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Informative Guide on Future of Online Education in 2021

Informative Guide on Future of Online Education in 2021

A Little Background On Online Education

Online education has been around for a few years now. Mainly because the population is becoming increasingly tech-friendly, plus, let us not forget the ease of availability of digital education, it been cost-friendly and the convenience of everyone availing it from the comforts of their home. While online education has been lurking around for a few years, but due to the coronavirus outbreak in the year 2020, it became a normal medium of education delivery. Since the colleges, schools, and universities were all shutting down due to the pandemic and social distancing protocols, online education has been how we were and can continue education. Today we have access to digital books, classrooms, and other resources that helped us along the way to overcome the impacts of COVID on education. We saw there was a rise in digital educational apps, Even religious education went on to digital platforms like Islamic Noorani Qaida for kids is now easily available online or copies of the bible, etc However today we are facing a question, while we are entering the year 2021, will online education be the normal way of how schools run? Will it be our classrooms? Is this how education will continue in the year 2021? In this article, we will cover a few topics that will help you understand the future of online education, keeping in mind the current scenario in the world.

Online Education has Replaced Traditional Classrooms

Traditional classrooms slowly had incorporated digital education for over a few years. This started with using projectors to slowly switching to smart screens. The fact that online education has become tech-friendly has only increased students’ performances and interest in education. Today zoom online classes and google meets have replaced traditional classrooms. This was the push that covid gave to the world and ever since, this is how classes are taking place today all over the world. One benefit of online classrooms is its benefits that are helping the students adapt and make the best use of digital education. These e-learning platforms have spiked the interest of millions of students, who took benefit of online resources and made the best use of them. Today we see a lot of courses being offered online, giving students certifications, etc. We saw companies like google even, offering online certifications, etc. A lot of people, during the pandemic, made good use of this lockdown time and got online certifications for various skill-based courses or corporate certifications, etc.  Online education didn’t work so well with preschoolers and primary kids, the rest of the kids were able to adapt to it though. Many argued that getting an education online was distractive and didn’t benefit the students at all. There are different school thoughts for how online education has benefited students and it varies depending on the age of students etc.

Online Education Will Continue to rising

We were hoping that by 2021 we will be free from this coronavirus pandemic. Looks like, we are still stuck with it. So, online education is something that will help us get through till we cannot resume our online classes. For school and college-going student, they will have to adapt and will continue to digital online education platforms. For the employee, online platforms have turned beneficial as well. This is mainly because they have the ease of learning online training depending on their capabilities and convenience. It has also given them the ability to balance their home and work in the best possible way with the availability of online resources. Online education is not going anywhere, anytime soon. And it will become a regular part of our lives. Below, we have mentioned a few features of online education for your better understanding of the concept.

Features of Online Education

The following are the few promising features of online education. The best e-learning platforms and resources should have all these features:
  1. The best thing about online learning that has appealed to individuals,  is the convenience at which one can attend online classes or learn from them.
  2. The second best thing is the flexibility that online education offers. Flexibility in terms of accessing online classes through the comfort zone of your home or cars etc. A few platforms also offer recorded lectures that you can access at anytime you want.
  3. Online education has enabled teachers and instructors to better interact with students and give them appropriate attention to the best resources. Online streaming classes, can limit the number of student attendees, thereby helping the teachers to only take on students that they can manage and pay attention to.
  4. Online platforms have enabled the students to enrol themselves in tests. Multiple students can give a test at their own time, enabling maximum students to enrol.
  5. Prerecorded lectures enable the students to see the lecture whenever they want. This ensures good quality of education as students can access these lectures when they are best able to retain the information in them.
  6. Web-based learning has been on a rise in the year 2020. This kind of learning includes webinars, online streaming, zoom meetings, online panel discussions, talk shows, interviews, etc. We may see this trend continuing itself in the year 2021 as well, as this increased a lot of learning among individuals and a lot of training sessions were held through web-based learning.
  7. Online education gives a better learning experience to the students. We see today, that even religious education is now being given on online platforms with digital Noorani Qaida for kids, online recitation of quranic verses, bible verses, etc.
  8. Online education, without a doubt, has been cost-effective. We already know that private schools and universities are already charging the amount that requires an individual to sell their kidney. This is how expensive education has become today. Online education works well for those who are not earning millions every month.
Online education is going nowhere anytime soon and it will become a part of our normal educational course line going forward. Also Read:  8 Ways To Make Digital Marketing Project A Success

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