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Career Opportunity of Digital Marketing in Bangalore

Career Opportunity of Digital Marketing in Bangalore
Being known as the “Silicon Valley of India” or the “IT capital of India”, Bangalore is considered as a home to many of the public sector heavy industries, software companies, aerospace, telecommunications and defence organizations.  As the public sector industries are continuously increasing for the past few years, the evolution of promoting or advertising the companies/startups is also increasing with the high rise in the usage of the Internet, as more than 500 million people are using the Internet. Thus, to stay ahead of the competition and remain competitive in the market, it has become necessary for companies to hire individuals with skills in the field of Digital Marketing as marketing is done through digital media has completely taken over traditional marketing. According to the study conducted by the Direct Marketing Association, the digital marketing industry is worth $62 billion that has led to over 20 lakh jobs in digital marketing.  So, with the high demand for digital marketing skilled professionals, there are numerous career opportunities in the field of digital marketing in Bangalore.  So, if you are an individual with zero experience in digital marketing then you needn’t have to worry, in order to establish your career in Digital Marketing, you can undergo the Digital Marketing Training Course in Bangalore from one of the reputed Institute located in Bangalore. So, in this article, I will take you through some of the major career opportunities of Digital Marketing in Bangalore. Career Opportunity of Digital Marketing in Bangalore
  • Digital Marketing Manager 
With the expert knowledge in all the modules of Digital Marketing like SEO, SMM, PPC, Email Marketing & Mobile Marketing you can easily grab an opportunity to work as a Digital Marketing Manager where you will be responsible for planning, developing, implementing and managing the overall digital marketing strategy.  With this, you will also be responsible for managing, guiding and training the digital marketers and other marketing professionals within the organization.  To work as a digital marketing manager, you will need to have an experience of approx 4-5 in digital marketing where you can easily raise a salary up to Rs. 10,08,377 in Bangalore, India. 
  • SEO Manager
With a highly-skilled technical background and understanding of various Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, another opportunity that you can grab is to work as an SEO Manager where you will be responsible for creating content with an effective content strategy to rank the Company website on the top of the SERP’s.  To work as an SEO Manager, you will need to continuously work on the way to optimize the website with the most relevant keywords that are most likely to be searched for your business in the Search Engine Resulting Page. With the career opportunity to work as an SEO Manager, you will also be responsible for optimizing & analysing the competitor’s website and social media channels & work accordingly to stay ahead of the competition.
  • SMM Manager
According to the research conducted, it has been found that the estimated number of social media users in India is projected to reach 490.3 Million by 2025.  Therefore, with the increase in the number of social media users, more and more companies are promoting & advertising the products and services on the social media platforms as it will enable the companies to target more customers that are looking for the same services that they provide.  So, if you are someone who can handle the social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and Pinterest etc. effectively & efficiently and market the company on the social media platforms progressively with the purpose of driving engagement and creating a community, then you can grab an opportunity to work as a Social Media Marketing Manager.
  • Content Marketing Specialist
Another career opportunity that you can get in the field of Digital Marketing is to work as a Content Marketing Specialist. The main motive of companies to hire the Content Marketing Specialist is to attract more and more customers by providing them with content that is useful, informative, interesting and engaging. So, if you have a good knowledge of SEO, analytics, Content Writing, basic coding, you can work as a Content Marketing Specialist to attract and retain a clearly defined audience to drive profitable customer action.
  • Paid search specialist
To become a Paid Search Specialist, you will be responsible for managing Pay-Per-Click strategies for clients or organizations where you will need to create compelling, targeted campaigns that can drive traffic to your company website. Besides this to work as a PPC Specialist your daily task will revolve around online advertising where every day you will be responsible for managing & setting up a campaign of various ad networks by researching relevant keywords, analysing traffic and trends, monitoring results and optimizing the ads in order to generate high ROI.  Some of the other tasks that are related to online advertising involve writing ad copies, developing various ads and setting up a landing page for those ads.
  • Email Marketing Manager 
The other career opportunity that you can get in digital marketing is the Email Marketing Manager.  As an Email Marketing Manager, your task will be to help the business or companies generate high ROI & drive high profit by working with other team members of the company in order to implement effective marketing communication ideas.  In order to do the work effectively as an email marketing manager, you will need to create various email campaigns, develop content strategies, manage campaigns and generate and analyze reports of the various email marketing campaigns.  Conclusion  Thus, if you are someone who wants to make a successful career in the digital marketing industry, then it will be highly beneficial for you to get a high quality of training with hands-on experience in all the various modules of Digital Marketing. Having hand-on experience in digital marketing will provide you with a better opportunity in Bangalore with a high salary, job security and reputation in the industry. You might be also interested in : 

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