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How Is Quora Marketing Going to Change Your Business Strategies? 

How Is Quora Marketing Going to Change Your Business Strategies? 
‘Content is the King in Digital Marketing’, this phrase might seem like a cliche, but, as much as this statement is used time and time again, it still makes sense. There are hard facts pointing to the fact that a strong digital content can convert. According to a content marketing researcher, 90% of content marketers put their audience’s informational needs above their company goals. This is huge! It is safe to say that today, digital consumers are able to place their trust with a business or an individual because the majority of the content is authentic.  CONTENT CLEARLY SELLS! 

Quora Marketing

Quora is one of the top content marketing platforms today.  Open your browser and ask a question, any question, I assure you that would find one of the top ten results of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) to be a quora answer. Quora is a Q&A platform where anyone could literally ask anything and within minutes, they would get a relevant answer from an industry expert or a professional.  Quora example

Image source:

The above-answer by Mr. Obama is witty, funny, purposeful and also driving action. 

So, how to write a quora answer? 

#One, it should be witty because you are not the only one who is answering; if you show wit it is likely for more people to notice your answer. #Two, it should have some type of emotion in it. People connect with you better where there is an emotion involved.  #Three, it should be purposeful. You should find a purpose for your answer. Also, never directly promote your business. Educate your audience on how you can solve their problem thereby driving action.  The outweighing number of relevant answers makes the platform trustworthy and also there are a set of standards that already persists for the answers on quora. Also, there is Quora Moderation (quora bots) where an answer that did not adhere to the quora policy would be immediately taken down by the Quora content team.   Coming to the point; many businesses, also your competitors, have already started showing their expertise and gravitas in this space and started incorporating it as a major part of their digital marketing initiatives. So, if you have not started talking to your potential customers here, then you might be falling behind. Why? Quora has over 300 million monthly users and increasing by the day. I’m quite sure that a huge chunk of your audience is there among them. You can either market on quora by placing your text ads or you can build a set of followers by providing useful content. 

Four key reasons why quora marketing is going to change your business strategies

→ Let alone the fact that there are nearly millions of people on Quora, you have a chance for a one-on-one conversation with your audience. In turn, develop trust.   → The more you understand, the platform the more you learn that it is one of the best branding options. Higher the quality of your content the higher the increase-rate of followers. Neil Patel, one of the top marketers in the world writes no less than 2000 words for an answer on quora on a regular basis. Branding would be one of the top reasons in his mind.  → Say, you give a great answer to a question, along with a link, and the audience is clicking on the link that is directed to your landing page. If you have an optimised landing page that is set up in tandem with the answer then you can convert then and there. i.e., you can influence the audience’s buying behaviour instantly. It all depends upon your answer and how you frame it.      → You can drive referral traffic to your website, landing page, blog posts, etc.  So, what should you do to get Quora users to visit your website? Detailed content that proves the strength of your brand/individuality and reveals a piece of quality information to the reader. 

social media networkData Source: 

As you can see, the audience from the referral traffic has spent an average of almost 6 minutes on the website. Clearly a great source of traffic for the website. 

Quora Marketing Strategies   

#1 Quora ads: 

The first step to creating a marketing funnel is to create awareness. Firstly, you have to let your audience know that you are there on the platform and that you provide value. Quora has a self-service ad platform and you can create text-based ads to a very specific audience set. Based on the search topic of the audience you can target and retarget them. 

Quora Ad ManagerImage source- Quora Ads Manager

                                                                                                                                                  From the above-mentioned images, you can see the targeting options that are available in quora ads.  Creating the ad is also a very simple process.  You have to add a business name (30 characters max.), headline (65 characters max.), body text (105 characters max.), CTA (16 characters max.).  You can perfect your audience targeting on trial and error basis. Quora ads would absolutely work if your targeting is perfect.  Quora example 2

Image source: 

This above ad is a perfect example of how a quora ad can be; relevance of where it appears, proper ad copy, perfect CTA that leads to an optimised landing page. 

#2 Answer the question:

This is one strategy that is crucial for the rest of it to work. There are many half-baked answers that are of minimal or no value to the audience. This not only creates a bad impression but there is a comments section below where people can voice out their opinion.  Also, a lot of people directly tend to go into talking about their brand/product/service. People visit quora as they need an answer for something. If you directly start talking about your brand, again, you’re creating a negative impression.  The takeaway here would be to answer first and then talk about your brand if necessary. 

#3 Set up a great looking profile: 

Quora profile

Image source: 

Your headline is your USP here. People look at the headline and read your answer if they find you credible. 

quora profile 2Image source: 

Add a detailed bio. Include who you are, what you do, how you can be of value, your achievements, and certifications. 

#4 Writing style: 

  • The tonality of the content should be interactive.
  • Use Clean language.
  • Adhere to quora guidelines. 
  • Navigate (internal links) to the website/blog post only when it is relevant to the context in which you have written. 
  • Set a unique tone, uniqueness always sets you apart. 
A simple pattern to ideate for your quora answers
  • Introduction
  • Breakdown of the problem
  • List of solutions
  • How you could be that solution
  • Drive Action 

To sum up

Quora is a platform that has traffic almost equal to Twitter; it’s absolutely free and there’s no catch. You can make use of these simple strategies and incorporate quora marketing as a part of your marketing initiatives.  Set up your profile, select relevant questions, answer away!  Hope this article was helpful.  Author Bio Sorav Jain is a popular Digital Marketer and Blogger from India. He runs a Digital Marketing Agency in Chennai helps many of his clients in ideating campaigns & strategies and making them stand out in the competition. He has the vision to educate people about Digital Marketing so you can take the best digital marketing course in Chennai and that is why he has started his own Digital Marketing training institute in Chennai called, ‘Digital Scholar’ which will follow an agency-based approach to give them hands-on experience in the agency life.
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