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Marketing Secrets: 10 Tips for Making Your Sales Video a Success

Marketing Secrets: 10 Tips for Making Your Sales Video a Success
There are probably few better ways to tell a compelling sales story than with video. Many marketing experts say that having a sales video for a product or service is like a “secret sauce.” Having a compelling sales video, however, does not happen by magic. There is a strategy that should be used to make a sales video that is compelling enough to convert viewers into customers. What follows are ten marketing tips for Corporate video production that will make a sales video a success.

Keep videos short

The ideal length of a sales video is 30 to 60 seconds. Today’s viewers don’t have long attention spans. As a result, their attention must be grabbed from the first seconds and kept with enough information to make them want to watch the message. But don’t overload them.

Get their attention quickly

Don’t ask for the viewer’s attention—grab it and don’t let go. This is done by keeping them listening. A few effective tools to accomplish this include using humour, an interesting fact or statistic, or a question. Promise them something and then deliver.

Ease their pain

A highly effective sales tool is identifying something that a customer might be having a problem with and then presenting a product or service as a solution to their problem. It is critical to remember that people don’t buy products or services. Instead, they buy solutions to their problems.

Remind them of their problems

Deep down, customers know what their problems are, but an effective sales video reminds them of those problems. For example, if a sales manager has trouble motivating the sales crews, remind the manager the issue is probably costing the company lost sales and the staff isn’t telling customers how your product will solve the problem.

Solve their problem

After reminding the audience of their situation, present your product or service as the natural solution to that problem.

Show them a solution

It’s not enough to tell a sales prospect that your product or service can solve their problem and ease their pain. They must be shown the solution in terms of facts and figures.

Give a call to action

It has been said many times but bears repeating: ask for the sale. Don’t just make a presentation to show how great your product or service is without asking for the sale. Many salespeople didn’t get a sale simply because they didn’t ask for it. Likewise, other salespeople got a sale simply because they asked.

Give social proof

The best proof that a product or service is useful is to have another customer speak of its benefit. Potential customers want to hear from other customers how a product or service solved a problem like theirs.

Use humor, but be careful

Using humor to sell a product is a great way to get attention, but don’t allow it to be cute and random. Humor that is not used carefully and judiciously can backfire and be considered a diversion that an audience will not appreciate.

Relate to the customer

Putting a lot of information in a video that only lasts 30 seconds or one minute is a challenge, but don’t try to make it work by speaking fast. Be clear and calm and don’t use jargon. It is important to remember that customers don’t buy products and services. Neither do they care about your company. Customers buy solutions to their problems. They want a product that will present solutions to the problems they face every day. When you effectively communicate the business and its products or services as a solution, a sale will be made. Read Also:  The Secrets To Early Startup Success 10 Content Marketing Growth Hacks That Will Double Your Traffic
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