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Do You Wish to Earn the Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals Certification? Follow These 5 Steps

Do You Wish to Earn the Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals Certification? Follow These 5 Steps


A professional certification could be what you need to get your next job especially when it comes to such a competitive field as cloud computing. Moreover, if you are working already, it will help you get a better position or promotion. There is a number of great credentials starting from the entry-level and going all the way to the expert level. An in this post, we’ll observe the core credential Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals and some tips on acing its related AZ-900 exam. PrepAway AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator  

Steps to Getting Certified

The mentioned certification validates one’s knowledge of the basics of Azure. It is quite easy to earn since it requires candidates to only pass one test, Microsoft Azure Fundamentals. So, those who are making a debut in cloud computing are best suited for it. And to help you on this path, here are the steps for you to follow: ExamLabs AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator Practice Test Questions  

1. Check if this badge is what you need

Even an entry-level badge will require you to invest some time and money in the process of earning it. Therefore, it’s better to first check what are the skills it proves as well as the career options it will bring. If the answers will show this credential meets your needs, then you can move to the next step. This phase of thinking is critical because if you are not passionate about the certification, you might end up giving up on the way especially if you experience tough situations or are too busy with other commitments. AZ-304  

2. Understand the details

Gaining knowledge of the main features of the credential should be the next process to complete. Go to the official page of the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam and scrutinize the provided outline. The topics you have to learn include cloud principles and services, Azure pricing, security, compliance, Service Level Agreements, and many other concepts. Also, remember that you should be ready to answer 40-60 questions in 60 minutes during your test. Study Lectures  

3. Register for the exam

It is best to register for the AZ-900 exam early so that you can organize your preparation well. It is easier to study when you know the amount of time you have to finish your revision. So, visit the Certiport or Pearson VUE website, pay an enrolment fee of $99, and select the date and the time you wish to take the assessment.   

4. Get study materials and begin studying

Microsoft itself offers recommendations on what materials you can use to prepare for AZ-900. Your choice will depend on how you wish to study. Some people prefer to enroll in the instructor-led course, while others decide to follow self-paced learning paths without guidance. Also, there are individuals who prefer textbooks, practice tests, and video tutorials. Whichever way you go, make sure it is going to help you understand all the concepts. ExamLabs MS-500  

5. Take the test

Microsoft’s certification exams can be taken online with supervision from a proctor or in-person in an authorized testing center. When taking the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals test, be ready to face the questions covering types like the best answer, review screen, multiple-choice, case studies, and others. And by getting 700 points and more, you will qualify for the badge!   


The Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals certification is right for those who are testing the waters of IT. And if you wish for an Azure related career in the cloud computing field but do not know how it appears, then you ought to try to pass the AZ-900 test. Wishing you great preparation time and success in your exam! ExamTopics
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