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6 Pros Of Instagram Marketing In 2021

6 Pros Of Instagram Marketing In 2021

A survey found that Instagram is ranked as the third most used social media site by the digital audience to spend their time. Since more target audience is turning to Instagram for various purposes, businesses are also devoting more of their time to Instagram marketing and promotion of their products/services.

To simply put, Instagram marketing is another marketing strategy implemented by business houses to spread its marketing resources across the digital platform. The most significant benefit that Instagram offers to its users over other social media sites is that it can carry out influencer marketing techniques, which help the business reach a wider audience.

Instagram has over 1 Billion monthly active users, of which more than 500 Million scrolls through it every day, per a finding by Statista. This social media channel is all about vibrancy, colors, quirky filters, and lots of videos. If you think your business can design a marketing plan that suits the characteristics of Instagram, they will surely reap benefits from the very beginning.

Even if you are not impressed by how big Instagram is as a marketing forum and how much potential it has to rule the marketing world, read the below six pros about Instagram marketing and then decide accordingly.

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6 Pros of Instagram Marketing That Are More Powerful Than You Can Imagine


  • Instagram Stories:

Instagram stories serve as a direct means to connect to your target audience mainly because it shows right at the top of the users’ Instagram account’s homepage. It is also the first thing he is most likely to see when he opens his account.

Also, the latest features available on the Instagram stories viz shoppable tags, mention accounts, and add stickers make them all the more attractive.

Stories make it easier for the companies to communicate and interact with their TG on a one-to-one basis as it has Instagram Direct (Instagram’s Chat option) attached to it. Instagram stories have all the features that can help businesses customize or personalize their marketing content as much as they want.


  • Instagram TV (IGTV):

The IGTV feature of Instagram is an advanced and more extended version of Instagram Stories. The former feature allows businesses to make a longer formatted video with the same or even more highlighted features to share with their target audience.

Instagram has even announced that to make IGTV more attractive for the creators, they will soon be permitting ads on this platform. Through IGTV, businesses have the option to get their hands-on video editing software tools that will make their marketing video content pop up in the crowd.


  • Instagram Hashtags:

Instagram Hashtags are one of the most effective tools to market your campaign on Instagram effectively. Hashtags are “#” symbols that are used in a post so that when someone types the same hashtag, he will be able to see yours as well.

If a user types a hashtag used in your marketing campaign, all those users will see your post, which uses the same hashtags. This provides a massive chance for companies marketing on Instagram to be viewed by their TA and interact with them personally.


  • The Explore Tab:

The Explore Tab feature of Instagram pushes highly interesting but not yet viral content on this tab based on what the user sees and searches on the platform. Daily, over 200 million IG users access the Explore Tab to find entertaining and trending content for themselves.


Instagram is continuously refining this tab to make it more customized and more accessible for the users to navigate and use. The Explore tab is a shortcut for the users to quickly search for content for their choice from travel, interior decor, food, fashion, IGTV, and many more.

Suppose you want your marketing content to find a place on users’ Explore Tab. In that case, make sure that you comply with certain specific points like the use of proper hashtags, the posting of the content is done at the best time, your business location has been added to the content to reach the local followers, you are engaging with your commenters, a call-to-action tab has been inserted to drive, more engagement.


  • In-App Shopping:

Since most people are spending more time surfing on the internet, especially social media sites like Instagram, almost all their needs are fulfilled from the comfort of their home.

From clothing to food, from accessories to medicines, everything is being bought online by avid internet users. For example, Instagram is considered as one the most accessible virtual platforms to shop because users find it easy to navigate their way to an external website without even leaving the platform.

Because of this, 70% of regular e-shoppers are already using Instagram to look for new products. On the Instagram mobile application, the shopping posts seem to be like any other regular post in the user’s feed, but with a bit of difference, a little shopping bag on the lower-left corner of the shopping post. You can tap on the advertised products to see more information about them.


  • Relatable Influencers:

Instagram is the most excellent platform for influencers. The users are keen to follow and connect with real people whose lives look similar to theirs and not celebrated.

Many companies have collaborated with such creative influencers and have a large following of followers, and the gain has been tremendous. When you look for an Instagram influencer, go for all types of influencers to market your business.

Influencers have a natural bond and connection with the people as they regularly interact with them. Through likes and comments on their Instagram posts, IGTV, and reels, they can analyze the preference and tastes of their followers. They can guide the business houses accordingly to collaborate to design a perfect and appealing marketing campaign.


Final Verdict

The pros or benefits of marketing on Instagram are more than this. A business of whatever type can flourish if they can effectively use the platform to their advantage. Instagram offers some exceptional features that are only going to increase in the coming days. So, stick firmly onto the platform and market your business for great success.        


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