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Digital Marketing As a Career For Freshers

Digital Marketing As a Career For Freshers

Gone are the days when marketing was completely an off-line phenomenon, but with the augmentation of search engines and social media sites the concept of digital marketing came into existence. The digital marketing compelled preeminent business leaders to think about the online business. As a result, not only corporate but also young professionals were influenced by the digital marketing. It is through digital marketing that so many young entrepreneurs could establish themselves in a short period of time. In other words digital marketing has taken over conventional marketing or promotion. E-commerce companies such as Snapdeal, Flipkart, Housing and OLA who could make mark in business world only because of digital revolution.
  1. SnapDeal
snapdeal founder It is largest online company or market place founded by Techie Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal. At the moment it is a platform that lets small manufacturers to sell their products online.
  1. FlipKart
flipkart founders Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, an internet entrepreneur, began flipkart with mere 4lakh in their pockets, but now it has become a company of more than one billion.
  1. Housing. com
Advertisement Gurus still amaze that how #Lookup Housing trended on social media platforms, yes story of seems impossible, but it is digital media which made this real estate portal a company of $120 million in just 3 years. Housing lookup campaign In addition, story of internet entrepreneurs are not limited to above three companies, however, it is a journey, which so many young entrepreneurs are living. These three companies have been employed more than 15k students. In spite of that certain questions still comes into mind of students who are in their colleges or amid of their learning that what is digital marketing? Digital marketing is simply doing promotion and marketing through various online channels or platforms. It includes use of certain digital mediums like SEO, E-mail marketing, social media platforms like FB, LinkedIn, display marketing and mobile marketing. As Digital Marketing has become primary means of promotion for companies. And for this reason digital marketing industry is seen as major job producer in near future.

Growth of Digital Marketing

Some years ago, the globalization was mere a word to all of us. But because of digital marketing platforms, we could get closer to each other irrespective of color, country or geography and started doing business. In other words digital marketing platforms played an imperative role to make this world a global world in true sense. With the passage of time the entire world is digitized, and companies make their marketing strategy according to digital media users. Hence today in India to get job merely on the basis of their academic qualification is very tedious. In this competitive era, there is huge competition amongst companies therefore they seek professionals who have additional skills along with academic degree. As the new mobile applications are being developed, the demand of digital marketing is growing swiftly. At present, in India about 50% of online population has started reading online newspaper instead of hardcopy. Digital marketing is the single or only industry, which is budding with more than 30% rate, and yet this industry has not reached to saturation, and will generate more than 20 lakh jobs in India by 2020. India has already become world’s second most populous Internet market and future of this industry looks definitely promising. Additionally, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, recently started a scheme named “Digital India Campaign” that aims to propel each individual to learn about the digital platforms so that e-governance can be brought to the society. Thus digital media is not limited to promotion but it has become a movement. modi digital india for career

Job Prospects in Digital Marketing

However as the more and more companies incorporate digital marketing as their primary marketing strategy, the digital marketing will fetch ample of job opportunities to fresh college graduates. Furthermore, the fresh graduates either of B.Tech or B.Com, they need direction, and through digital marketing they not only get direction but numerous ways to earn money and great career as an entrepreneur or employee. Therefore getting skills in digital marketing ensures you guaranteed job. Along with there is a false impression amongst students that students having an engineering or technical background only an eligibility to pursue career in digital marketing. In contrast, students of any stream or subjects can become skilled at digital marketing. And it is a very extensive field so student may learn fragment of digital marketing and pick careers of their choice.
Key Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing:
Following is the list of key digital marketing careers. You can find more digital marketing jobs here.
  1. Search Engine Specialist
  2. Adwords Specialist
  3. Social Media Marketer
  4. Email Marketer
  5. Digital Campaign Planner
  6. Online Advertising Specialist
  7. Affiliate Marketer
  8. Ecommerce Specialist
  9. Marketplace Manager
  10. Web Analytics Executive
  11. Digital Account Manager
  12. Online Leads Manager
  13. Online Reputation Manager
  14. Online Entrepreneur
  15. Web Content Manager
So to make your career in digital marketing you can start with digital marketing certificate program and amid the training you will easily find out specific area or interest area in digital marketing. Hence the students who are seeking out for a lucrative career may take up digital marketing as career option, and may unlock their potential.Initially a fresher in digital marketing with simple graduate degree may earn up to 20k. Additionally learning digital marketing will facilitate you become entrepreneur and bloggers as well as get jobs. In short, digital marketing renders you plentiful of opportunities for freshers as well as entrepreneurs.
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I don’t know, all people says there is lot of scope in digital marketing, me too started career in the same


