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5 Effective Tips To Help You Sell Products On Amazon

5 Effective Tips To Help You Sell Products On Amazon
Amazon is a huge market place that sells over 12 million items without even counting things like their original category of books. Once you include Amazon Marketplace sellers (like yourself) the products offered to jump up to a whopping 353 million. It’s no easy feat to get your product noticed and rake in the big bucks, but it’s entirely possible when you use the right digital marketing strategies. Amazon Seller Dashboard (1) If you are new to selling, and not sure how to sell products on Amazon or you’re looking for ways to up your game (and your profits). Not to worry, there are tips and tricks to keep in mind. Things like FBA calculators can be vital to the success of your Amazon selling career.

What are FBA Calculators?

The Amazon FBA Calculator is a useful tool for any registered seller who is deciding whether to use Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) or pursue an alternate fulfillment method. With the calculator, a seller has the ability to either compare FBA to FBM(Fulfillment By Merchant) or to simply calculate the fees involved with FBA. FBA Calculator However, FBA calculators do so much more than just calculate the fees associated with Fulfillment By Amazon programs. They can help you analyze the market in entirely new ways. If you’re are looking for various ways to try to increase your profits, then you’ve found a good place to start. Here you’ll be able to read tips and tricks to selling your products on Amazon in the most effective ways possible. Whether you’re new or just need to refresh your listings and approach, this is where you need to start.

1. Use FBA Calculators

This might be something you’re already doing or something you have written off as not helpful enough. In either case, it’s good to know exactly what an FBA calculator can really do for you. Their function goes beyond just telling you what the fee for a listing with the FBA program will be. There’s so much more there.
  • Some FBA calculators can help you pick new products to add to your line up by looking at what it’s going to cost to use the FBA program and comparing that to the best possible price you can charge.
  • The price will take into account how competitive you can be while still making a profit. This will prevent you from over or under pricing yourself which could both result in losses.
There are many FBA calculators out there to test a few out and see which one works best for you. Some are more technical than others, so if you need something user-friendly there are models made for that. If you’re a statistics fan and love numbers there are also FBA calculators out there just for you. Either way, it’s a tool you need to use, so don’t skip this tip.

2. Make Your Product Details Search Friendly

Your product details and even your listing’s title should be clear and enticing to customers. You should be focusing on what to say to optimize your listing for people searching Amazon for products like yours. Remember that Amazon uses this information to match customers to the right search results. Make sure any information you include is 100% accurate. There are a lot of options Amazon gives you as a seller to drill down what your product is and where it should be listed. If there’s a field you can reasonably fill in with accurate information, don’t skip it just to get your item posted faster. Details help you get the right kind of traffic and a better chance of converting that traffic into purchases. amazon product listing (1) You can use tools like Product Information Management to help you make sure what you’re putting into every open field on your listing is optimized to the best possible degree. If you’re new, or you have been selling for a while with mediocre results the PIM tool is a great place to start. Make sure those listings are set up to give you the best success possible.

3. Competitive Price Really Matters

Amazon is appealing to people because it’s where they know they can go to find some good deals on the same items that they’d have to pay more for in a store. This is even more true for the 63% of Amazon customers who enroll in Amazon Prime to get benefits like free two-day shipping. These customers, in particular, are going to be on the hunt for the best deal possible. To keep bargain hunting customers appeased you need to really focus on competitive pricing. This is another area where FBA calculators can help you figure out an effective pricing strategy. This is especially important when you’re in a category that is saturated with sellers. Don’t price yourself out of the market by making the mistake of not researching the best pricing that mixes value to the customer with a decent profit margin for you also. The key is to find that right balance and stick with it. Once you find what works don’t tinker around with things too much after that. Remember, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Amazon price comparison

4. Don’t Forget To Use Product Reviews To Your Advantage

Amazon reviews are a huge part of your success as an Amazon seller. If your product is selling quickly and in high volumes the more reviews you need to follow up on. Following up usually means sending some emails to customers (through email marketing) and asking them how they like their product. In the email, you can also ask them to leave a review about their experience with you and your items. amazon emailers (1) It’s important that you be proactive about getting reviews. While you can’t solicit reviews, it’s okay to ask for customers to leave a review about their buying experience and your product in general. Potential customers are more likely to buy products with high review ratings if they’re narrowing down their decisions and getting ready to make a purchase. You can also look at your competitor’s reviews and see if there are consistent things customers have complained about. Use that to your advantage and see if there’s a way your product or a product you can add into your line up, will fix the problem the customers are having with the item your competitor is offering. amazon product-reviews

5. Focus On Quality Customer Service

Bad customer service is a deal breaker almost every time. Customers want to feel valued because they’re spending money they’ve earned on a product you’re offering. This means focusing on replying to questions quickly and professionally and make sure you show in every possible way that you appreciate your customer’s business. Customer service also includes things like focusing on having high-quality pictures on your listing, and descriptions that are clear and error free. All of these things might seem minor, but to a customer, it’s the difference between feeling a seller doesn’t care and seeing a seller who is really putting in the work. You want to be the latter, right? You should believe in to gain customer loyalty. If your customer leaves a negative review or complains to you do not react from a place of anger or frustration. Instead, focus on what you can do to fix the things the customer is having an issue with. Offer product replacements and refunds. Don’t underestimate the value of apologizing for a poor experience. A complaint doesn’t have to be a customer lost. You just have to handle things professionally and make sure you follow up on any promised solutions.

The conclusion:

There are so many things you can do to help you sell your products on Amazon. This list isn’t an exhaustive list of every tactic out there, but it gives you a good place to start. Your Amazon seller’s journey should be constantly evolving. The more effort you put in, the more you’ll see results in the end. Keep in mind the tips you’ve read, and put them into action. A little time spent researching and changing a few things up is never going to be time wasted. Your customers and your wallet will both thank you for stepping up your game.  
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