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10 Ways To Get Backlinks For SEO In 2020 For The Business Growth

10 Ways To Get Backlinks For SEO In 2020 For The Business Growth
In order to get higher traffic to your website, you need to increase your search engine rankings. One way to stand well, and to consequently create more organic traffic, is to get backlinks from reliable websites in your industry.  But acquiring backlinks from big-name publications and eCommerce companies can take a lot of time and diligent effort. Success usually means networking, content marketing, and using the right tools. If you are looking to get success in the field by generating workable backlinks then Rheo is here to help you. So, here are some suggestions on how you can get more Backlinks in 2020 leading to your site. 

Ways To Get More Backlinks In 2020 To Grow Your Business

1# Generate visual Contents For Quality Backlinks 

If you have visual content like useful infographics, pictures, videos, etc. then it helps your site to get links. You can build infographics of hot topics and research. It brings people more than some long-drawn and deep content. People like to view and check visual contents as infographics and this will help you receive some quality backlinks for your site.

2# Blog Commenting 

It is a good method for creating backlinks. All you have to do is discover all the blogs related to your issue you are writing or that are in your niche. Then you read that blog and leave a remark about it and how it benefited you or not. And lastly, leave a link.  You cannot just give a link. Your response should be relevant to that blog or report because it grabs attention. By blog commenting, you can receive many do-follow links. This is how you can generate backlinks to a website.

3# Quality Over Quantity

Google worries about showing the best quality that breathes on the internet for a given search word. So, backlinks from link fields and sites, without much credibility, don’t help marketers because those backlinks originate from sites without much reliability. What benefits is, backlinks that are legit and from sites with authority.

4# Try Backlinks from different Sites

The purpose of backlinks is to prove that your site is broadly respected by other sites that matter. So, while it doesn’t bother if a single, official site keeps linking to your brand, it also doesn’t support much. That’s because many links from the same site could indicate a relationship between your site and the one presenting the backlink, which reduces the value of the reference. More links also mean little; you already received a link, so the vote has been counted in your favor already.

5# Internal Linking

Internal linking is something most people neglect, but internal linking is important. First internal links are something you have full control of and not only internal links help you transfer link spirit in your pages, they also support Google drag your site faster.

6# The Rebranding link

Most brands usually change their names. Brian Dean has a fabulous technique which he describes as the Moving Man approach to find link opportunities through this. It’s different from the broken link building process in that the links really exist. They just re-direct to the fresh URL. However, since the anchor passage and the site link lead to the old domain, there’s a chance.

7# Add directory

Add your company website on the local citations and local records websites. It is a necessary step for increasing your authority and local ranking.  By entering your business website on Google My Business, Yelp, and other familiar local sites, you will get a great quality of backlink to your website. While listing local citations and lists, make sure that your name, location, and phone number is accurate. 

8# Networking

Nowadays, networking impersonates an important role in creating a business brand. There are many people who are only centered on creating backlinks without thinking about anything else.

Networking of rheo

Rheo suggests that producing backlinks is by connecting genuine people and improving their content. By using powerful networking systems, both online and offline, you will begin to see the actual effect of link building.

9# Keep An Eye On Competitor

One of the most reliable SEO practices for Rheo is to have an eye on the competitor’s backlinks and build links on those websites in connection to your business. This plan will 100% work for your website. It is very easy to find out the main contenders list by carrying a few searches on the basic keyword terms. Once you get the list, use or to get the listing of “Do Follow” backlinks of your opponents. Export and maintain the data on a spreadsheet and begin working on it!

10# Rebuild Broken Links

Just as some website publishers don’t always link when they should, they might also incorporate links that are damaged or incorrect. Keep an eye out and seek these types of broken links, as they give an opportunity for you to get high-quality backlinks. When you notice a broken link on a website, reach the publisher, notify them of the mistake, and give a link back to your site that would be a great replacement.


So, these are some of the most helpful and valuable techniques to generate backlinks to a website. If you follow this guide correctly and implement these techniques in a proper way then you can see some quality links to your site for sure and if you looking for a quality guest post site then is one of them which accepts multiple niche quality guest post.
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