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6 Ways To Leverage Your SMS Marketing Strategy

6 Ways To Leverage Your SMS Marketing Strategy

One way to enhance your marketing campaigns is to leverage your short message service (SMS) strategy. Text messages allow you to offer personalized offers, customer service, and reengagement with your customers.

Maximizing Your SMS Strategy

With too many SMS software to choose from, you can find the most suitable to help improve your business. It may cost you upfront, but the benefits you gain outweigh the expenses. In this way, you can use such services to level up your marketing strategy as follows:

1. Leverage Incentives

One way to make SMS marketing more effective is to offer incentives. For instance, if your customers subscribed, you can use SMS services to notify them when they successfully filled out a form.

Use such service or software to show your gratitude by texting them a simple thank you plus a reward. You can have more info here if you want to set a notification when an action has been done through an SMS service.

You may offer promos, upsells, free shipping, and discounts to show your appreciation for their subscription and patronization. At times, you may even offer them exclusive rewards when they upgrade their account with your system.

2. Provide Customer Service And Support

It’s also essential to enhance your customer service via text messaging. Since most people read SMS, you may want to send them customer support in case they need assistance. 

For instance, they may send an email showing their intent to purchase more of your products or services. While replying to their email is vital, it’s also best to send them a text message informing them of your reply.

You can directly answer them through SMS and add instructions on what they should do next. The more prompt you reply, the more chances you have to generate a paying customer. 

What makes text messaging better for customer service is its mobile and instant. However, other people also prefer text messages when doing business or asking for support.

Thus, you may want to add text messaging as part of your customer service practices. 
Since they’re more likely to open a text message, you can keep them satisfied. As a result, you can build long-term relationships with your customers.

3. Engage With Customers

Another way to leverage your SMS marketing is to empathize with your customers in these times of pandemics, calamities, and other trends. You may not have to promote in this part as you’ll be offering comforting text messages to your customers. 

For instance, if your target customers are experiencing a calamity, you may send them updates on the status of such a disaster. By doing so, you’re letting them be in the loop, especially when all they can access is their mobile phones without an internet connection. 

You may also promote your local government’s protocols such as what’s happening during the pandemic. Alerting them about what they should do in times of distress will help them stay on their feet. Also, promoting other companies or groups can help. Let them know they can reach out to such when they need assistance.

Another suggestion is to send uplifting words in connection to your business. For instance, you may send people inspirational quotes if you’re in the mental health awareness industry.

In addition, you can add your contact number, social media pages, or websites to browse in case they need mental health support. After all, you never know who’d need them to feel better.

These types of engagement with your customers are more likely to increase your brand awareness because they may view your business in a positive light. In addition, they’ll remember you as you give them an impression you’re empathizing with them.

4. Ask For Surveys and Polls

Another way to utilize SMS marketing is through polls and surveys. You may want to ask your customer base for feedback regarding their experience with your brand. By doing this, you can freely collect data you can use to improve your online services or products.

Since feedback came from your customers, you’re more likely to know what to implement for your following products or services.

Moreover, surveys will also leave an impression of caring about what your customers think regarding your brand, so it’s best to leave them a thank you message. Inform them that their feedback is vital for shaping future services or products.

5. Remind Them Of Appointment Or Bills

Text messaging is also helpful for appointment reminders. This can be done automatically with a WordPress appointment plugin or a service scheduling program. If they booked something with you, they can remember such a time.

This may increase the likelihood of getting more customers as people tend to forget their schedules.

You can also send billing reminders to your clients, so they can pay them on time, resulting in more profits on your part. In addition, you can send them the link to your site where they can pay to make it easier for them.

6. Use Call-to-Action (CTA) Buttons

Most importantly, it’d be better if you add CTAs to your text messages. They may read your messages, but some people may not take action. That’s why it’s vital to include CTA buttons they can easily click to take action

Guide them on what they should do regarding your SMS. In addition, you may use the following winning CTA buttons:

  • Buy Now: While it’s great to offer deals, discounts, and promos, make it actionable by adding a ‘Buy Now’ button. In this way, they can directly go to your checkout page if they find your products or services enticing.
  • Text-to-Vote: To make your surveys or polls actionable, add a Text-to-Vote button, so they can reply to your text messages without the need to move out from their inbox.
  • Click Here: If you’re offering informational products, text messages may limit what you can say. Thus, a ‘Click Here’ button may help them learn more about it. If you’re asking them to subscribe, use such a button to lead them to your page directly. 



With the popularity of text messaging in the marketing industry, it’s best to make the most out of it. Don’t waste your customers’ time and effort by considering the mentioned ways to leverage your SMS marketing strategy. Try them now and see the results for yourself.

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