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4 Easy Steps to Make Video Collage in Minutes

4 Easy Steps to Make Video Collage in Minutes
Pictures can paint a thousand words, an adage that holds so true today. They can bring out a rainbow of emotions that words can never describe. It freezes time and captures moments that you can never relive. Pictures can tell a million stories but imagine the power of combining them in a video!   With a phone in one hand and a picturesque landscape in the backdrop, shutterbugs are leaving no stone unturned to capture memories. Many are turning towards image collages while others are looking for options to convert the image to video to create a greater visual impact. Picture videos are gaining popularity as it has everything needed to strike the right chord in the hearts of people. Video of image collage allows you to show off all your memories without making the other person fall asleep. Also, it is a lot easier to play images in a video format than clicking/swiping them one by one on your PC or phone. The best part of it all: you can add music and other effects to your videos to make it more entertaining than ever before. However, creating a video from images has been a taxing task, which either requires investing time or a lot of money. So how do you make a video collage using a phone or a computer? Is there any image to video maker online that can assist you with it? How do you choose the right solution? If these are some of your questions, then read this article to know about some easy tips that will help you create a video collage in minutes! These tips are easy to follow and will create stunning movie collages in just a matter of a few clicks. Of course, you’ll need to patiently shortlist, edit, and merge your images according to the theme of your video. Image collages are the best way to show several perspectives and images in the same frame. But most online tools don’t support downloading image collages in video format. That is why look for an online tool that allows you to not only create collages but also download them in the video format. Remember to have the best picture positions, including side by side, around each other, and overlap layers. Also, don’t forget to add captions and music to create a gripping video.  Here are four easy steps to create a video collage that everyone would want to see. Before you start, do some homework, which includes shortlisting the pictures and the software that you’ll use.

 Prep Work #1. Shortlist Images and Music

This goes without saying, but you need to select the pictures that will be part of the video collage. If you are creating the montage for a special occasion, then crowdsource images from people. It is good to edit the pictures for its brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. During the prep work, also finalize the theme and the background score of the video.

 Prep Work #2. Choose Software

You can choose the right software solution in the following way: visit an online website that allows you to create a video montage or download tools like Picasa. You can also create an image collage using your mobile phone. While choosing the software, keep the following points in mind:
  • The cost: is the software free or paid?
  • Video length: the length of the video since many online software solutions have a time limit. It is advisable to keep your video short and not exceed 2 minutes no matter what the occasion is.
  • Extra features: several online video makers provide extra features such as maps, voice synthesis, and even special effects.
  • Video quality: Will the video be created in High-Quality (HQ) or High-Definition (HD)? Will there be a watermark once you download the video?
  • Video format: Does the software allow you to save the video and come back to it later? In what formats are you allowed to download the video?
After you’ve finalized the above-mentioned steps, it is now time to create your video collage. 

Step 1 – Add Images

Select the similar-themed images you would like to add on each slide, but do not overcrowd the slide. Use up to 6 photos in a frame and creatively arrange them. While choosing the photos, make sure they have a consistent color scheme and tone. The best way to shortlist pictures for a frame is by clubbing them together based on their color. You can either match the same color tones or create a contrast to make a higher impact.

Step 2 – Pick Your Style

Several online video making tools have pre-built templates that allow you to speed up the entire montage creating process. Select the style you like, and if you have the option, tweak the template as per your liking. Make it more personal by changing the background, adding texture to the colors, or even upload your background image if the tool allows. 

Step 3 – Add Music 

Pep up your video by adding some catchy soundtrack that complements the overall theme of your video. Keep in mind the style, topic, and duration of the video while adding the background score. For instance, if the video is a romantic, the opt for a slow- or medium-paced. If you have a dynamic video, then adding a rhythmic song can make it more entertaining. 

Step 4 – Create Your Collage

It’s time to create your collage. After you’ve followed the first three steps, pick a suitable output format for the video, and start processing the images. Download the video and share it with friends and family. If you’d like to share it with the netizens, then promote it on social media and other marketing channels. If you make the video public, ensure you use license-free music to avoid any legal infringement issues.

Ready, Steady, Play!

There you have it, an easy way to create a video from multiple images. These steps will save a ton of your time and entertain everyone who watches it. Give wings to your imagination and create something exceptional. Good luck!  Read Also: 

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