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7 Public Relations MYTHS BUSTED!

7 Public Relations MYTHS BUSTED!
Public Relations may have commenced as just “publicity” but with painstaking evolution in the digital world, it has enlarged to a great extent. PR definition has transformed as “helping an organization and its public adapt mutually to each other”  At the very crux, PR is about the tales you tell, the connections you assemble, and the press you acquire to assist individuals to connect with your brand in a positive manner. It’s unique in relation to showcasing, which is explicitly entrusted with producing income, and it’s not the same as publicizing, which depends on paid promotion to share your messages. Public Relations are a wide field. While some are all around familiar with its complexities and turns, others hook futile to comprehend what public relations contain. For the development of organizations and new businesses, PR is a need of time. An effective PR presentation can give your organization a strong lift. Regardless of whether it is media relations, brand awareness, or validity among your friends PR will consistently be your go-to individual. Yet, there are a few myths encompassing PR that suspend organizations from profiting PR administrations.  How about we EXPOSE some notable MYTHS following PR so you can isolate them from the real world and use PR with full certainty.

1: PR is all about propaganda

NO! In all actuality, public relations stay away from all forms of propaganda and rallying cry no matter what. PR pays a special mind to the wellbeing of its customer, yet not at the expense of controlling one’s general intrigue. You can’t trick the public without any problem. Besides, there are numerous alternatives accessible to them to look over. What a PR does is to make correspondence simpler between a brand and media and create thoughts that will profit the brand just as the public.

2: PR is only about promotions

NO! Public relations essentially centers around managing brand image, building brand awareness, and setting up a trust in the public eye. An expansion in deals has been only an additional advantage. It makes a solid bond between a brand and its buyer. The more the client leans towards the brand the more the odds of heightening of deals. In any case, everything relies on the confidence that PR figures out how to make between a brand and the public. One can say that PR can improvise deals.

3: PR is expensive

NO! There are consistently alternatives in the PR field. In the event that you have a limited financial plan, you can go for more affordable PR administrations. Everything relies upon your spending plan and what you need. You will find that PR is far more affordable than advertisements. Prior to reaching any resolutions, you should check the alternatives accessible to you and consider different manners by which PR will make you sparkle.

4: Publicity is for bad products

NO! Regardless of whether your item is acceptable and effective, you will at present require its publicity. Nothing can remain in the media for quite a while with no activities. Consistently there are new item dispatches and declarations. On the off chance that you don’t hold your image in the eye of the media and public, you will in the long run be overlooked. An awful item may require publicity to make up its reputation, however, a decent item expects publicity to keep up its picture in the market.

5: PR is required uniquely during the emergency

NO! Disaster control is one of the significant parts of PR, yet it isn’t all that PR comprises. Crisis management doesn’t work just when negative picture surfaces. It incorporates procrastination with the goal so that speedy and important moves can be made when the need emerges. A PR professional who works consistently for your image will have the option to prevent or deal with emergencies substantially more easily than any other individual. Other than that, it additionally incorporates keeping up the reputation of your image in the open eye by directing chance to time press associations and scattering of press releases.

6: Anyone can do PR

NO! Anyone can avail of PR but not everyone can do it. PR isn’t just about sending press releases or keeping up media relations. It is considerably more than that. Determining the intended interest group and dealing with them precisely to build up a trust is a portion of the key parts PR chips away at. PR is anything but a one-day job. It requires time, control, and insight. As a rule, when an organization attempts to do its PR, it crashes down because of an absence of aptitude and proper methodologies.

7: Without Advertising, PR does not exist

NO! A large portion of the individuals accepts that without advertising, PR doesn’t exist. Be that as it may, in genuine PR and promoting, they have a different presence. Advertising is paid visibility while PR visibility is earned. The editorial office works independently and autonomously from the advertising department In this manner, regardless of whether you place a promotion that doesn’t mean your press discharge will get “space” in the paper.


Public relations is an indispensable piece of your organization’s development. Done right, PR causes you increment, brand awareness, produce important media openings, gain believability, and build trust with the crowds that issue most to you. Seeing precisely what PR is and how it functions with marketing is key to unlocking its full potential.

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