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I wanted to share my passion for Yoga with the World. – Jhulan Karmakar

I wanted to share my passion for Yoga with the World. – Jhulan Karmakar

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Meet Jhulan Karmakar, our trainee from Digiperform Pitampura center. 

About Jhulan Karmakar: She’s a housewife who is married for 18 years. She’s a mother of 2 handsome boys; studying in 12th and 5th standard respectively. Since childhood, she has been passionate about fitness and thoroughly follows Yoga & Aerobics.  After 18 years of marriage, she felt that she should take her passion for Yoga to the next level. How? We decided to get in touch with her and know her story. And, it was amazing! Let’s read to find out.

Digiperform: Hi Jhulan? First, thanks for choosing us and be part of our Digiperform family. We come to know that you are a Yoga Enthusiast. We want to know more about you.

And, why you decided to learn digital marketing?

Jhulan: Pleasure is all mine to be part of Digiperform. No wonder, you are the best. I have been married for 18 years and have two kids who are currently studying. I am a fitness freak and love Yoga & Aerobics. My favorite pastime to do yoga with my kids. One day my elder son asked me; “why didn’t you work and share your expertise with the world. Its been like more than 20 years that you have been doing Yoga and you are fully qualified to be a Yoga Instructor.” Kids will be kids! I told him I have been busy taking care of two souls. 😀 He sounded very serious and said that there are many ways to share your knowledge and earn in this digital era. He suggested me to learn various online ways where I could share my fitness knowledge to the world through online platforms.  I liked the idea, what he said, to be honest. I researched about the same. Later, I found that digital marketing is the only way to promote my yoga skills with the world.  I started looking for various digital marketing courses in Delhi on the internet and got enrolled in your weekday batches at Digiperform Pitampura center as it was nearer to my place.  After 18 years of my marriage, I realized that I stay free for a major part of the day and my boys have grown up. I should follow my passion. So, why not? Let’s do it and make some money. Yay! Yoga with Jhulan

Digiperform: Would you consider Digiperform as a trusted & reliable resource for Digital marketing training? Why?

Jhulan: Of course! First, your study material is so wide and awesome. Secondly, your trainers are very supportive. I was a little slow while learning during my initial days. They helped me a lot. Now, I am a proud digital marketer, all because of you guys. I would definitely recommend Digiperform as a trusted source to learn digital marketing. Now, I have my own pages on social media platforms where I showcase my yoga skills. Also, I have started my own YouTube channel. It will grow eventually for sure. Digiperform: Jhulan, we are proud of you. You are a true example stating “it’s never too  late to follow your dreams.” Your page will definitely grow and you will be known as the famous Yoga Instructor soon. We wish you great luck.
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