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11 Top Latest SEO Updates You Should Know

11 Top Latest SEO Updates You Should Know
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process which ranks websites from top to bottom based on keywords, regular updates, phrases, network traffic, etc. If you want to do SEO for your website, you need to create the keyword strategy for SEO, analyze the competition, keep your website updated regularly, and optimize your site pages. If the user wants information about the content which is like your site, your site has chances to rank in the top of search engines. Many companies offer services for optimizing your website and thereby increasing your rankings. So, it will be noticed by maximum users, thus bringing consistent traffic to your site. Even freelance SEO experts are available who help you to raise your site ranking, thus making it noticeable. Or, You can learn the basics of SEO marketing by your own by following expert guides like; The Complete Beginners Guide to SEO Marketing.   Google is one of the best search engines in today’s digital world. It keeps on updating and evolving. Almost every year, we hear about Google updates. Google makes many SEO updates (630 updates were rolled in the last year) so that the best of sites always remains on the top. If you really want to business to stand first in the search pages, you need to be aware of these latest SEO updates for your business growth. Let’s have a view at some of the recent and essential Google SEO updates:  

1- Broad Core Algorithm Update: 

The ranking of websites is never constant. They keep on fluctuating because Google rolled out Broad Core Algorithm Update on August 2018.  This update focuses on the quality content of the website, so if your site ranking has dropped after this update, then it means your site pages are of poor-quality content. Since Google focuses on topic-based results rather than keyword-specific results, the only way to recover is to improve the content of your site. Broad research-based topic written will lead to high-quality content, thus making your website more visible to users.  

2- Google Speed Update:

Google Speed Update was released on July 2018 in which the page speed in mobile searches is being ranked.  Till date, the desktop ranking was a priority, but since mobile users are increasing tremendously; Google has rolled out Speed Update for mobile users. It measures the speed of content pages loaded in mobile and ranks the same accordingly. The slowest mobile sites are those where the user must wait for a few seconds for the search results. They will be affected the most by this update.   Google speed tools like Lighthouse or PageSpeed Insights tool help you to improve your page loading speed by analyzing the content of your site pages and giving suggestions for the same.  

3- Search Console Analytics API-16 months:

Google’s launch of new search beta console supports 13 more months than the old one. i.e., the console will now support 16 months of data instead of 3 months. This has created a lot of buzz and enthusiasm in the digital business.  Previously users were only able to get data of the last three months on their search, which was enough to know the latest trend. But now they can focus more on user behavior and buying the pattern since the search console has been extended to 16 months.  

4- Dataset Search – Search Engine for Finding Datasets:

“Dataset Search” is a new search engine, launched by this giant which helps users find the datasets they need from thousands of data storages on the web. These datasets are accessible all over the world. Dataset Search comes in multiple languages which makes it more useful.  

5- Initiative on Mobile-First Indexing:

Since mobile usage is gaining popularity, it becomes essential to make your website mobile-friendly. Mobile-First Indexing in simple terms means Google will index and rank the mobile version of the page. Google crawls and indexes the web content making it mobile-friendly. If the content of your page is different in desktop version and mobile version, your rankings may be affected.  You will receive notifications from Google Search Console regarding your site being moved to Mobile-First Indexing. On July 1, 2019, Google indexed all websites with Mobile-First Indexing which now powers half of Google’s search results.  

6- Famous Dishes of Restaurants highlighted in Maps:

 As per the latest update, Google Maps now show the most popular dishes of your favorite restaurants, thus making it easier to select and order from the best options. It will also display the images of the dishes alongside the store hours and timings.  This feature works only on Android devices and is yet to be integrated for IOS users.  

7-  HTTP pages are quoted as “Not Secure”:

As you must be aware that HTTPS is a secure connection and sites are starting with HTTP in URL are unsecured sites.  Google announced in July 2018 that Chrome 68 would mark all sites “Not-secure” who are starting with HTTP.  Since then, website holders are in search of the required SSL certificate. In that case, single domain, multi-domain, and other categories are there in the SSL industry. If you have multiple domains, then you should buy a UCC SSL certificate, i.e., Multi-domain certificate which secures all domains/sub-domains for your site, making it secure. “Not secure” label will change text color from black to red when a user enters data on an HTTP site in Chrome 70 which released on October 2018.   

8- New Paraphrasing Algorithm:

Google introduced New Paraphrasing Algorithm in May 2018. This Algorithm will abstract the most critical and relevant content summary of the site and create its summary (paraphrases content), which is easy for the users to understand and saves them from surfing different pages.  

9- Google Bracket Update:

The “Bracket Update” launched in March 2018, focuses strongly on the relevance of the content apart from the quality of a site.  To give relevant content to its users, Google has launched this update. E.g., the content page may deliver the best quality, but it may not be related to the search criteria and hence becomes useless.  Just focus on keeping your website updated with the best quality content to be in business and high in the ranking.  

10Google Zero Result SERP:

This algorithm update by Google will change the display of specific search results of queries like time, measurements, and calculators.  SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) which show one or more pages in the search criteria will give a specific answer. This quick and prompt reply is welcomed by users worldwide.   

11- Voice and Image Search:

As per research, almost 74% of the users find text-only search insufficient for product finding.  Voice search in on the rise and a forecast by Comscore says that more than 50% of the online searches will be performed by voice in 2020. Google changed the voice search icon with Google Assistant on Google phone. With Google Assistant, more tasks can be accomplished after you have said “Ok Google.”  

Summing Up:

Google has always given priority to quality content, and hence, it keeps on making updates for the same. Every year there are lots of changes made by Google, which continually helps improve search results and affect ratings.  These ratings enable website owners, SEOs, and developers to continually keep their site updated with qualitative and relevant content to be in the race. Google’s approach to providing the best content to users by making these updates always makes it one of the best search engine giants of the internet.

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