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8 Useful Tips to Keep Your Business Afloat During COVID-19

8 Useful Tips to Keep Your Business Afloat During COVID-19
The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the whole world. Many businesses shut down leaving countless jobless in oblivion. Mankind has never faced such a struggle before. Maybe the world faced similar challenges at some point but this is actually a novel situation for everyone. This is the information age and small news can spread like a wildfire in minutes. It has become very difficult to keep running the businesses. Many owners are still thinking that the situation will change soon and their former glory will come back shortly. The experts are saying that complete elimination might take a couple of years. Until then the small businesses should consider the following tips as an elixir to fight the situation. 

Understand COVID-19 in the perspective of your business

When you think about protection always think about what is the threat and what do you want to protect. Every business has a different nature and might require a different approach. For example, if you own a flower shop your perspective of protecting yourself and your customers will be far different than someone who owns a supermarket. The SOP’s have to be integrated using different methods. It is better you do this with a pen and paper. Furthermore, you can Securely Adopt SaaS tools like Slack amid the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Make sure the SOP’s are followed

If you don’t have a list of SOP’s yet, then it is better you start making one if you want to survive. The government has requested to follow a series of procedures while conducting businesses. Having a list is not enough, you need to assure your customer that you follow SOP by your heart and soul. This is the part of trust-building you need to make your customer come back.

Use the internet to widen your market

The coronavirus pandemic has greatly changed the way people think about business. Now even those people are considering running their business online who always have preferred the conventional approach. There are many websites that offer the facility to open a shop online. You can exploit the same medium to widen the span of your targeted market. Since the market is highly saturated for now you will need a better strategy to penetrate it. 

Don’t overload your workplace

Nowadays the customer is very well informed and the top precaution from COVID-19 is social distancing. You should use this fact to your advantage to attract more customers. For example, if you run a grocery store, then it is better you allow a limited number of people to enter the store at a time. You’ll risk the social distancing by not following this recommendation. By not following it makes your store a risky place. The customer may choose not to visit you for this reason.  

Ignore cotton and use disposable gloves if you must

The use of gloves is not a compulsion by the SOP. You can skip the gloves and work on other but better options. The time with COVID-19 has affected the way people think, and as a result, if you must use gloves. It is suggested to use disposable gloves because the virus can stay active for several days on cotton gloves. The disposable is better because you discard it after using it.

Following the schedule

For better safety options the state recommends following a strict schedule to manage your business activities. The risk is higher if people have to stay together for a longer time. following a strict routine may also increase the work efficiency of your employees. The mass of people is attracted to such places that follow the schedule recommended by the authorities. This also gives you a unique opportunity to boost your business and bring it back in a glorious state.

Ensure your customers enter in safe shop

First of all, you need to understand it yourself that when a customer is on your premises he’s your responsibility to protect. You can take several steps for that. Start with equipping your staff with the face masks and disinfecting your workplace regularly. Disinfecting will not cost you much after the first time. Furthermore, you can place a hand sanitizer at the entrance and for the best results, you can also use a spraying door. It sprays a basic disinfectant on your customers making your workplace a green zone.

Consider the smart delivery options

The new options have to be explored to satisfy the latest demands. Nowadays no one wants to leave home due to coronavirus. This situation can be turned into a lifetime opportunity by offering the special delivery option. You can add some delivery charges which a customer will be more than happy to pay because he doesn’t have to leave the home. You can do it even better by offering a disinfected package with an additional cost. No doubt that coronavirus has troubled the world more than anticipated. Still, there’s hope for small business owners in the form of SOP and enhanced services. The recommendation by the health authorities must be followed to bring your business back in a competitive state. You can even improve the suggested procedures to integrate better in your scenario. The times can be hopeless but with a dedicated and continuous effort, anything is possible. Now it is up to you how to make use of these tips.

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