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12 Ways To Improve Your Brand Awareness

12 Ways To Improve Your Brand Awareness

What is brand awareness?

Brand awareness refers to the way that consumers remember and recognize your company. Increasing your brand awareness means ensuring that your audiences are more familiar with your products, content, logo and so on. Essentially it’s a term that outlines how informed people are about what your company has to offer. It’s not just about your product and services, it’s about educating your audiences about your brand story and persona. Brand awareness is crucial as it helps people to recall, interpret, and feel comfortable with your products and branding. Your aim should be that your brand is the first one that comes to mind when an audience member is deciding to buy a product. Consumers are more likely to buy a brand they recognize, over a competitor who they do not. There are many ways that you can seek to improve your brand awareness.

12 Ways To Improve Your Brand Awareness

1 . Regularly update your content 

To up your exposure online, you’ve got to be updating your content as regularly as possible, whether it’s blogs, social posts, or videos. Regularly and widely distributed content will increase your chances of extending your reach. It’s also important that the content is of high quality. To improve your content creation, there are a few tools that you can use:
  • Contently: This software helps brands to create high-quality content that boosts brand awareness and drives leads. Contently allows you to access a suite of creative and editorial features that will help you to deliver an engaging experience.
  • Foleon: With this content experience platform, you can design intelligent and engaging content for your company. Foleon allows you to produce personalized content for all stages of the consumer journey.
Remember, you are competing against plenty of similar online content. It’s well worth considering how you can be unique and innovative.

2. More Video Content 

According to Small Biz Genius, ‘ using video on landing pages can increase conversion by 86%.’ In addition to this, ‘72% of people prefer video over text when learning about a product or service.’ Distributing plenty of video content is an excellent way to boost your brand awareness, and there are many other advantages of using video content:
  • Improve credibility and trust: Videos can help you to improve your credibility and generate trust. They are more engaging than text copy and can help your audience to get a sense of your brand story and persona.
  • Improve your SEO: Video content allows you to improve click-through rates and boost organic traffic. Video can also help you to lower bounce rates and keep site visitors on your page for longer.
Video content can arrive in many forms whether it’s traditional ads, webinars, live streaming, 1:1 marketing videos, tutorials or explainers.

3. Focus on your brand story

Want to be as memorable as possible? To achieve this, you need a compelling brand story. Your brand story should retell the different events surrounding the creation of your business. A brand story should include your mission and why you exist; it could aim to be an engaging narrative that outlines your company’s facts and emotions. A powerful brand story that appeals to your target audience’s emotions is the best way to help you be remembered. You’ll need to communicate your vision to your audience and help them to understand why your company is special.

4. Social Media Presence 

To improve your brand awareness, you’ll need to focus on your social media presence. There are many ways that you can improve your social media presence:
  • Daily updates: To boost your social media presence, you’ve got to be as active as possible, and that should be at least one post a day.
  • Customer-generated content: CGC content is perceived as authentic and can help you to gain credibility and more followers.
  • Humanize your brand: To improve your online presence, it can be helpful to humanize your brand. You might do this by sharing funny memes or behind the scenes videos of your team.

5. Remarketing

Remarketing means showing ads to people online who’ve previously visited your website. Remarketing allows you to essentially ‘follow’ potential leads, presenting them with your ads on social media or other websites. When a person visits your site, your remarketing partner places a cookie in their browser, which then tells your ad system when the person goes to another website. It only works if the user accepts cookies ‘to improve their experience.’ Once users have already shown in interest in your website, sometimes a little reminder is all it takes to gain that sale.

6. Social Tools

Following on from the above point, there are plenty of social tools that you can use to improve your social presence and elevate your brand awareness:
  • BuzzSumo: The BuzzSumo tool helps you to analyze which content performs best for a given topic and find influencers to work with. Using BuzzSumo, you can gain insights about your impact on social media and use these insights to improve your strategies.
  • AgoraPulse: Using this social community tool, you can manage all of your social media profiles in one place. You can consolidate your messages, publish content, and track your performance. With so many social accounts to keep track of, AgoraPulse makes it far easier to ensure social media success. With AgoraPulse analytics, you can access data to improve your brand strategy.

7. Improve your SEO

SEO is a vital step in improving brand awareness. Focusing on SEO tactics can help you to drive more traffic and gain exposure. SEO strategies are always evolving, which is why it’s important to keep up with the latest. Here are several ideas to improve your SEO in 2020:
  • Focus on search intent: You should ensure that your content is fully aligned with search intent. You’ll need content that responds to each different type of search intent, whether transactional, navigational, informational, or commercial investigation.
  • Optimize for voice search: Voice searches are growing in popularity, which is why it’s essential to optimize your content to respond. You can do this with a focus on long-tail keywords and conversational language.
  • Optimize your page speed: Simple actions like optimizing your page speed can make a world of difference to your SEO.

8. Create a podcast

According to Fox Agency, ‘80% of listeners can recall a brand advertised in a podcast.’  It’s more likely that a consumer will remember you if you can offer them extra value and entertainment. Podcasts are an excellent way to do both! Podcasts allow you to explore interesting topics related to your industry in a fun and engaging way. A podcast can also give your audience a chance to get to know your personality and feel more connected to the humans behind your branding! You might want your podcasts to take an interview format, a call-in format, or a casual discussion. 

9. Use contests

One fun and simple way to boost your brand awareness are to use contests. Most people love the idea of getting something for free, and you can spread the word easily on social media. Running contests can be helpful in many ways, including:
  • CGC Content: Offer your customers a chance to win a product in exchange for some authentic customer-generated content.
  • Increase Engagement: Contests can allow you to increase engagement, giving your customers the chance to interact with you beyond your products alone.
  • Expand Your Following: People who were not previously following your brand will do so for the chance to win a prize.

10. Custom Hashtags

Creating a custom hashtag for your company can help you to optimize your business to be discovered online. A custom hashtag can also help you to increase traffic and spread the word about your services. Hashtags are also a helpful way to measure your performance. You can track these analytics to discover your most popular content.

11. Infographics 

Visme recently reported that ‘visuals like charts, graphics, colour design, and images increase readership by 80%.’ Infographics are widely shared, so creating them can help get the word out about your brand. Software that you can use to create your own Infographics include:
  • Infogram: With this tool, you can create beautiful visuals that improve the quality of your content. Infogram provides you with access to hundreds of images, icons, design templates, and interactive charts to create engaging infographics.
  • Venngage: Using Venngage, you can create the perfect infographics, with plenty of customizable templates and themes to choose from. The UI allows you to edit every aspect of the template, from text and opacity to size and colour.

12. Guest Bloggers

Inviting guest bloggers to write for your site is an excellent way to improve your brand awareness. It’s important to choose the right guest bloggers. Ideally, they should work within your industry and have a large and active audience. People who follow the guest blogger will get to learn about your company, and so you’ll have the opportunity to extend your reach. It’s also helpful to write guest blogs for other sites; doing so can help you build backlinks, gain authority and exposure. Read Also: Three Tools You Can Use To Make Your Business More Eco Friendly 6 New-Age Marketing Ideas To Grow Audience To Your Startups
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