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How Instagram Helps Generate Organic Leads

How Instagram Helps Generate Organic Leads
Instagram has a very smart design and app interface. It is a perfect app for small businesses and home-based products. It is a place where you can start from scratch, and Instagram will help you generate organic leads. No wonder why it is the second most downloaded app of Apple Appstore. The good thing about Instagram that people love is you can personalize your feed according to your choice. For instance, a tech-savvy person would see it as a tech-updates platform while an artist finds it a community of artists. Chiefs enjoy it as a recipe sharing platform, and lifestyle and travel bloggers have the freedom to express their wandering thoughts.  In short, it is an app for all. It can cater to all types of business. Instagram can help small businesses grow. If used smartly, you can use this platform as an advertising channel. You can find people of all ages on Instagram, and most of all, you can connect your IG business with Facebook. Your chances of growth increase with this, as well. 

Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags can bring an extra layer of cheese to your burgers. Yes, you can grab more audience of the same niche through relevant hashtags.  For instance, if your products or services are tech-related, don’t forget to use hashtags like technology, tech updates, tech, and more.  

Communicate Through Your Posts

Keep talking to your audience, and the best way to converse them is through your posts. Make sure your posts don’t give an impact of a static account who just upload fancy posts. Make sure you connect to them through your post. Write enticing and engaging captions. More so, you can add stories related to your posts for giving abetter idea of your products/services to your audience. 

Optimize Your Bio

Your bio is your face on Instagram. Keep it enticing and engaging for your audience. Make sure you make the most of this opportunity to display your brand’s voice. You can use short but some all-inclusive words to show who you are and what you do. If you are an artist, mention it clearly using “artist” or “aesthete”  instead of writing long sentences without proper meaning. With the right choice of words in your bio, you can show your followers a glimpse of your brand, since this is where people come and take an idea about your business. Make sure you make a strong impact on visitors. 

Engage With Your Audience

Instead of representing your brand with just a logo, give it a face. Yes, you can represent your personal brand on your social media to give it a lively touch. This is a simple observation that people connect and interact with humans more than objects so you can add human interactions to your account. It helps you win the trust of your followers turns them into real leads. Hence, instead of merely adding pictures of your products, use this channel for building relationships with your followers.

Comment on Relevant Posts

If you observe engagement issues on your account, you can engage with your customers by commenting on their posts. It can work wonders for your brand. However, when you comment on someone’s post, share value through your words. Let them feel that you are really interested in what you have posted. Commenting gives you a response on your own posts. However, you should be limited to commenting on your followers and potential customers post, but you should also comment on others’ posts to increase your account reach. When you increase your reach, it always takes you to increased engagement, and you probably would gain new followers as a bonus.

Use Instagram Lead Generation Ads

Instagram ads and sponsored posts are another important way to reach your target audience. You can share the most loved post to let people know about your business. You can simply use the promotion option to use this feature. Make sure you choose the right photo or video to showcase your brand image in ads. 

Direct your audience to the right link

Many times marketers and small business owners make a mistake in directing their audience to a wrong destination. This is how the opportunity to send traffic to the website is being wasted. Instagram offers you to add a live link to your profile. So, you must use it to take your audience to your website. If you don’t send your audience to the website, they might scatter around your homepage resulting in nothing.  Be clear on what action you want them to take. Link the most suitable page on your profile. For instance, if you are working on your brand awareness, you can send them to the about page of your website. If you want your products to sell through this platform, you can link the store page. If you think Instagram can be a great help for your business, you can create a landing page, especially for your Instagram audience, with a  particular call to action element. You can talk to them in their way. Make them feel good easy on your website with elegant colors and design. 

Go Instagram Live

Instagram live is another amazing opportunity for marketers and sellers to sell their products. It is a great way to let your audience know and learn about your brand. Tell them what your brand is about and how it can benefit users. Tell them ways they can use your product.  Moreover, you can use this option to host an event or giveaway sessions as well. To get a more detailed idea of this, you can watch others going live on Insta and the way they market their brand. 

Use Instagram Story

Instagram stories are a great way to engage your users. Keep adding stories to your account so that people who randomly watch stories can be enticed to your profile and can get aware of the brand or make a purchase.   Stories can be fun as they don’t exist on the homepage and disappears after 24 hours. You can add random things to your story like what’s going in the background, and how you prepare your products, anything of your choice. You don’t need to be too careful about adding stories. You can share a good thought or a positive vibe for the day. Use this feature to connect with your audience on an informal level to make it easier for them to approach you and talk to you. 

Keep Evaluating Your Competition

Instagram is a social media channel where trends keep changing. People tend to d different activities and challenges on their Instagram Accounts. So, it can help you to watch what your competitors are doing.  This way, you can also learn what works well and what is not worth giving a try. Evaluate first and then go for anything. Don’t buzz your feed with just everything, instead give it a finished, beautiful collection of your best collection. Make sure everything you share has a value in it. Create an amazing experience for visitors who come to your page.  Look at their followers too. If you identify any influential or public figure following them, you can reach out to them and politely ask them to follow your brand as well. You can simply send a promotional package to them.

Share User-Generated Content

Another great idea to engage and increase your followers is to reshare the user’s generated content on your stories. This helps them feel valued and, in return. They show love and care for you as well. And, this is why it is important to give a face to your brand so that people can connect, relate, and interact. 

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