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5 Instagram Marketing Mistakes that Marketers should Avoid

5 Instagram Marketing Mistakes that Marketers should Avoid

When you’ve spent hours making the perfect Instagram post with a well-written caption and then see your competitors’ pictures get more likes, it’s easy to get frustrated. The issue is, that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to understanding the Instagram algorithm and growing your following.

There are a few frequent Instagram marketing blunders you might be committing that are hurting your chances.

Remember that you never know what your competitors are up to behind the scenes, and the amount of time and resources they devote to their Instagram accounts may be unsustainable.

Let’s take a look at five Instagram marketing blunders to avoid:

1. Duration of the video

When it comes to the optimal Instagram video length, there is a lot of diversity. You must keep inside the 60-second restriction if you wish to share a video on your Instagram feed or profile. If you have a video that is longer than a minute, you must use the app to select a 60-second frame and post it to your feed.

You can trim the video and select your favorite parts using the app’s built-in editor. You can then post it immediately to your profile. You can’t always have a 60-second video; sometimes, you’ll have something longer. However, you are limited in how long you may publish the video on Instagram.

To make a carousel post, cut your large video into smaller segments. Carousels allow you to include up to ten photographs or videos in a single post for your audience to swipe through and see all of them. Instagram stories allow you to post a 15-second video.

If you upload a lengthier video, it will be automatically cut into 15-second halves. It simply divides the video into four pieces, limiting you to 60 seconds of full-length footage.

2. Using a Bio that is incomplete

Creating an ideal bio for your company or brand is only half the battle. When I create a new Instagram account, I usually come across a lot of accounts that don’t have a suitable and relevant bio for their company or business.

To begin, avoid making your bio content excessively boring or lengthy. It is not a good idea to promote your product or business too much on social media, to be honest. Keep things as simple as possible. People are not interested in reading a full-page biography about your business.

Keep your information short, simple, and relevant if you want a bigger number of individuals to engage with you. Instead of explaining your product, use the area provided to add Hyperlinks to it. If they’re interested, the links will direct them to your product page, where they may learn more about it.

3. Buying likes and followers on social media

Going on a buying spree is a quick way to earn more likes and followers. That’s correct. For your Instagram account, you can literally buy pals. The issue is that when you buy likes and followers, you get quantity rather than quality.

Surely, your numbers may look fantastic, but what good are they if your audience is made up entirely of robots who say nothing useful? Paying for automatic outgoing remarks is the same thing. What good is it if you don’t have a genuine connection with your fans?

Brands that engage with real people on social media are successful. Your money would be better spent on retargeting advertisements to similar demographics or holding a contest to increase the number of people who are interested in what you do.

4. Not Posting During the Most Beneficial Posting Hours

Whether you believe it or not, the time you hit “Post” affects how many likes you get. It’s difficult because your brand’s optimal time to post could be different from someone else’s.

You could be missing out on high engagement if you haven’t determined the optimal time for your business or aren’t posting during those hours. Depending on your followers’ demographics, there may likely be a few peak hours when they are most active on Instagram.

You’ll want to make sure your post goes live within this period so people can view it when it’s still fresh. The more your initial engagement, the more the algorithm will want to show it to people later. The purpose of posting at your followers’ most popular hours is to get a burst of engagement when your post goes live.

This communicates to your other followers, as well as Instagram that your post is worthwhile. The optimal time to do so is when many of your followers are scrolling through the app. This will assist you in gaining more Instagram likes.

5. Using images of poor quality

Instagram is primarily a visual platform. So, if you’re going to share something, make it beautiful—or at the very least fascinating!

Shoot using natural light or on neutral backgrounds if you don’t have access to professional photography talents or a high-end camera. You’re better off not publishing a photo than posting a lousy one.

But, with so many fantastic photo editing and graphic design tools available, there’s no excuse to submit something shoddy.


These are a handful of the most significant and common blunders made when marketing a product or brand on Instagram. If you only remember one thing from this content, it’s to know your brand inside and out. You can easily do the footwork and discover the finest hashtags and keywords to advertise your brand on Instagram from there.

What you have to offer has piqued the interest of your Instagram community. You’re merely limiting your options by making your account private. You’re erecting a barrier between your target market and your brand. This is the most common and easiest way to lose and injure your Instagram followers.

If you’re a savvy Instagram user, you’re probably aware that posting on Instagram too frequently is a big no-no! Your Instagram followers may become irritated if you post frequently.

If you do not publish frequently enough, your followers will believe you are neglecting your account or will forget about you. As a result, before posting on Instagram, one should take the time to prepare a strategy.

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