I am a fresher a BSC graduate.Did web designing.ECCE pre-primary course from SNDT univ.and Did DIGITAL MARKETING from NIIT.looking for a suitable job.

sarada prasad mohanty

I am sarada prasad mohanty. I am completed my mba as a specialisation marketing and operation. I have 1year work experience in fmcg sector. so pls give me a chance to work with you.


if the candidate belongs to core field and successfully did a digital marketing courses.
are they have scope. ?

Ankit Agarwal

Ankit Agarwal here…. i just want to know the career value in India after completing Digital Market course …… plz guide me whats my next step towards success


Great areltic, thank you again for writing.


Can you please tell me if i want to start my own digital marketing company. WHat should be the basic step for that??.i wonder how can someone have such great knowledge. Very well work done by the author’s team. Very useful informative article it is. quite very nice post written. It is such a quality content. It will help many of the students. Kindly keep on publishing this type of content.. Great work done by the author


It’s excellent to make a career in Digital Marketing. it is a nice article.

suhail shamsudheen

i am suhail shamsudheen. i am completed my BCA graduation also completed seo /sem training.i am google adowords certified.but every companies not consider the value of google adwords im seeking job in digital marketing field.i have theoratical knowledge about that.i need chance to prove my skills in digital marketing area..

Ann Mathew

Is there any companies provide on job training for DM?

Sandeep Ashok Pahade

I am competed my M. B. A in Marketing after M. B. A i was competed Digital Marketing course. Looking for suitable job.


Four score and seven minutes ago, I read a sweet aretilc. Lol thanks


I didn’t complete my iam eligible for job in digital marketing field if take proper training


This blog having the details of Processes running. The way of runing is explained clearly. The content quality is really great. The full document is entirely amazing. Thank you very much for this blog.

i just wanna be like of the successed persons in digital marketing.I am intersted in in start my my own concern.Can you help me?

great to see your contents.

Himanshu vadhwani

As a Digital Marketing is a great field in itself and it only help you to improve your skills and you will get job according to your mind or you can start your own online startup . The job in it is needed due to demand of many professionals in this field and also offers good package even for a fresher .

Rahul Nathrekar

what is digital marketing ,please gaide us


I have done be engg in comp science passed out 2013.But I haven’t cleared my Engg yet.I have a course completion certificate(I.e 4 years of Engg duration course completion certificate).Is there any chance of getting a good reputed job if I do digital marketing course with only Engg course (duration) completion certificate.pls suggest me any good institute or any education centre for digital marketing course.

Aditi Khinda

Hello Manoj,
Sure, you still can pursue Digital Marketing Course and get a good placement too. Kindly go through our official website for professional Digital Marketing Courses and get in touch with our team.


I m 39 years old undergraduate and I m looking for a career in digital marketing so can I apply for that or not but I have one doubt that my age might be the factor to start this.


Hi Amit,
You are living in the digital age where age can never be a factor to learn something new. Digital Marketing is unbiased with age & qualification. Anyone at any age can enhance his/her skills and work hard to achieve the best in life. Therefore, please go ahead and start learning digital marketing.


What is the qualification for this job needed I passed my tenth


Hi Santhosh,
You need to learn Digital marketing to be part of the digital marketing industry. If you are not a graduate, still, you can earn as a freelancer.
For more details, please get in touch with us at Our counselors will get in touch with you soon.

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