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Fortinet: What It Is, Its Products, and Its Threats

Fortinet: What It Is, Its Products, and Its Threats
Two decades have passed since the Fortinet was built from the ground to be one of today’s top security providers. Ken and Michael Xie, Fortinet Chinese brothers are known to have become billionaires because of Fortinet. It was founded in 2000 and had risen to a valuation of US$13 billion which had topped Juniper Networks which was the #1 competitor in the cybersecurity software market before. The cybersecurity software market has been eyed to have great opportunities ahead with the growth of 10% per year through 2023. The most competitive and dynamic cybersecurity providers include Fortinet, Palo Alto Networks, Cisco Systems, and Juniper Networks. Being a fragmented market, it offers many doors for players to boost and enhance their market positions. The cybersecurity market has gained its value because of the emergence of digital firms. Businesses and organizations have realized the value of maximizing information technology and digital platforms which include having a centralized database through information systems. Different departments in a firm such as general, administrative, communication, marketing, and clerical tasks found using IT as a major contributor to enhancing efficiency in performing key business processes. More so, firms that have transitioned into working on a digital platform benefit from the ease of mediating significant business relationships, operational excellence, and the openness for teams and collaborations that digital platforms provide. With this, there is now an ever-growing demand for cybersecurity solutions. Different risks and threats exist in the digital world. One of these is having hackers attack setups and databases or acquire confidential data. The consequences of not securing digital management tools and infrastructures of organizations result in the loss of the most important and critical data of the company, having systems sabotaged, and incurring losses from recovering and building/repairing the IT aspect of the business. Although these risks can seem like a major factor why one should not venture or invest in changing a firm into a digital one, the efficiency loss, opportunity costs, and the disadvantage of not being able to keep up with competitive firms in the market who are maximizing their digital resources to accomplish their goals are more harmful and hurtful for the company to bear as these risks can be prevented. Fortinet is one of the companies you can turn to for your cybersecurity need. They aim to provide the most innovative cybersecurity solutions for every client. It proves its competence and dominance among its competitors by having had provided large enterprises, service providers, and government organizations all around the world. It offers its most empowering security services through its highest-functioning network security fabric. Fortinet’s security fabric aims to organize and protect your IT infrastructures and architecture. Its flagship enterprise firewall platform is FortiGate which is the top firewall platform used around the globe, together with other products such as FortiManager, FortiAnalyzer, and more. Although it faces issues such as being controlled by the Chinese with the discovery of scanning from two IPs in China which is inconclusive, Fortinet remains as the top security leader developing and building custom security units to provide high-standard performance and value in the cybersecurity software market.  
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