders motion to your static picture. The tool uses intuitive algorithms to simulate flowing water and makes it look as realistic as possible. This feature lets you convert an image into a mini clip where the stagnant captured water now features ripples flowing through it.

Add Your Logo 

Few platforms offer the expertise to add a logo to your video clip for free. However, Voice2v empowers you to include your logo to the video created through a streamlined process that delivers expeditious results. This customization is splendid for people who are looking to create videos for business purposes or to deliver official presentations. The logo incorporation process is seamless and profoundly editable.

3D Transition Effect

Voice2v enables you to convert your images into a video by implementing marvelous 3D transition effects, a feature that is unrivaled across various other platforms. While transitions are something that adds charms to your video content, 3D transitional effects escalate its appeal.  You can customize your images and include 3D effects such as bouncing cubes, frames, explosions, grids, confetti, and many more.

Comic Strip Maker

Comic Strip Maker is a very distinctive customization feature offered by Voice2v and can be amusing and productive for many people who are into creating and editing comics while on the go. You can add images from your device or start by using pre-designed templates provided by Voice2v. You can include dialogues, people, and other amusing elements to spice up your comic strip rendition.

Final Words

With an abundance of features and customizations available, Voice2v is an excellent platform for creators and content editors who desire no less than the best. You have access to all the features mentioned above free of charge, which makes it one of the very few editing sites that offer such a deal to its users. The overall interface is convenient to navigate through and lets you edit and create your content for various purposes, be it business, family, parties, or occasions, while on the go.
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