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8 Digital Marketing Goals You Need To Pursue As A Brand

8 Digital Marketing Goals You Need To Pursue As A Brand
The digital marketing world is becoming more complex with an increase in the number of channels that marketers are using. Some of them include mobile, social, email and web just to name a few. Therefore, you need a clear understanding of your digital marketing goals if you want to succeed.  It breaks down both prospects and customers into smaller communities in various channels. Some good examples include communities like Snapchat, WeChat, Vine, and Whatsapp. What we are saying is that your job as a digital marketer can be quite challenging.  There is so much focus that is directed towards the channels. You will want to know what is new in the market to help you reach your prospects and customers using all the possible channels. However, you need real objectives for your efforts to translate into success. Here are some of the most important digital marketing goals that you need to pursue as a brand. 

1. Increasing Solution and Problem Awareness 

With digital marketing, you can assist your prospective clients to be aware of something that they need. We refer to this effect as problem awareness. Marketing will inform your prospective clients that your brand provides a solution to all their problems. It is among the top digital marketing goals that you need to pursue. Show people that you can take care of their ‘before’ state in which they were in a problem to the desired ‘after’ state where they get a positive solution to the problem. 

2. Onboarding New Customer and Leads Acquisition 

Gaining more customers and leads is one of the key objectives of most enterprises. Your business will never grow if it does not generate any new customers or leads. You will discover that your business will not grow beyond where you are currently. You should introduce new blood for you to scale up your business.  One of the digital marketing goals is to translate the leads into customers. Most people invest in digital marketing for the acquisition of new strategies. Some of them include affiliation, banners, Facebook ads, PPC, and SEO among others. The actual objective is to take the leads in which we invest so much money in and convert them into purchasing customers.  New customers and leads require special treatment by the virtue that they are new. You need to introduce them to your needs and how they can succeed from their purchases. To achieve this goal, create web content like welcome packets and welcome emails that inform people how they can use your products or services. Tell them what to expect and where they can check if they require assistance with the products that they buy. 

3. Activating Leads and Customers 

If you have been in business for some months, you may be having several customers and leads who have not yet bought anything from your brand. Some could have bought but are taking very long to re-purchase.  One of your digital marketing goals should be to encourage individuals to purchase from your site for the first time. You should also remind your previous customers who have not purchased from your brand lately about the value that you offer and why they need to buy again from your company. Digital marketing will help you in activating the dormant leads and clients and also help keep your brand in mind.  

4. Converting Leads to Customers 

Measure the amount of money that you are spending on every channel against the conversion rate that you are getting. If we are not going to do this, then the acquisition strategy will turn out to be a hobby. Assign monetary values on every channel and look at the conversions. This is what is referred to as attribution.  It explains why you need to measure the increase in conversions against the actions that you take in assigning the desired results. You need to know the proportion of your leads that get converted into actual buyers every month. 

5. Monetize the Existing Customers and Leads 

Acquiring new customers and leads is time-consuming and expensive. You need to create digital campaigns whose intention is to increase sales from the new customers and leads. The monetization of your campaigns will make cross-sell, upsell, and other forms of offers to increase sales from your top customers and leads. 

6. Buying Advocacy and Community 

To move your customers, leads, and prospects beyond a shallow and transactional relationship, you should create campaigns that will create a community of brand promoters and advocates. One way to attain this advocacy is via social media channels like Twitter pages or Facebook groups. People can reach out here if they have questions about and praise your products or services. Once you create an outlet, you will cultivate a community sense for the customer base. This will enhance the level of loyalty and satisfaction which is among the top digital marketing goals. 

7. Increase LTV

Given the high investments that you put in the acquisition of customers, each sale that you have going forwards should increase the levels of gross margins. The cost of purchase does not include the costs of acquisition anymore. What you need to do here is looking is the increase in the expenditure on your current customers and be keen to retain them. Evaluate the increase in the average purchases from your customers and then increase their engagement metrics. It includes more reviews of products, more time on site, and an increase in the number of visits. 

8. Win-back 

The last digital marketing goal is pulling back the clients who are inactive or churned from the customer lifecycle. You will be able to pool clients who are willing to churn at a slower pace. You can achieve this by delaying their churn. Measure your win-back ratio to determine if the numbers are improving or not. 


Digital marketers are the sales force that is responsible for revenue generation in your company. Stick to the above digital marketing goals and measure them to gain a competitive advantage in your niche. You can find more tips around this topic on website. 
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