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AI And The Future Of Digital Marketing

AI And The Future Of Digital Marketing

You might have read or heard that AI plays a vital role in digital marketing, and now you’re wondering what AI is and how exactly it benefits your marketing strategies?

Well, you’re in luck, because in this article, I’ll be answering precisely those questions. I’ll briefly explain what AI is, what its uses are, and what benefits it gives.

Let’s get started.


What Is Artificial Intelligence?

To put it simply, artificial intelligence refers to an intelligence showcased by machines that imitate cognitive functions performed by humans. That’s the technical description, it boils down to the program being able to learn and analyze certain patterns. Let’s simplify it by understanding what it can do. This includes problem-solving, data analysis, language translation, speech recognition, data analysis, and learning. AI has already been widely used in marketing.

Take an example from Amazon. They use AI to show only relevant products to individual shoppers based on their previous searches, views, and purchases. This increases the chance of a shopper to make a repeat purchase. Now, this method is used by other eCommerce companies.

Now let’s take a look at other ways AI can be used.


7 Ways You Can Use AI in Your Digital Marketing Plan


1. AI-Powered Logo Maker

One of the unique ways AI is used goes back to the beginning of website making. An AI-powered logo maker helps new webmasters or business owners who are operating on a tight budget by generating a logo based on their preferences.

This work is usually a few different canvases with the basic design, which the user can then customize to their liking, from its shape, fonts, and colors. Once done, they just need to hit the submit button, and the logo is generated automatically. You can even download them in high resolution.


2. Product Recommendations

Many eCommerce brands use AI to track their customers’ habits, buying behavior, and preferences. This is to help them make suggestions on other products that their customers might be interested in to assist in scaling up sales and revenue growth.

AI can do data analysis far quicker and more accurately than humans. It collects and analyzes details of past interactions with your business and uses other analytics tools to go through massive amounts of data and give you powerful insights.


3. Chatbot

AI chatbots have enabled businesses to go from the traditional one-to-one approach to a one-to-many approach, giving multiple customers support at once. This is due to the development of language processing, voice conversion, and semantic recognition technology.

One significant advantage of AI chatbots is that they don’t need rest, allowing them to answer customer queries 24/7. This, in turn, improves customer experience. Additionally, customers can also choose the language to communicate with the AI chatbots, hence delivering localized customer service.


4. Web Design

The existence of AI in web design allows anyone to be able to create a great website. It takes all of the necessary coding requirements. It turns it into a website builder where customers can simply choose a template and customize every element using multiple tools.

Not only customize each element, but AI can also help users generate content for their new site. All they need to do is place a few keywords on the AI content generator, and it will create content based on those words.


5. Market Analysis

AI covers a massive area of marketing analytics, from automated decision management to social media analytics. AI merges diverse data sources to figure out the patterns and predict future results.

AI makes the job of marketing analysts much easier. Using analytic tools like Google Analytics, you can create more meaningful outcomes and pump insights in real-time.


6. Email Marketing

Like chatbots, AI in email marketing allows for a one-to-many approach when sending personalized emails by basing it on user behaviors.

Not only that but AI also helps marketers optimize their email campaigns by using tools like Mailchimp. It dynamically analyzes and optimizes campaigns quickly by analyzing your past campaigns and merging it with existing customer behavior to create a fitting plan that is flexible to change.


7. Marketing Content

You can now discover which content is most useful to use for marketing, thanks to the AI’s analysis of your target audience’s behavior. Marketers can now understand what type of content works for an audience and how to segment different audiences with different pieces.

Based on AI statistics, 40% of millennials trust video content more than other types. Thus marketers should focus more on video content.

AI can also curate and create content. Like Youtube’s recommendation system that gives suggestions for videos based on the user’s previous behavior, it can also be applied to suggest blogs, videos, and other forms of content that can interest a user when visiting your site.


Benefits of AI-Powered Digital Marketing for Your Business

Tapping into AI’s potential makes it easier for your business to stay on top with the latest marketing trends and remain competitive. With that said, here are some other benefits of AI-powered digital marketing.


Greater Audience Targeting

AI lets you analyze data so you can predict the buying behavior of your target audience. Using data from sources like online transactions and internet cookies is a great place to start. Your AI can help highlight Unique Selling Point that set your business apart from competitors.


Improved Customer Experience

Looking at AI’s uses for digital marketing above, I can say that AI’s purpose intersects with user experience. AI helps tailor your content based on a more profound understanding of customer motivations and behaviors.


Better Content Delivery on Social Media

Since AI can track your target audience’s preferences and behavior, you can use the data and incorporate it into your social media marketing.

After the AI has identified your potential customers, you can know when is the most effective time to post relevant content. By continuously making content pertinent to your audience using that method, you can increase your social media campaigns’ success.


Dynamic Pricing

Providing discounts is a guaranteed way to boost sales, but some customers are willing to buy with smaller or no discounts at all.

By using AI, you can set the discount percentage based on demand, availability, customer profiles, and other factors so you can maximize both your sales and profits.

Take an example of when searching for a flight ticket. One day you go and search for a flight but don’t decide to buy it that day. Then you come back a couple of days later to find that the price has gone up.



You know now the uses of AI along with some of its benefits. All that’s left to do now is to apply the help of AI to your digital marketing strategies and watch as you get the benefits from it. Remember that an AI is only as good as the data you feed it, so make sure to provide it with an in-depth and massive amount of data, and they’ll do the work for you.

Good luck!

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