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How can digital marketing benefit Software Engineers?

How can digital marketing benefit Software Engineers?
The world is driven by the internet. Technology has been evolving and becomes a crucial part of each and every one. Whether you own a business or just a college-goer, the internet has become part of your daily chores. Digital marketing is one of the thriving users of the internet. It’s the hottest trend of the day and to be a part of this revolution would be a wise choice. Digital Marketing is the internet-based industry which is a set of online tools and marketing strategies to promote or advertise the brands, products or services. Online marketing has become the sole source for the companies to generate leads and sales as they are well aware of the consumer’s pattern of purchasing/searching. Most of the time I come across queries asking, can a software engineer go for Digital Marketing to have a better career? Is digital marketing can benefit engineers? My answer is YES. The software engineers are already classified as Technology Professionals. They understand the role of technology in business or market development. Software engineers can design and guide the development of programs that computers use to make life a little easier for the rest of us. A software engineer is already considered as Chief Problem Solver and the role of the Digital marketer is also quite the same but related to marketing only. Two factors that define how engineers can be part of the digital industry – perfect online manpower:
  • Engineers are always considered as time-challenged where 44% of engineers are working on more projects now than they were two years ago and 55% of engineers are being asked to do more with less.
  • Understanding the age gap is important in digital marketing for industrial companies – 49% of engineers surveyed are less than 49 years old.
This proves that engineers can be potential manpower for any company with their intellectual mindset and problem-solving ability. Let’s discuss few reasons why an engineer should go for digital marketing training to be part of the marketing trend:
  • To Be a Marketing Technologist
The role of technology in marketing is now evolving from enabler to innovate which has become a primary reason why digital marketing experts are so much in demand. Online Marketing now truly powers and dominates the majority of innovations in marketing. Whereas software engineers are well coupled with technology and hands-on than the traditional marketer who relies heavily on the agencies and service providers. To have a good hand on website development is the important part of this online era where software engineer are well known for their programming background are native and comfortable with these web technologies.
  • Engineers can be creative as per the market
Because of their front-end software technology skills, they are highly termed as creative people. Digital Marketing needs creativity when it comes to marketing strategies like A/B testing to analyze user experience and traffic etc. Where an engineer looks for challenges and new creative ways to overcome the market or business needs which is never enough in the digital marketing field. From selecting what kinds of products you want to sell to what kind of customers you want to target, every step involves steady analytical thinking which can be well planned by engineers.
  • Learn Latest Marketing Strategies / Modules
Good software engineers are continuous learners and experimentalists. They always look to improve their workflow and gain efficiencies by adopting latest tools, technologies, and best-practices. This is quite relevant to marketing where technology is changing rapidly and continuous learning and experimentation is the only way one can keep up with the latest trends. With Certified Digital Marketing Certification/Course, you can learn all available marketing strategies with the help of award-winning LMS programs and professional training. You have only infinity stopping you on your career growth.
  • Be a Problem Solver
Software engineers are natural problem solvers and good software developers are always interested to solve business problems whether it’s technical or marketing. In addition, software engineers are great troubleshooter and debuggers. Most of the software engineers spend a major part of their professional life debugging the software. They know their toolchain and where to start when a problem occurs. With same attitude and knowledge, they can use their skills to debug all the marketing problems. Jobs in digital marketing need such kind of analytical skills. Whenever launching a new product into the e-market, a thorough analysis regarding the product is required which can be attained only by some expert. Digital Marketing is data-driven industry and engineers love to play with the data for sure.
  • You can be a great support
Work involved in digital marketing deals a lot with creating many marketing strategies. Some of the analytical work that an engineer would enjoy is in Digital Marketing. There are many ways to succeed in digital marketing, full of various streams. In one way, you can help anyone with their content or run an advertisement, options vary. For example, if someone has shared the email marketing campaign with you and asked you to test but facing issues like;
  • Email links didn’t tag properly, so you cannot track anything
  • Renders incorrectly in various email clients, poor experience delivered
  • Incorrect and confusing copy causing lot noise, as no one from legal was consulted
You can even solve these issues on your own only if you are well aware of the digital marketing concepts.
  • More Job Opportunities – More Money
The demand for a skilled digital marketer is getting on nerves and not only in India itself, worldwide. There are more than 3.9 billion internet users all over the world and very less professional digital marketers to cover them. It’s exceedingly rare to find that there aren’t any job opportunities in the area, as these multinational companies are always hiring on the urge. So you will find the job opportunities everywhere. Where money is always a big driving point for anyone. Digital marketing is the new mint maker and the best part of it is that anyone who comes in contact with it is handed chunks of currency. With so many engineers produced every year. This should be a good reason why there should be more engineers in digital marketing. You will be renowned as Digital Marketing Engineer. A digital marketing engineer is a member of a marketing team who applies web technology and digital marketing platforms with an agenda to achieve business’s marketing goals. It is a hybrid role involving both marketing and technology knowledge.
  • Draft your own Entrepreneur Journey
A software engineer is always considered practical. Their practical sense and substance come because they know their craft. They are doors to a greater extent, and less of talkers. This may be a little hard for marketing folks, but you don’t get respect from software engineer unless you can walk the talk. If an engineer turned into an entrepreneur, he shouldn’t want to miss on the golden opportunity Digital Marketing presents to you. Marketing and sales are the heart of every business if you don’t know how your marketing is working for you, you’re just burning money and nobody likes that. With digital marketing learnings, you can collect data, understand what’s working for you and what’s not and make changes accordingly. Also, software engineers are known for their creating new product skills. They can launch their new software and sell or promote the same through affiliate marketing (which is a most commonly part of digital marketing). For example, you can see the journey of – the Master of Software Launch Funnels – how he launched software and promoted them through affiliate marketing. Have a look! What will you learn during Digital Marketing Certification? During Digital Marketing Certification, you will cover the modules like that can benefit you in all types of industries: Social Media Marketing– It is a type of marketing that helps to target the customers through Social Media platforms. Content Marketing– Content is the first step to share information regarding the products and businesses in any form like the blog, videos, texts, podcasts etc. Through content marketing share the ideology and motives of the companies to the audiences. Mobile Marketing– Mobile is the easiest medium to stay connected with internet. It also acts the best medium to target the audiences through the same medium. Search Engine Marketing– It is the form of marketing to increase the visibility of any product or brand through search engines. Google AdWords – It is online advertising tool offered by Google based on bid system on certain keywords. Google Analytics– It is the web analytics services offered by Google to track the traffic and visitors to your website. It’s a deep concept to understand the behavior of your audiences. Email Marketing– It is the type of marketing to target the audiences through email services.   PPC– It is an online advertising pay per click model which advertisers pay a fee each time when their ads get clicked. Also, you learn how to generate PPC campaigns. E-commerce Marketing– it is the process of driving the online sales by raising the awareness about an online store or offerings. Video Marketing– It is the type of marketing to target the audiences through various types of video content such as testimonials, interviews, online marketing campaigns etc. Affiliate Marketing – it is the type of performance-based marketing where businesses pay you at each reference made by you. Graphics Designing– It is the process of visual communications and problem solving using one or more typography, pictures, and illustrations. An engineer is always ready to find innovating, exploring the unseen, challenging the old norms, building and rebuilding successful products. You can work in an environment where each everything is evolving each day in digital marketing. If you are an engineer, you should give a thought to this innovative field.
For more reference, check the below video about Digital Marketing Career in 2018.
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