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7 Ways To Upping The Daily Get-up With The New Normal

We only have one chance to make an impacting impression that will last for a long time. Perceptions about a person are first drawn from what they look and wear. In any workplace, appearance plays an important role thus, the saying dress for success. The way a person dress reflects the personality and level of professionalism. Companies require employees to adhere to given dress codes or provide uniform attire. Current circumstances have added to the daily get-up face masks, face shields, and other personal protective equipment. For some, the new normal has allowed for leeway in the dress code, while others find it a thorn to their outfits. However, you do not have to choose between fashion or function. Here are simple ways to stay in style while keeping with the health protocols.

1. Accessorize, Accessorize! 

 A general rule of thumb says, limit jewelry to not more than three pieces. Choose small stud earrings that aren’t too flashy. They are appropriate for both casual and formal meetings and will not tangle with the straps of your face mask. Wear necklaces with small pendants or a delicate chain around your wrist. Match one with your engagement or wedding band. If you are not sure what to use, it is safest and best to strap on a watch. Watches are classics, an excellent example is a Rolex Watch. Wristwatches are elegant and work appropriately. Buy for quality. You will be flicking and waving your wrist a lot might as well get a good-looking sturdy watch.

2. Color coordinate. 

Combining colors can be tricky. The goal is to create a cohesive contrast of colors. If you plan on wearing a bright colored piece, start with that and match the color opposite it on the color wheel. You can choose to start with neutrals (black, white, and grey) and then bring in other colors.   You may also layer a white Oxford shirt with a black suit jacket and pair it with dark grey pants. You can also dress tonal. These are monochromatic colors that have the same hue but different saturation and brightness. Lastly, find colors that compliment your skin tone and suit the occasion.  

3. Haircut and style matters. 

Know your face shape. Tie your hair back, take a selfie and check which shape closely resembles your face. You could also measure your forehead, jawline, cheekbone, and face length. Note which is the largest and compare to the following shapes: oval, rectangle, triangle, round, heart, square, or diamond.   Find the cut that would bring out your best features. Learn hairdos to lessen angles you want to hide or enhance your look curls, waves, or up-dos.  

4. Choose the best pair of shoes. 

Pick a pair that you are comfortable with, especially if you will be on your feet the whole day. Kitten heels look sassy and provide less strain to the body. The most appropriate heel height for work is at, or under 3.5 inches. Anymore higher, you would look like someone out to party. Black heels with red soles will certainly catch people’s attention.    For gentlemen and ladies alike, invest in a pair of high-shine leather. It may be expensive, but these are durable, fashionable, and will give you the support you will need. Do not forget to shine your shoes. Nothing screams attention to detail better than shiny shoes. See that your shoe color matches your outfit. Use a belt in the same color as your shoes. Remember a good pair of shoes will bring you far.  

5. Find the right fit and pattern. 

Your clothes should enhance your assets. Everyone has a different body shape. It would be nice to know yours and have your clothes tailored to fit you. A perfectly fitted wardrobe accentuates your features. If you are vertically challenged, avoid billowy clothes that will drown you. Choose cuts that will elongate your legs and torso. If you are more on the bigger side, wear clothes that rest lightly on your body.   Avoid clothes that cling to you or hang on your frame. Pick trousers with a straight-leg or boot cut. Look for a dress shirt with darting to give shape. Fit and flares, a-line and pencil skirts and dresses are good options too.

6. Iron your clothes. 

Going to work with ironed clothes gives the impression of a smart impeccable worker. It speaks of your professionalism when you enter the office in a crisp and pressed suit. Ironed clothes look fresh and new, and they smell good too. It is best to iron your clothes the night before to avoid burning your outfit or rushing in the morning.

7. Maintain a proper posture. 

Slouching draws away from your outfit. It makes you appear sloppy and unreliable. Poor posture makes you look small and can cause stiff muscles and future health problems. It also gives the notion that you are not confident with what you wear. Standing straight can improve even a poorly matched attire.

Keep It Classy Yet Elegant

Dress to impress. Expensive does not always equate to elegance. Sometimes less is more. You can still impress with thrift clothes. You can always mix and match. Throw in a few branded pieces and colors to elevate your outfit. Find the perfect pair of shoes and accessories. The aim is to look presentable, not a preening peacock. Although outward appearance is important it is not everything. You can be confident even in a trash bag but in whatever we wear let us keep a good attitude. It is how we act that carries the look.
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