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13 Definitive Tips To Increase Ecommerce Sales On Your Website

13 Definitive Tips To Increase Ecommerce Sales On Your Website
You’ve got a great online store with high-quality products for your customers. Huge traffic also arrives at your E-commerce stores, thanks to the implementation of effective strategies to market your eCommerce store. But, what’s next? Are you able to make sales as you hoped you would? Are you able to convert your viewers into your customers? Well, not every viewer can be turned into your customer. However, there is always a chance to retain the majority of them as your customers, right? It is the dream of every online seller to have the proper knowledge of Ecommerce sales strategies so that he can increase his conversions. Therefore, to ease the task of all the enthusiastic and dedicated online sellers, we have come up with 13 definitive tips to increase eCommerce sales and grow your eCommerce store. Ready? Let’s proceed…

13 Definitive Tips To Increase Ecommerce Sales On Your Website

Design An Impressive Website 

Nobody likes to go into a plain, boring, and old fashioned store. Customers love to shop from attractive stores, aesthetically designed, and looks remarkable. Shopping from such stores makes a customer feel elite. Keep the same thing in mind when you are building up your online stores. Choose a suitable theme for your store, select proper colours and fonts that go with the overall idea of your brand and products. Your online store should look inviting and attractive. A good design of the website can do wonders from attracting a viewer to making him view the collection, and finally converting him into a customer. Refrain to make your website crowded with unnecessary elements. The use of auto-play videos or audios can make your customer leave in an instant.

Fix Your On-Site SEO

An online store that fails to plan strong and effective SEO strategies plans to fail. SEO is of utmost importance for the survival and growth of your online store. You have excellent products to meet the demands of your customers, you offer free shipping, have an excellent customer care team, but everything will go in vain if your SEO strategy is weak. A strong SEO strategy will ensure that potential customers are driven to your store from search engines, such as Google, Bing, etc. If people don’t know about your existence how are they going to reach you? To make the channel of the commute from search engine to your store, work on your SEO. Make sure you keep the URL of your website simple, include proper title, Meta description, appropriate keywords, etc.  To optimize your product page, don’t forget to add a proper product description and/or specifications of your products along with high-quality images. 

Easy Navigation

The number one reason why people resort to online shopping is the ease of ordering things without having to step a foot outside, plus it saves a lot of time. If your website has complicated navigation that only a few users can understand, get ready to wave goodbye to the potential customers. When buyers come to an online store, they don’t want to spend a few minutes figuring out how to find a product and then order it. Keep your menus and navigation from one page to another easy and simple. Keep in mind that not all online buyers are tech experts to figure out the way to navigate your site. Always design your menus by keeping a simple online buyer who just knows the basics.

Optimize Site Speed

Time is money.’ We are sure you must have heard this phrase numerous times in your life. However, this metaphorical phrase is true in every sense when it comes to the online store. For each second an E-commerce store can lose many potential customers. If your online stores fail to load fast and or if it takes forever to load the pictures then it can make you lose around 53% of traffic on the store. The customer has a lot of options to buy from. He won’t even think twice before exiting your website if it wastes his precious minutes or even seconds. Optimize your site speed and impress your customer with how fast your online store is to entertain their needs. It will surely result in increasing your conversions.

Content Marketing

Many online retailers argue that there is a need to have a blog on their site. It might be true for some high-end online stores that had started their business when the online stores were very scarce, and now they’ve made up to the mark where you desire to be. But, the competition between online stores is high. If you want to stand out and attract organic traffic to your site then start writing blogs. For instance, if a user goes to Google and enters a query: ‘How to get smooth and fresh skin?’ Do you think he’ll land on a store which deals with toiletries easily? Because he hasn’t mentioned anything about the product. The only way to make him visit that store is the blog page. Creating a blog allows you to enter a long-tail of keywords that your potential customer might be searching for. Furthermore, if the blog is well-written and answers the query of the user, then he might explore the store and get his hands on a few products.

Display Testimonials

Before we proceed, ask yourself a question: ‘Will I buy something from a brand about which I’ve heard nothing?’ When customers make a purchase online, they want to be 100% sure that the store is authentic and will deliver them a good quality of products. If your website doesn’t have real reviews from the customers then you might fail to retain a potential customer. Display the reviews and testimonials of your customers on your website where it easily catches the attention of the buyer. Reading the reviews of people helps him to make up his mind about purchasing from your store. According to research, 91% of the buyers read reviews on an online store. Out of this 91% of people, the majority is inclined towards buying something from the store.

Be Honest About Your Prices 

One of the major reasons why customers abandon their loaded carts is the sharp increase in the prices at the time of checkout.  Many online stores trick the customer by displaying the price without the inclusion of the sales tax and other charges. It makes the customer add the products in the carts as they assume it to be the final price of the product. Later when the extra charges are added they exit the site without placing their order. While this tactic of showing incorrect prices might keep your customer busy in the exploration of your store, however, in the end, he is going to feel deceived and will never return to you.

Simplify Checkout Process

After the customer has finished shopping from your website, the fun part is over for them. Consumers don’t enjoy the checkout procedure. They want it to be short and simple. Instead of giving them one long-form, divide them into smaller chunks. Make sure your checkout system is simple and asks only for basic information. Furthermore, ensure that you offer your customer multiple payment methods so he doesn’t have to take the hassle of transferring the amount from one channel to another.

Observe Your Competitor 

Be very vigilant about the strategies applied by your rivals. Try to figure out their strategies and implement them in your store too.  Furthermore, also observe their weak points that divert the customer from their store. Use those weak points as your strength and attract customers. For instance, if store XYZ isn’t offering free shipping, then you can provide this facility to your customers and they won’t get to your competitor.

Get Social

A business has to have its presence on all the social media accounts. Be active on your social media accounts to increase your brand awareness and to target your audience. Instagram and Facebook not only increase brand awareness but also boosts sales too.

Send Discount Codes On Birthday 

Another tip to increase your conversions is to send your customers a discount code or a deal on their birthdays.  Design a birthday message for them and give them offers such as ‘5% off on the entire bill’, or ‘$10 as a gift,’ etc. It not only increases conversion but also builds a good relationship with your customers.

Create Urgency 

The best Ecommerce strategy to increase sales is to create a sense of urgency in your customers.  To do this you can put up special discounts, deals, and reduced prices for a few hours or days. This makes the customer more inclined towards urgent buying without thinking much as he feels that the offers might expire if they take too long. Another way to do this is to show the number of items left in stock, under each product image. It also makes the customer hurry up about their purchase.

Exit Pop-ups 

Thanks to technology, you can make a customer stay in your store even when he has made up his mind to quit the store. Installing exit-intent messages software detects the activity of the customer and if he has the intention of exiting the store, it will pop-up a message by offering a deal or discount to the customer. It can even remind the customer about an ongoing sale, deals, and discounts.


To survive in a highly competitive market, your business should flourish and mustn’t be in the stagnation phase. Apply the above-mentioned Ecommerce sales strategies to attract more customers and boost your sales. Author Bio: Ricky Hayes is the Co-Founder and Head of Marketing at Debutify – free Shopify theme, helping drop shippers build high-converting stores in minutes. He is a passionate entrepreneur running multiple businesses, marketing agencies, and mentoring programs.
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