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Tips If you are Struggling with your e-Commerce Website in Pandemic Period

Tips If you are Struggling with your e-Commerce Website in Pandemic Period
It is a challenging task to run an e-commerce website during this pandemic period irrelevant if it is small-scale or large-scale. Websites can come with many responsibilities like adding products, updating information, managing promotions, customer service, and handling shipping. Professional Virtual Assistant Services are trying to focus on the growth of your business. Some tasks that an intelligent virtual assistant can handle are:
  • Update the store with the latest technologies 
  • Modify pricing information 
  • Provide customer satisfaction 
  • Handle the shipping process
  • Manage exchanges and returns
  • Process the orders efficiently
  • Work on promotions 
  • Finances management
The reasons why online virtual assistant services are succeeding in the pandemic:

Order processing 

An intelligent Virtual Assistant can add significant changes to online stores. Some of them are:
  • Getting the orders ready
  • Order Entry 
  • Tracking the order
  • Setting up shipments 
  • Send invoices to customers 
The virtual assistant can handle every process in the e-commerce store and fulfil customer’s requirements effortlessly. 

Stock and Inventory Management 

This is very critical for the stores to be updated if the inventory has sufficient products in stock or not. The tasks handled by the Virtual Assistant in this section are:
  • Keep the inventory updated to know if there are sufficient products or not
  • Addition of new inventory
  • Update product lists
  • Manage products categories 
  • The latest stock information must be updated 
  • Maintain a record of ordered items 
  • Send notification if the stocks are lower

Handling Returns and Exchanges 

Virtual assistants can communicate with the customers to know if they are satisfied with your products and services. They can provide returns, refunds, and exchanges if needed. 
  • Better Communication skills 
  • Experts in providing customer service 
  • Organizing an e-commerce store 
  • Tracking order details

Customer Services

It is essentially important to connect with your customers and be available for them every time this can be done by virtual assistants. 
  • Quick responses to customer query through Email, text, or phone.
  • Resolve customer issues and complaints 
  • Look for opportunities to improve conversion rates 
  • Engage with potential customers regularly
  • Respond to positive and negative reviews 

Maintain Online Store

Setting the website is not enough the owners are always worried about updating it with the recent trends. This is where the virtual assistant’s skills will help:
  • Update pricing information  on the product pages 
  • Update or change the content of your website’s products and services 
  • Add or remove the product lists 
  • Find broken links on the website 
  • Use SEO strategies in the content 
  • Optimize the website for faster page loads 
  • Resolve server issues to run the website smoothly

Market Research 

Virtual personal assistant services can help in conducting market research for your business and give valuable insights for the business. 
  • Product Research
  • Target Customer Research 
  • Competition Research
  • Keyword Research 

Online Marketing Tasks 

Having the right marketing strategies can bring a great change in conversion rates and organic traffic. Some common online marketing things that virtual assistant is:
  • Including articles, videos, blogs, and posts with SEO strategies that can generate sales
  • Schedule social media blog and posts content 
  • Engage more audience with the updated content 
  • Promote the business by managing social platforms 
  • Tracking the posts and their influence on the audience
  • Content can help in gaining potential customers 
  • Advertising the brand on other platforms to get organic traffic 
After setting an E-Commerce store you need a team for managing various tasks. Hiring employees that might be experts in a single task can cost you a lot instead get Virtual Assistants. They guarantee that there will be no mistakes and offer the right information about your products or services online. You can save this time and invest it in building strategies to grow the business to meet future targets. 

Advantages of Using Virtual Assistant

  • An E-Commerce virtual assistant can help in organizing the website without any challenges. They allow businesses to plan and organize their online stores. Virtual assistants are good at multitasking and can easily handle your inventory.
  • It is a professionally trained individual that can work on job data entry and making spreadsheets. All it asks is information the rest it can optimize on its own. 
  • They are also SEO experts which means they can integrate keywords to gain more traffic. 
  • Profit earning is an essential part of online business. An efficient virtual assistant can handle different roles of the website like communication, finances, order tracking, optimization, and many more. 


This pandemic has forced people to prioritize online platforms rather hen relying on physical stores. Nowadays people are using their smart devices for fulfilling their basic requirements effortlessly. It becomes very essential for an e-commerce website owner to provide a user-friendly and responsive website. It is never an easy task to build a website and bring it into the market but the difficulty increases when they have to handle heavy traffic without affecting website performance.  You can easily integrate intelligent virtual assistants with the help of the Professional Virtual Assistant Services that are available in the market. They can handle tasks like sending emails, schedule important events handle inventory records, update the data, resolving queries, processing refunds, and more. Just make sure that they are providing the services that your business wants and provide the right support to grow your business in the digital world. Nowadays virtual assistants are becoming smarter and they can handle multiple tasks easily which can save you time and money.  As we have discussed various reasons that can boost your sales after getting support from virtual assistants. Don’t miss a chance to have the best assistant that has the best strategies and work on the recent trends easily. Also Read :  13 Definitive Tips To Increase Ecommerce Sales On Your Website A Beginner Guide To Start An Ecommerce Business In 2021 Author’s Bio: Harshal Shah is the CEO of Elsner Technologies Ptv Ltd. He has an overall experience of more than three decades in the IT industry. His area of interest lies in writing interesting pieces of content mostly on topics relevant to different types of CMS platforms. He wants to ensure that readers get acquainted with multiple web development tools & techniques so that we can build a technology-driven world for the future.
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