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How To Generate Leads For Your Marketing Agency?

How To Generate Leads For Your Marketing Agency?
For digital marketing agencies generating leads is one of the most challenging tasks. Every business needs customers to expand their business and generate more revenues.  The key to success in this cut-throat competitive market is offering note-worthy services and producing quality content to attract more prospects. After the extreme advancement in science and technology, our world has become a global village. This era of digitization has absolutely changed everything. No matter how many advancements you see in the advertising or marketing landscape, the primary goal is constant – to attract more customers, expand the consumer base to generate more sales. Even high-profile B2B companies with an extended consumer base are unable to generate B2B marketing leads. If you’re facing difficulty in generating leads for your digital marketing agency, you have landed in the right place.  Today in this article, we’ll discuss 8 impressive lead generation strategies that you can facilitate your digital marketing agency massively. So let’s begin.

1. Web Page Optimization

First of all, your website is the primary source for generating leads. Therefore the roots of your business must be sturdy. For this reason, every marketing agency should ensure that its website is functioning properly.  Slow page loading speed, bad UI, and loading errors can drive prospects away and your bounce rate will increase. If you have a lot on your plate, you can use web scanning tools to check errors on your site. Also, make sure you know which companies and clients have viewed your site to target specific audiences. The information obtained through this can be used by sales representatives to convert those prospects into sales.

2. Do routine front-end checks

Usually, businesses focus on eliminating bugs from their websites. When customers complain about an issue only then they realize what is wrong with the website. When customers face issues they start abandoning that business.  Therefore, it’s essential to regularly check the front-end of your website. Check the contact forms, broken links, and checkout processes (if you own an eCommerce store). A routine check-up of the website is necessary to ensure everything is running smoothly. Also, look out for room of improvement in the user interface. 

3. Create a mobile-responsive version of your site

69% of customers prefer using cellular devices to research products/services. Therefore, it’s extremely necessary to have a mobile-responsive version of your site. Your website is your digital business card. To offer a seamless experience, your site must be mobile-responsive.  If you’re unable to offer a seamless mobile experience, it’s a pretty alarming situation. If your website is facing difficulties in loading on mobile, then you should start worrying about it.  Considering the number of people using cellphones, think how much traffic you will lose just because your website is not optimized for mobiles. Again, we suggest you conduct full website scans and search for those areas on your site that are not mobile-friendly. Either ask your developers to develop web pages that are mobile responsive or create a new website that is mobile-responsive.

4. Using updated keywords

Always search for those keywords which your competitors are using to generate leads. This strategy can be quite beneficial. You need to first comprehend which keywords are bringing results and then optimize your site content accordingly. Besides using those keywords to rank higher on search engines, use long-tail keywords in your content because it is one of the most efficacious lead generating strategy. 

5. Content personalization

Creating a general landing page will not be good for you, it won’t increase the number of leads thus your conversion rate will never improve. Targeting general audiences isn’t beneficial because customers these days want personalized web experiences.  Therefore, it’s necessary to personalize the content of your digital marketing agency site. Identify the needs and demands of your customers and use those elements to personalize your site’s content to generate more leads.

6. Create skimmable content

One thing every business must know, customers, don’t have a whole day to spend on your website. They have a lot more things to take care of.  Therefore instead of stuffing your web landing pages with long-paragraphs on your products and services, break-up the content into small paragraphs. Try using bullet points to increase the readability. Remember customers don’t read the content, they skim through it so make sure to create skimmable content for your site to generate more leads.

7. Well-designed forms

To capture more lead, it’s necessary to feature a well-designed form on your landing page.  How’s that important? When prospects visit your website, it’s essential that you gather their personal data to convert them into customers. First, think of all the information that you can obtain from your prospects then determine without which information you can work on things. Is it necessary to ask for information like annual revenues, company size, etc? Or will email address and contact number suffice? Only ask for that information that is required; don’t ask for additional information. The less you ask from your visitors, the more likely those visitors will convert into customers. Minimize the number of fields in your form. Ask that information that your prospect won’t be hesitant to share.  Activate the autofill option so your prospects won’t get frustrated while filling out the form. 

8. Generate lead magnets via SEO

No matter how striking and appalling your website is, you cannot generate leads until and unless it doesn’t rank high on search engines. This is where SEO comes into action. Applying SEO strategies on your website can help you to rank higher on Google search results. Small pieces of content are called lead magnets. This content can be in the form of recorded files or PDFs which can only be accessed by visitors when they sign-up on a website. There are various types of lead magnets forms but the primary purpose of them is to connect prospects who are not ready to purchase yet can be persuaded.

Final thoughts

From web page optimization to using magnet leads, every strategy is equally significant if you want to generate leads for your digital marketing agency. Apart from these primary lead generation strategies, there are a few more including,
  • Making videos for Vimeo and YouTube
  • Add social proofs
  • Integrate live chat feature
  • Building a local profile of the agency
  • A/B testing
We hope this article will help you in generating leads for your marketing agency. 
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