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10 Best Off-Page SEO Techniques in 2020

10 Best Off-Page SEO Techniques in 2020
The other name for off-page SEO techniques is off-site SEO techniques. It is one of the common approaches to improve the ranking of your website in the SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages). It is one of the top services that you will get from the best SEO Company in India Off-page SEO does not have anything to do with web design or the technical part of your website. It is a method to promote your website across various internet channels. There are several techniques that you can use to optimize your website for off-site ranking.  It is much harder to get results from off-page SEO than on-page. The reason is that it doesn’t have an instant impact on your website. You will gradually see the results in the long term.  In terms of priority, on-page SEO tends to be more meaningful. However, off-page SEO plays a vital role in relevance, trustworthiness, and authority. It is best to entrust this responsibility to the hands of the best SEO Company in India.  When you talk about the overall SEO ranking factors, on-page is just one of them. Google uses multiple factors to analyze the performance of each page. According to statistics, off-site SEO carries over half of all the ranking factors. In this SEO guide we have shared some of the best off-page SEO techniques for 2020; 

10 Best Off-Page SEO Techniques in 2020

1. Guest Posting 

Guest posting refers to the publishing of content on the websites of other people on a relevant topic. It is an excellent way of attracting a targeted audience to your site. You just need to find a perfect website or blog that will accept your guest posting request.  submit guest post Some of the blogs that offer guest posting have the ‘write for us’ option on their homepage. However, you can regularly make your own business cycle to guest posts. Guest posting will help you to build a community within your niche. It is among the top off-page SEO techniques that you can use. 

2. Social Media Promotion 

With social media sharing, your content will get to reach a broader audience. It is among the best ways of sharing information because we have so many more people who engage in social media than any other platform.  Social media promotion can also help people to find their favorite websites. Therefore, it is among the best ways to drive traffic to your website. 

3. Email Marketing 

Email marketing is a legit way to offers specific products or services to your target customers. The initial step is collecting the email addresses of your target clients. You can use newsletter signups, email campaigns, and contact forms to collect the emails.  You can also offer seasonal offers and deals via email marketing. Emails are among the most effective tools of driving traffic to your website. Email marketing is a cost-effective, flexible, and fast way to market your products or services.  It encourages repeat visits on your website hence reaching out to new customers and retaining the old ones. You can create personalized and targeted messages on email marketing. The best SEO Company in India will not miss email marketing in their strategy. 

4. Q/A Submission 

Answering questions is a great way to drive traffic to your website. Sites like,,, and etc. can be of great help. Find the audience in your niche and become a solution to their problems. Q&A sites have stable and quality traffic and this targeted audience will get to your website. 

5. Influencer Marketing 

This involves reaching out to the influencers in your industry. Look for the industry leaders in your niche and let them know about your products, services, and contests. Encourage these people to share your content pieces with their followers.  Some influencer marketers will charge you depending on the number of followers that they have. These are strategic partnerships that are mutually beneficial. You will get more exposure to the right audience.

6. Link Building or Exchanging 

Link building is a crucial off-page technique in the modern-day off-page SEO practice. It increases trust for your brand in the internet world. Google places a higher priority on the content that has more links.  Link exchanging entails giving links to one another in the appropriate contests. The three main types of links include natural links, manually built links, and self-created links. 

7. Video/Document/Image Submission 

You can share videos, documents, and images among the other relevant infographics in the relevant directories. It is a great way to drive traffic to your website.  Videos and images can go viral easily and hence you should not overlook them. The secret is to choose the right platform for submitting your visual content. 

8. Social Bookmarking 

Social bookmarking is also a great way to promote your website. The process involves submitting your latest pages and blog posts to popular bookmarking sites. Examples include Digg, Reddit, Delicious, and StumbleUpon among others.  These sites update their content regularly and hence find favor with search engines. Be keen as you do this and handle the tags properly as they will help in broadcasting your news to a broad network. 

9. Blog Commenting 

You shouldn’t be hesitant about commenting on authority blogs. You can add a link to your website as you comment on other blogs in your industry. The search engines will crawl these links and point them to your website.  However, don’t just comment everywhere. Like the best SEO Company in India do, you need to choose trustworthy, authentic, and relevant blogs that have a large number of followers. 

10. Get Listed in Local Business 

In today’s online business world, it is essential to be listed in the local business. Listing to local directories can be so helpful depending on your business field and niche. Optimize your links and content to help you increase your brand awareness and social traffic.  A local listing will help your brand to grow locally. There is no need to fight with global competitors yet you are doing your business locally. Why go global and face a lot of competition when you can list your website locally.


These are the best off-page SEO techniques that you need to use in 2020. You will not fail to increase your visibility in the search engine as long as you implement the strategies in the right way.  It is what the best SEO Company in India use to serve customers.
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