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What Marketers Need to Know About Facebook Analytics for Apps?

What Marketers Need to Know About Facebook Analytics for Apps?
Whether it is about acquiring new users, reengaging people you have lost or increasing the engagement level in general, it is not an easy job to grow your app is hard. However I think with over 1.7 billion users, Facebook has much bigger idea about what is growth. The online social networking company is always on its ties when it comes to providing a range of tools and helping the developers in growing their apps through various Facebook mobile advertising products. And the idea is they aware with the fact that this is however just part of the picture at the same time. Perhaps! This is what has made them to come up with Facebook Analytics for Apps. By building this analytics feature, the social media company is trying to help the marketers grow their app using the same tools & techniques that Facebook is using to grow its app. Isn’t that wonderful? Moreover, with this feature you don’t need to wait at all and that the data us furnished to you within minutes once you implement the Analytics for Apps. Moreover, the best part for marketers is the app analytics solution comes completely for free. In fact, you don’t even require using the Facebook Login and you can get Analytics for Apps set up in less than 5 minutes. There are more than over 500,000 developers, marketers and product managers who are already using Analytics for Apps for growing their apps and understanding their audiences. Adding more to its Analytics for Apps features, Facebook has launched 3 new features that are:


One of the most popular features by Facebook, Segments help marketers define and explore a group of people helping them learn more about the actions this group take in their app. With the help of the Segments feature, Marketers can answer a few very important questions such as:
  • What do my most valuable customers do in my app?
  • Does a particular audience convert better or retain more effectively than another?
  • What countries, languages, platforms or device types should I focus on to grow?
Now, this update has segments even easier to use by helping the marketers create powerful segments quickly and explore their data easily. Moreover, now also marketers will be able to save their segments for future if they want to keep it. And! If the marketers are really willing to try this new feature, all they require doing is simply hitting the Edit button on top of screens like Active Users, Revenue, Funnels and many others. So, marketers shouldn’t delay in creating the segments and start getting more insights about the people using their app.



Like the word signifies, Funnel is much like the classic e-commerce funnel that involves starting a session, searching for a product, adding it to a cart, starting a checkout and finally making the purchase however this new feature holds a lot more for you. On top of everything we just talked about, Funnel helps you modeling any process or flowing in your app that involves everything starting from education for new users to registration or sign up, logging in, subscribing, sharing content and posting it to social media. By creating funnels for these actions you will be able to identify where the consumers are dropping off or abandoning your app. Not just that with the help of this feature, marketers will also be able to analyze how conversion rates can change by demographics, platforms, devices and other factors. All of us are well aware with how making decisions based on the reliable data is crucial in improving the conversions. And, so I must say very marketer will be happy knowing that Facebook has made funnels even easier to use for exploring their data. Marketers can now easily change the events in their funnels however they wish to and once they hit the Apply button, the results are furnished immediately. Like you could do with segments, you can save funnels for the future or for exploring their data. Fast & easy to use, Funnels are great for exploring the data in order to figure out the number of people who perform one action then go on to perform another. Let’s say for instance, number of people who view a particular screen later use the help feature or share content or purchase. Marketers must use Funnels for quickly exploring the conversion and find out any sequence of events in their app. Funnels-fb

Direct support

Indubitably, data happens to be a very critical element for any business. And so! Understanding this criticality of data, getting support in Analytics for Apps has been made very easy by the social networking company. All marketers need to do is click the Get Support button for asking questions and getting the help fast. However, marketers might require logging six or more custom events for their app in order to get the access immediately, if they don’t qualify for direct support at the given time.


Facebook is experienced in experiencing the growth and this is why they have tried to share their fundamentals of growth with the marketers to help them put more focus on their app and more importantly the people using it. So, learn what you can from the experience of others rather from those who are already making it big and reap maximum ROI.
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