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5 Things Every Recently Funded Start-up Must Know and Work Upon!

5 Things Every Recently Funded Start-up Must Know and Work Upon!
In our previous article ‘The 5 Basics of Raising Money Every Entrepreneur Must Know’ we talked about some very basic but crucial tips on getting funds for your start-ups. It’s true that not very start-up gets funded and not every entrepreneur is able to raise money for their business so easily. I know your business got funded doesn’t mean it will succeed for sure as end of the day these are your overall endeavors that pay this is why at times some business do better even without getting funded than those that get awesome funding. Of course, idea behind achieving a smooth success with funding is you get to explore a variety of marketing options which you were not able to afford earlier. Still, if you don’t have the right marketing strategy along with the right implementation of those strategies then even a big funding is not going to help. It’s not a bad idea to handle the marketing ventures yourself as long as your concepts are clear for reaching your target audience with maximum effectiveness while burning significantly less amount of money. So, for all those who have recently got their business funded, here are a few things that will help you optimize your marketing approach and help you get better results.

Hire the right resource for digital marketing ventures

First and the foremost thing instead of getting the digital marketing for your company outsourced try to build an efficient in-house team as this will keep you informed as to where your marketing is heading to. However, while hiring a resource for your digital marketing team, try preferring people from your competitors. I mean by those who are from brands/ startups in the same niche as that of yours. What we have observed is professionals who come from the marketing agencies don’t always live up to the expectation. Perhaps because there are different teams in agencies that handle all the above digital channels!

Produce & publish remarkable content

Content is the most powerful weapon for a business in inbound marketing and inbound marketing is itself the most powerful weapon for every marketer. Nothing can work better than a relevant & valuable content in making an impact on your audience and influencing their purchase decision. While we say about content doesn’t mean simply flooding various content marketing platforms with typical academic masterpieces that are full of knowledge though but a bit boring & monotonous. Nor we mean plain stories with all that melodrama and adventures but no education or value. There should be a proper balance between the two in order to hold the interest of the using while building trust with them at the same time so that more & more people like and share them. This is how you not just spreading your words but building better relationship with your audience influencing their buying intention. Content in itself is comprised of a range of options such as blogs, articles, videos, inforgraphics, whitepapers, ebooks and a lot more. So, there isn’t a dearth of content types to create & share on various platforms. Moreover, stick to your industry while deciding about the content matter if you are doing it for lead generation & conversions. Of course sharing something of a different niche such as food or lifestyle is good for a change and to make your blog a little more happening but again stick to your industry matters.  Talking about food won’t bring you leads & conversions if you want to a property! One more thing that must work upon consistently is the evaluation of the content marketing impacts on your KPIs that include brand awareness, leads, sales & so on. Don’t underestimate the power of content in this era of inbound marketing and take them as the way to lift conversions than barely treating them as channel for engaging your audience. I know better engagement leads to more sales but better engagement doesn’t means more sales! So, stay focused!

Pay attention to your landing pages

In our article’ 3 Reasons why Your Landing Page Isn’t Generating Leads You Expected’ we discussed about the significance of landing page as a tool in lead generation and why at times in spite of all your efforts these lead generating machines fail to generate leads. Your landing page like your website is the gateway to your business and is the first point of interaction of the visitor with it. Remember! First impression is the last impression! Doesn’t it happen to you that when you step into the premises of a new company and if you don’t find things at place you get an impression that the company isn’t doing a good business that at lead you to turn towards a different company? Same happens with your web page visitors. Try delivering them with the best possible experience through your landing page. Moreover! Testing is the word! Try running A/B tests for all the factors that are crucial to conversion be it the CTA button, text, headlines, colour scheme or just anything. And obviously you don’t have to stop yourself after running a series of the test for these factors, make it an ongoing process.

Put some money in some great tools

Now when you have sufficient funds investing in some of the premium tools that do a better job than those free tools that you’ve been using all this time isn’t a bad idea. Whether it is lead generation, SEO or web analytics, you have a plethora of tools at disposal that can be leveraged for ultimate returns on investment. Of course, you should start with a free trial and based on what suits your business you can invest in it. Some such tools that can work wonder for your business are Moz Pro, Wishpond, Kissmetrics, Crazy Egg, SumoMe, Mixpanel, Webengage and so on.

Go by the Pareto’s principle

It’s not wrong to invest on different platforms of digital marketing in the beginning before you actually identify and settle on what works best for you. However, once you have started implementing marketing activities, you will start realizing the effectiveness & worth of various channels. Gradually with time when you have identified the right marketing mix that can bring you maximum ROI, you needn’t invest your money in all the channels in your excitement to market yourself aggressively and end up wasting money in place investing. Try focusing on the marketing activities that are yielding good results in place of all.


Hopefully! The discussion we had will help you figure out the right marketing path and make most out of the money that have managed after putting so much intellect, effort & time.
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